September 14, 2006, - 11:45 am

Hey Liberals: Neanderthals Not So Neanderthal

Liberals constantly tell me I’m a “neanderthal.”
Well, now there’s evidence that it’s not as much of an insult as they thought–that Neanderthals weren’t as base, simple, and brutish as originally believed.
Scientist Clive Finlayson of the Gibraltar Museum writes in the journal, Nature (full version is subscription only, that charcoal samples from Gorham’s Cave–near the southern tip of Spain–show that Neanderthals were far more advanced than earlier thought and may have co-existed with humans for a long period of time.
They say the evidence and research shows Neanderthals were expert toolmakers, used animal skins for warmth, and may have cared for each other (caring for others?–isn’t that the exclusive domain of libs?):

Neanderthal Man’s Craftsmanship

The dig there has so far unearthed 103 items, including spear-points, knives and scraping devices, bearing the marks of Neanderthal craftsmanship.

Sounds like Neanderthals may not have been so “neanderthal,” after all.
**** UPDATE: In his book, “Buried Alive,” Dr. Jack Cuozzo claims that Neanderthals were not that different from us, but just lived longer. Thanks to reader Bob A. for the heads up.

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“They say the evidence and research shows Neanderthals were expert toolmakers…”
Today, they’re IED experts.

Thee_Bruno on September 14, 2006 at 12:10 pm

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