September 25, 2006, - 2:55 pm

Where’s Chertoff?: Teens Sneak Into Major Explosives Plant

One of the biggest criticisms of Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff a/k/a Mr. Burns is that he’s done nothing to secure power, chemical, and munitions plants. And apparently, he doesn’t really care about the complaints.
While it’s the responsibility of private companies to secure their plants, it’s also DHS’ responsibility to make sure they are doing so. And they aren’t. That’s evidenced by the lax security and a break in, recently at Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tennessee–breaches of which are detailed in an AP story.
Unlike most private weapons producers, Holston is government-owned facility, but operated by a private contractor–Royal Ordnance, a division of English defense giant BAE. Its security falls under the jurisdiction of not only the Army, but also the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security, the latter of which is too lazy, apparently, to be involved.

It is the largest capacity supplier of high performance explosives in the country. Among the many unique products produced here are the explosive powders used to trigger nuclear weapons.
The plant, which houses one of the military’s major suppliers of explosives, is a sieve. Guards at the plant say boaters have entered a restricted area on a river that runs by the property, that there are holes in the fense, that hunters have repeatedly entered the grounds, and that two teens recently trespassed on the site, right near the explosives. But, according to AP, supervisors complained that the company has ignored their concerns:

“We’re really not prepared,” Ron Nitrio, a security officer at the plant for 15 years, said in an interview. “If somebody wants to get in the base – they can get in almost anytime, almost anywhere.”

While some Senators wrote the U.S. Army’s Inspector General to complain, they should be writing to Chertoff, too. It seems on-again, off-again liquid and gel restrictions are far less important than completely insecure explosive factories that are ripe for terrorist pilfering of materiel to be used against Americans at a later point in time.
More on Holston.

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Remember that movie, “War Games” i think…kids saw it then went out and hacked into NORAD???
IF i was a terrorist i could post a low-tech plan on the internet that would result in at least ten times the amount of casualties of 9/11…but i think it’s DANGEROUS that you & other media people point these things out!!!
There are thousands of vulnerable sites throughout Amerikkka, and i don’t think the terrorists have as much intelligence as they’re given credit for. BUT if you keep giving them ideas, sooner or later they’ll act on them.

EminemsRevenge on September 25, 2006 at 3:24 pm

This is a man (shocking considering his intellectual pedigree as a Federal judge (and his rabbinic heritage)) who has COMPLETELY AND THOROUGHLY SCREWED UP EVERY DHS COMPONENT (EXCEPT THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE COAST GUARD, WHO MARCH TO DRUMS OF THEIR OWN).
Given a chance to shine during Katrina with FEMA, he showed himself as UTTER AND DISMAL FAILURE, where THOUSANDS of people died, BILLIONS of dollars in property damage occurred and New Orleans is STILL a wreck over one year later.
With ICE, well, let’s laugh our asses off there: Criminal investigations are headed in the toilet, budgets have been utterly screwed up since Day One, 10-12 million illegals STILL roam America’s streets UNACCOUNTED for and as for a WELL-DEFINED mission? Well – THERE IS NONE! We flounder along like crippled animals, waiting for the vultures to swoop down and shred our flesh. So much for the 5,000 criminal investigators who were supposed to be the counter-terrorism investigative arm of DHS; instead, we’re relegated to picking up visa overstays and wayward au pairs.
As long as we’re going to blame DHS, where is our fine-feathered FBI friends? Don’t they have a stake in this, too? Or, when the next 9/11 happens, are they just salivating at the chance to blame everyone but themselves for more death and destruction, despite the fact that they DEMANDED AND GOT, FROM CONGRESS, ALL TERRORISM-RELATED INVESTIGATIONAL JURISDICTION?
Pathetic, that’s what this is. My application for other jobs can’t move fast enough at this point.
(By the way, Ms. Schlussel, all my ranting and raving aside, and in all sincerity, L’Shana Tova (hope I got that right!)-My very best to you and your family for a blessed and peaceful New Year).

4EVERCUSTOMS on September 25, 2006 at 10:33 pm

I have to agree with you on your observation regarding the pathetic state this agency, along with DHS as a whole, is in. Being former Border Patrol, legacy INS CI, and now ICE S/A, it pains me to see the levels of depravity this outfit has succumbed to. What bothers the hell out of me is this story, which while not surprising, illustrates the lack of attention being given strategic points of infrastructure within the U.S. that don’t seem to fit in the scheme of what the all-knowing inbred finalists perceive as targets. What about the nuclear facilities? There are two of them right on the Tennessee River that could be infiltrated without much effort. I also happen to know, firsthand, that many of the “guards” they have are contract mopes who who have little or no experience in security matters, especially when it comes to restricted areas. Hey, you get what you pay for.
I don’t blame you for looking for new pastures; as for me, I’m already on KMA time so I can hang the mistletoe on the seat of my pants whenever I decide I’ve finally had enough of this BS. In the meantime, I’ll keep stirring the pot.

Gunny on September 26, 2006 at 9:10 am

Claiming national security concerns, DHS head, Chertoff, has just announced that in order to improve security at Holston, he is cancelling the British Company’s contract to operate the munitions plant and, instead, has awarded it to the United Arab Emirates. The facility will be operated by people from the UAE, and, citing security reasons, they will not have to undergo time-consuming background checks, will automatically be given U.S. citizenship, and will live in homes bought and paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

Thee_Bruno on September 26, 2006 at 9:21 am

That’s an easy answer. Teen breaks in, steals bombs, blow up facade, blame terrorists, when it’s really some stupid ass kids, create a police state and Homoland Security monitors us…after the fact. Sort of like the liquid on the jet. After the fact

KOAJaps on September 26, 2006 at 4:08 pm

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