September 27, 2006, - 1:32 pm

Vietnam Vet, Schlussel Reader in Exciting Discovery Show Tonight

Reader Ron Thomas, a Vietnam Vet who served on the USS Oriskany, may be on Discovery Channel, tonight, in a show on the sinking of the ship during the Vietnam War, “Sinking of an Aircraft Carrier.”
Ron writes:

Since you’re the daughter of a Vietnam Era Veteran, you might be interested to know that the Discovery Channel tonight at 7:00 p.m. Central is having a show which I might be on. It’s called the “Sinking of an Aircraft Carrier”. It’s the story of my old ship the USS Oriskany.

USS Oriskany

I spent 28 months serving on this carrier, and did two Vietnam Combat Cruises. It, along with another ship, was the most utilized Aircraft Carrier of the Vietnam War. She was the ship that Senator John McCain flew off of, and was shot down from, and has been in a couple of military movie classics. One is “Bridges of Toko Ri”, starring William Holden. More recently and less dignified. serving as the “gates of hell” in the Robin Williams movie, “What Dreams May Come.”
I was interviewed along with others on what we thought about the ship being sunk. Whether I make the final cut, or be on the cutting room floor, I will find out tonight. Possibly you will have a chance to watch it.

We hope Ron made the cut for the show. But he already made the cut by serving our country on the ship. Check out the show. Yet another reminder that freedom isn’t free.

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A series of pics taken when the carrier was sunk:
Fair warning: The pics are both beautiful and sad. If you’re planning on watching the TV show, you might want to hold off on viewing these stills for the moment.

Jeremiah on September 27, 2006 at 1:58 pm

Debbie – See my e-mail to you, please. It will be from SabrasStilettos.

BT in SA on September 27, 2006 at 2:38 pm

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