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40 Years of Violence & Murder: UnHappy Anniversary, Black Panthers

Today through Sunday, the Black Panthers are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Check out their absurd, celebratory website. Talk about chutzpah. This group is the epitome of it. “In your face, American Honkies. We got you.”
It’s been a long 40 years under the Panthers reign of terror in America. The Black Panthers’ 40 years has been marked by violence, murder, cop-killing, anti-Semitism, anti-White racism, pan-Islamism and a host of other things that are no good for any free and democratic society.
Several Black Panthers are now extremist Muslims and cause celebres in the Islamofascist community, like convicted, imprisoned cop-killer . Al-Amin, who bragged, “Violence is as American as cherry pie,” killed one sheriff’s deputy and wounded another in March 2000. The group–so vicious, so violent–even savagely tortured and murdered its own. The disgusting way they tortured and dismembered their living victims was so sick, it rivals that of the Islamic terrorists we are fighting now. Ungreat minds think alike.

Extremist Makeover:

Black Panthers, Then & Now

So there’s really no reason whatsoever to celebrate that this group is still around. Yet, the Panther alums are not only celebrating. They’re expecting us to buy their extremist makeover. These murderous thugs now want you to believe they are “activists” and want you to see “a positive image.” They think donning fancy suits instead of berets and military garb will instantly erase our memory banks about their “activities.”
They’ve tried this before, with . But the only thing that was burning is America under their reign of terror. You can’t remake years of murderous thuggery with a sudden Halloween costume of the Black Martha Stewart. They never apologized for murdering innocent people, leaving cops’ children fatherless, taking others’ lives for nothing.
From an apologist San Francisco Chronicle piece on the 40th confab, we’re racists because we don’t like “civil rights” groups that murder for a living:

Clarence Walker, a professor at UC Davis who specializes in African American history, said activist black organizations in the United States often are seen as militant by the general public because the country has a schizophrenic vision of black people.
“You are either dancing and happy or you are a militant. The Black Panthers represented that phase of black power that believed black people should be armed and defend themselves and turn away from the nonviolent resistance movement,” Walker said. “There is this image of them in white America — as well as some parts of black America — as a threatening and dangerous thing.
“Then there are a large number of people — especially in the Bay Area — who grew up seeing them do good things. There have always been two sides to it.” . . .
But the image that stuck with many Americans was that of black militants with berets and guns. Stories of Panthers’ shootouts with police overwhelmed coverage of their work with the poor, said Seale, who changed the group’s name from Black Panther Party for Self-Defense to Black Panther Party because “we got tired of being confused with a paramilitary-type organization.”

More Extremist Makeover:

Black Panthers’ Emblem Then, Black Panthers’ Emblem Now

The party gained international notoriety when Seale and Newton sent armed members to the State Assembly in Sacramento in 1967 to oppose gun restrictions. Several members who walked onto the Senate floor with loaded weapons were arrested for disturbing the peace but not on weapons charges, because they were carrying theirs legally, Seale said.
At its height, about two months after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, the Black Panther Party had 5,000 members in 49 chapters and branches across the country, Seale said. The 1968 confrontation that left Hutton dead, along with other shootouts with Oakland police, caused the negative image, members say. The incidents also brought the federal scrutiny that they say ultimately broke up the party. The FBI infiltrated the Panthers and several other activist groups in its infamous counterintelligence program called Cointelpro, begun in 1967.
“J. Edgar Hoover saw the guns and what we were accomplishing and said the organization was a threat to security, and he told people that we wanted to shoot and kill white people,” Seale said. “We were about defending ourselves against white racists.” . . .
“Even though we were doing a lot of things in the community, like running for political office, grassroots organizing, handing out breakfast and offering free preventative medical health care and sickle cell tests, people remain confused to this day,” Seale said.

So do Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Al-Qaeda. And so did Hitler. J. Edgar Hoover was right. And deluded professor Walker and his “two sides to every story” pap? Sorry, there’s only one side to this story. 40 years of Black Panther violence, murder, and mayhem was more than enough. Here’s hoping there won’t be another 40. These domestic terrorists never represented Black America.
The only good thing for Black Panthers in America to do is fade to black.

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75 Responses

Debbie, I am disappointed with you. I hope that over the past 10 years you have learned more about American history of which the Panthers had its part to play… good and bad.

The Black Panther movement advocated unity among race, creed and color. You missed the mark in checking your facts properly… which would have taken you about 3-5 hrs (multiple sources of course). During that time you would have understood that there is no “one-stop” for the story which has slices of polar accounts (especially about racism). The most important conclusion would be that there is no complete or definitive account… including books written by BPP them selves… for legitimate reasons.

Some try to claim that the Panthers stood for black separatism… racism. This is completely incorrect. In “Seize the Time”, Bobby Seale, the other founder of the Black Panthers stressed, “We do not fight racism with racism. We fight racism with solidarity (i.e., inclusive of all race, creed and color). We do not fight exploitative capitalism with black capitalism. We fight capitalism with basic socialism (i.e., working class united against the rich and in power). We fight imperialism with proletarian internationalism.”
The Black Panthers recognized that the working class could not afford to let racial or national prejudices divide them. Speaking about black separatists within the movement, Bobby Seale said: “Those who want to obscure the struggle with ethnic differences are the ones who are aiding and maintaining the exploitation of the masses. We need unity to defeat the boss class – every strike shows that. All of us are laboring class people…in our view it is a class struggle between the massive proletarian working class and the small minority ruling class. Working-class people of all colors must unite against the exploitative ruling class.”

Of course their mandate and their actions did not match and at times where confrontational. I suspect due to challenging efforts to control such a new organization in the face of the individual egos, rapidly fluctuating membership and most importantly the lack of effective accountability/training in how to remain calm under the explosive conditions when dealing with the Police. Especially at the alarmingly increasing rate that they were clearly inciting the confrontation. Those acts of illegal attacks on the state is what muddied their organization’s legitimacy and legacy. The heart thumping excitement of effecting ideas of change at such a grand “planetary” level… choked off in infancy due to human nature. The very thing we all try to ascend in our own way.

Vijay on March 18, 2016 at 12:04 am

I am a white student doing a report on this and this is the most loaded b.s i have ever read. Excuse my grammar, The BPP justifiably start a group to defend their communities and have a say in the economic and political system that effects them and they’re thugs. LOL Do you know they have been around for less then 10 years at the peak of their reign and only a few violent incidents occur. Most of which happened after they destroyed the leadership in the party. We have been torturing and killing them for over 400 years and still today, and you have the audacity to label this “40 years of Murder.” LOL White privilege is something we flourish in everyday and you’re a prime example. People do bad shit in the name of many groups, but we totally write the black people off, because of the actions of few. How do you think they feel about us, i truly dont blame them for calling us racist when you can be writing a report and run across this trash. You wanna know the difference between the KKK and BPP… THE KKK IS VERY MUCH STILL AROUND!

Johnsullivan on April 16, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    How is it thhat I’ve never heard anything this biased written about The KKK who has committed such acts of lynching, firebombings, church bombings, mass kkillings of Black church goers…

    The list goes on and on. The KKK has been around to TERRORIZE Black people for 150 years now. You compare the Black Panthers to ISIS, and Al Quaeda?

    Are you sure that YOU’RE NOT KKK???

    R B on July 15, 2016 at 5:26 pm

      LOL. You’ve never read anything biased about the KKK? That’s weird, because you just listed a whole bunch of things.

      Also, the KKK was/is so clearly violently motivated that it’s almost hilarious that you even felt you had to act like that wasn’t common knowledge. No one is defending them, btw. What people ARE trying to say is that the Black Panthers were violent, murderous thugs, too, and that’s just truth. It is so easy to look up, too, that it’s frustrating that everyone is staying so willfully ignorant about this. They weren’t heroes. They were sick fucks.

      Lisa on October 23, 2016 at 1:12 pm

      Also somewhat humorous to have to point out is that some of the former Panthers are literally Islamists now. Soooo comparing them to ISIS? Is a literal translation of what they actually are.

      L: What’s an “Islamist”? No such thing. It’s a fictional term made up and used by wimps who won’t point out that this is actually just Islam. It’s fraudulent to say there are “Islamists” or “radical Muslims.” This is just plain Islam, which is radical. Period. I’ve pointed out many times on this site over the years that many Black Panthers became Muslims. That they are extremists is redundant. They are already Muslim. DS

      Lisa on October 23, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      The blank panthers were and still are racists. They murdered even their own race at times. If you really read history you will find an equal amount of both white and black groups. The facts are there on all groups so do not let bias play your hand. In the Military if you are at war a soldier cares less about race and more about teamwork. The solution is equal rights for all and not bias thoughts as some have here.

      A black military leader on January 27, 2017 at 8:31 am

    Do yourself a favor and stay in school. You’re going to need it.

    Saying the Black Panthers had some good moments is like saying Hitler once pet a cat. These people were power-hungry, murderous and torturous thugs and money launderers who wanted to take over America, were anti-Semitic, anti-white, and had North Korean connections to weapons. They killed innocent people, their own members, and cops – many of whom were also black. Not a conspiracy; simple truth. It’s not hard to find this actual history online either if you’re willing to stop having your news solely funneled to you from HuffPost and/or PBS, who do nothing but paint these people as saints.

    Lisa on October 23, 2016 at 1:13 pm

You’re ignorant. Many of the things you said were fallacious and false. There is also a very blatant bias that just tears down your credibility even more. Next time you try to criticize a group, gather some solid facts and actually take time to analyze the deeper purposes and effects of such a prominent, empowering, militant group.

Tania Arnold on June 1, 2016 at 6:19 pm

You poor deluded Zionist. You are a transparent fake blond schill who pretends to know American history. Your disinformation campaign is so obvious. Did you know the NRA was against the Black Panther group’s right to carry guns but supported the KKK’s right to do so? The same KKK that would eliminate your ilk from the face of the earth? You are indeed a stupid Zionist woman who thinks your blond hair and fair eyes makes you have more in common with the KKK than with the Black Panthers. A Black Panther would protect a Jew from a pogrom but you think you have more in common with “them” because you can change your name and pretend to be one of “them”. Good for you…LOL.

Rich_From_Ossining_NY on June 27, 2016 at 10:58 am

    Have you ever heard of the ‘FBI Coloring Book’?? Do you know even the slightest about how Fred Hampton was murdered?? Have you gotten a chance to listen to ‘Darthard Perry’, a hapless, FBI informant, whom, in an interview recalling the…EVIL..which these ‘federal’ agents were capable of??

    Please inform us more on the ‘Black Panther Reign of Terror’.

    These guys never LIVED LONG enough to even THINK of a terror….but the FBI and police force, MORE than contributed to their own brand of terror

    shinzo on August 25, 2016 at 11:49 pm

…and not…ONE TIME does she give any ‘incidents’ by name nor ‘countless’ victims of said incidents. This…Schlussel character is supremely VAGUE at best and at worst — an out right racist lier.

It reminds me of these racists, many of whom, steadily assert that Mr.Obama’s Presidency is a ‘Reign of Terror against White People’……..ummm, let’s see, are there whites being herded into box cars?? Are millions of whites undergoing medical experiments?? Are thousands being relocated to internment camps?? What about the ovens??

It appears that, just like the Black President, the Panthers’ mere EXISTENCE was a Holocaust in and of itself. Ironically, the unapologetic racist this woman is, she mirrors these police who need nothing more than to see a black wielding a CRAYON to appropriate it as THREATENING or a ‘War Against Police’

It’s just like the feminists as well. You bat an eye at a woman, a seemingly harmless and innocuous action…..and it’s equated to a definitive ‘War on Women’……meanwhile blacks have never had that type of luxury where they can, at their leisure, in their comfortable ivory towers, replete with smug self-centered, self righteous, and arrogant indifference, IMAGINE slights against themselves.

The ONE…..and I mean….ONLY ‘ONE’ redeeming quality that this woman has…is that she can dish out bile…BUT she allows for criticism of herself in the comments. She, at the very least, allows us the opportunity to challenge her vague assertions.

shinzo on August 25, 2016 at 11:19 pm

First I came looking for an explanation. Growing up I have always heard, and read about how black panthers started WIC, free breakfast for children program. How they fought to keep corrupt cops out of the neighborhood. Kind of like shomrim (the Jewish volunteers who patrol in NYC except this country like most of the world has a real hard on for destroying anything that is black. So I came here looking for the reason why people still hate the black panther party. I have never heard any of its opponents actually cite the murders they claim the party conmited or any of the other atrocities. Everyone just vaguely accuses, but doesn’t back any of it. And I still haven’t found anyone who has. So basically what you did was find one extremist who actually wasn’t apart of the black panther party, but was the chair of nonviolent coordinating committee. This group was only aligned with the black panthers for a short 6 months due to brown’s radical beliefs. So that lie is bullshit.
The rest of your article is just your opinion with no examples for the reason you feel the way you do. I mean citing a quote where members of the party say we were just trying to protect ourselves and then saying plueessse doesn’t lend credence to your argument that they were so horrible. What murders. Did actual members of the black panther party commit? Don’t just mention the police shoot out without context. Explain why there were shoot outs. Where is all the supremacy that you accuse them of. I don’t want to see you point fingers and call people names like we are five year olds on a play ground. I want definitive proof. I mean when we look at the Klan there is clear cut evidence of their crimes. So at the very least point me in the direction of the anti white rhetoric coming from actual leaders of the party.

Brettany Slaughter on March 21, 2017 at 8:11 pm

Read just a fraction of these files gathered by the fbi and you will get a clearer picture of the black panther organization.

bill green on April 28, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Hi debs, i am currently writing a research paper about the black panthers. So let me just education your pious, ignorant self. Those ” thugs” were trying to protect themselves against people like you but 40 years ago. Racist police brutality, unequal rights and unequal penal system are just a few of the things they had to deal with. When all else fails, like pacifism and calmness, these “thugs” decided to get stronger and more secure with their safety. You can, not agree with their views, but they were far from thugs. and stop getting people to donate to this racist page, i must take my pay check and give to you. YOU THOUGHT/ THOT.

Aaron on May 15, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    They were thugs in the 1960’s an they were thugs during the 2012 presidential election while standing armed outside a polling place in Philly. Thugs use intimidation to advance their ideological agenda.

    Why did you call the writer a “THOT”? That is a new term used by 14-24 year old American children. It is offensive and thuggish. Perhaps you don’t think the Panthers were thugs because you are a thug?

    Dan on February 16, 2018 at 11:32 pm

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