October 17, 2006, - 5:01 pm

300 Million is Case for Dismay, Not a Milestone

A lot of media have been touting the 300,000,000 population mark allegedly reached this morning. Supposedly conservative New York Times columnist John Tierney writes, “This morning, when the 300 millionth American is born . . . .” American? Born here? Or snuck here as an adult illegal alien over the border, some time ago?
Tierney’s entire set of premises is faulty. In fact, we don’t know when that 300 million mark was reached, and it may have happened long ago.
That’s because we really don’t know how many illegal aliens have slipped into our borders, never to be found again. And that’s why, in July, . Hundreds of the estimated 2,800 immigrants who come here each day are illegals.
My friend, Dan Stein (of the Federation for American Immigration Reform–FAIR), wrote an excellent op-ed in USA Today that sums it up. Here’s an excerpt:

FAIR’s Dan Stein

Thirty years ago, the Rockefeller Commission could find no benefit from further increases in the size of the U.S. population. In 2006, it is hard to see how the massive government-mandated population growth of the past 30 years has improved life for most Americans. The addition of a staggering 100 million people since the late 1960s has accelerated virtually every environmental problem, exacerbated resource depletion, contributed to sprawl and congestion, and strained nearly all public services.
Many of our nation’s opinion elite now seem intent on further acceleration. The Senate recently approved an illegal alien amnesty and immigration increase that would have resulted in at least 66 million new immigrants arriving in the USA in the next 20 years – and we’d hit a billion people before 2100. This is insane, and only a massive public outcry and strong opposition in the House prevented this from occurring.
Our population future is entirely within our power to determine. Just as the government has mandated soaring overcrowding and congestion in the past several decades, it has the power to slow population growth by curtailing immigration and enforcing laws against illegal immigration.

Dan’s blog is a daily must read for those who want to take back our country.

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The US is the only Western country with a 2.1 children born/woman ratio – the minimum sustainable ratio for a people to sustain itself. All the other Western nations fall below that. The European Union nations average 1.38 (and these numbers are boosted by Muslim births).
Identify “anchor babies” born to illegals, stop &/or deport illegals, but keep the population growing – in legal, stable households.

Jeremiah on October 17, 2006 at 5:44 pm

I agree, 300 mil is nothing to celebrate. All it is, is another reminder of the staggering amount of poverty we’re importing. This has to stop. Immigrants should be allowed to come here based solely on how they will benefit our country, not on how our country will benefit them. Most immigrants that come here, come here illegally. We import all that baggage that they bring with them which includes anchor babies and continued tax consumption.

Yiddish Steel on October 18, 2006 at 12:19 am

Seems a little arrogant to claim that there’s no benefit to having a growing population, as if it’s a demonstrated fact. Whether the population is growing or shrinking, there will be unforseeable consequences. Some may be positive, some negative, but to claim that you know all the results of everything that’s going on in such a complex system is impossible.
I’m not just talking about things like social security and unsustainable social programs, either. I recently got back from a two-year job in Japan, which has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. One problem that I heard about from a lot of people (that no one could have seen coming) is that they’ve now got a generation full of only children whose parents were also only children, resulting in lots of kids with a full set of parents and grandparents doting over them full-time, growing up to be extremely selfish people. Japan is now starting to see the first results of these people growing up to be adults: families where the children are allowed to live at home indefinitely without having to get jobs or contribute at all.
At the same time, Dan Stein goes on about how 100 million extra people are ruining the environment (even though the environment is in better condition than it has been in decades), depleting our resources (even though we’ve got more of everything we need than in the entire history of the world), and contributing to sprawl (leftists still haven’t been able to tell me why sprawl is a problem). As for straining public services, the simple solution to that is to scrap all the handouts.
Believe me – I do sympathize with you to no end about keeping illegal immigrants out, because they’re *illegal*. But phrasing it in terms of leftist rhetoric about overpopulation and resource depletion isn’t necessary. There are enough reasons to be opposed to illegal immigration without making stuff up or playing into people’s unfounded fears.

Dan on October 18, 2006 at 12:30 am

Hmm, whod of thunk it…
Someone back in July ’06, predicted it the supposed 300 million kid would be…Hispanic…born to Illegals…male…and on the “Day of Our Race” (Oct 12).
I was off by five days.
Some say we (the USA) passed the 300 million mark in ’99 or ’00. The population is probably closer to 330 million.
…Ever wonder why there wasn’t any other ethnicity or race giving birth prior to 4 am PST?There isn’t any Planned Parenthood offices south of the border.

SickBoy on October 18, 2006 at 6:43 am


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