October 18, 2006, - 8:05 am

Update on Bangladesh Muslim Editor Under Attack for Supporting Israel: Beaten by RoP

Almost a month ago, we wrote about , the moderate Muslim editor of The Weekly Blitz in Bangladesh.
For daring to plan a trip to Israel, he was imprisoned for 17 months by Bangladesh authorities. Now, he faces additional charges of sedition, a new trial on Thursday, and more jail-time. Our friend, Michael Freund of The Jerusalem Post, sends us his latest installment on Choudhury. He was assaulted and beaten at his offices by a mob, including members of the Bangladeshi government:

A Muslim journalist facing charges of sedition for advocating ties with Israel was recently attacked and beaten by a crowd in Bangladesh that allegedly included leading officials of the country’s ruling party, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury: Courageous Muslim Under Repeated Attack

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, editor of the Weekly Blitz newspaper, an English-language publication based in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, was working in his office on October 5 when nearly 40 people stormed the premises.
The mob beat Choudhury, leaving him with a fractured ankle, and looted cash that was kept in the company safe. Choudhury was briefly hospitalized.
According to a statement appearing on the Web site of the Weekly Blitz, the attackers were led by Helal Khan, international affairs secretary of Jasas, and included Babul Ahmed, Jasas’s secretary-general. Jasas is the cultural wing of the ruling Bangladeshi National Party (BNP).
During the assault, Ahmed is said to have shouted at Choudhury, labeling him an “agent of the Jews.” . . .
No arrests were made, and police refused to allow Choudhury to file charges against his attackers.

As , we ask again:

Sound like a “Religion of Peace” to you? This guy, Choudhury, is a Muslim hero. But predictably, the fake “moderate” Muslims in the U.S. are completely silent about Choudhury’s plight because they aren’t, in fact, moderate at all and support this extremism.

Visit Free Choudhury. Choudhury can be e-mailed here, here, or here.

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2 Responses

“No arrests were made, and police refused to allow Choudhury to file charges against his attackers.”
Another fine example of Muslim “justice.” Yes, Islam means “submission or die” that’s real venom of this plague of spiritual darkness that islam is. Islam is lame.

BB on October 18, 2006 at 7:32 pm

Hi Deb!
You need to elaborate that neither Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch have taken up Choudhury’s cause.
Choudhury’s cause is an ideal cause for leftwing peace activists. He is a non-violent pacifist in every respect. If we are going to confront Islamo-Fascism in a non-violent way, it is essential to protect people like Choudhury.
This is a cause that leftwingers and rightwingers can unite on in a common cause.
I believe that it is long past due for you to confront the silence of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on this issue.
It’s not like you’re bashful about that kind of thing. Eh?

There is NO Santa Claus on October 18, 2006 at 10:21 pm

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