October 18, 2006, - 8:36 am

Homeland Security Frees a Nazi

Johann Leprich is Exhibit A in the futility of America’s immigration laws. Not to mention our inability to guard international borders.
Leprich now lives in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township because, yesterday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security set him free. During World War II, he was a guard at one of the most evil Nazi concentration camps, a member of the Nazi group, Death’s Head Battalion. At the very least, he should die in prison.
Leprich, who voluntarily joined the German Waffen SS, guarded Mathausen–where at least 150,000 mostly Hungarian Jews and others were murdered in cold blood–in 1943-’44. Mathausen inmates were starved, worked, tortured, and gassed to death. Others were ordered to undress and sprayed with freezing water in minus ten degree Celsius weather, until they froze to death. According to accounts, some of Mathausen’s male inmates were first raped by two gay SS officers, who then killed them with picks or by dropping them off cliffs.

No Justice:

Mathausen Nazi Guard Johann Leprich Should Die in Prison, But Won’t

According to “The Forgotten Camps,”

Mauthausen was classified as a so-called “category three camp”. This was the fiercest category, and for the prisoners it meant “Ruckkehr unerwunscht” (return not desired) and “Vernichtung durch arbeit” (extermination by work).

On May 5 1945, the camp was liberated by the US’ 11th Armored Division.
Leprich, now 81, has managed to live a life of freedom, despite lying about his Nazi past on his citizenship application. His citizenship was revoked in 1987, and ostensibly, Leprich lived in Canada, where apparently they have no problem with Nazi murderers living openly in their midst.
But, in fact, Leprich actually lived in Clinton Township, Michigan. He repeatedly snuck in and out of the U.S. at Detroit area border crossings from Canada. Incredibly, despite being on a list of deportees not eligible for re-admission to the U.S., Leprich re-entered the United States on a number of occasions after 9/11.
So much for President Bush’s beefed-up border security. If a deported, banned Nazi can repeatedly and openly traverse our borders after a major terrorist attack, who else is doing the same?
Whenever authorities–suspicious he was back in the States–checked at Leprich’s family home, they couldn’t find him. His wife and adult children helped hide Leprich in a secret room inside the stairway of the house.

American Soldiers Who Liberated Mathausen View Dead & Near-Dead

Eventually, in 2003, Leprich was caught and put in jail, awaiting deportation. But no country will take him.
And that’s the problem with America’s soft immigration laws. Hardened Nazis, like Leprich, and terrorists, like Sami Al-Arian and , can’t be deported unless another country grants “travel documents” allowing them to go there and take up permanent residence. Is this any way to get rid of terrorists, murderers, hardened criminals, and other illegal aliens?
No, it isn’t. We are at the mercy of the international community regarding who we can kick out, once they’ve made it in. That includes countries who hate us and would love their criminals and terrorists to remain here and wreak havoc. While, the State Department has the power to shut down diplomatic relations with countries who won’t take their own criminal and terrorist citizens back, it rarely does so. Our immigration policy, coupled with a limp State Department, simply doesn’t have teeth.
Add to that the reason that Leprich, the Nazi guard, was released. A 2001 Supreme Court decision, INS v. St. Cyr, says that aliens held for more than six months of obtaining a court order to deport them are presumed to be held unreasonably. They can petition the court for their release, as did Leprich. Rather than lose in court, as they likely would have here, the Justice Department agreed to force ICE to let Leprich go.
Our “allies”–Romania, Hungary, and Germany–refuse to accept the man, so now this Nazi guard gets to live in freedom in America for the rest of his life.
Al-Arian and Damrah–both detained for more than 180 days for terrorist offenses and pleading guilty to immigration violations–can also petition the court. None of the Muslim countries from which they emanated–including Kuwait and the Palestinian Authority–will accept them. One has to hope that liberal federal judges won’t agree to release them into the great American abyss.
But it is possible.
Leprich’s lawyer, Joseph McGinness, built a career on freeing Nazis who lied to get citizenship in America. “They’ll have to call it quits,” he gleefully told the Detroit Free Press, announcing his Nazi client’s freedom.
“What country is going to accept an 81-year-old man who is in declining health?”
If he’s a Nazi or Islamic terrorist, America will.

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9 Responses

Won’t Isreal take him, I am sure they coudl come up with a nice cold concrete room for him. Do they have capital punishment there?

hunkpapa on October 18, 2006 at 12:52 pm

Actually Israel does not have capital punishment (though they made an exception for Adolf Eichmann).
I wonder what the “I acknowledge the Jewish heritage I never knew about” pols (Kerry, Clark, Albright, Allen) would have to say about this.

Jeremiah on October 18, 2006 at 2:48 pm

Anyone see Devil’s Advocate? I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t the truth about lawyers today.
Just sickening.

Buick_Guy on October 18, 2006 at 3:52 pm

Wow Debbie,
This is UNBELIEVABLE! How this could be–you mean this guy is well identified–a well known Nazi involved in brutality–but NOTHING?
Why doesn’t even Israel have a bounty on this man’s slimy hide? I just don’t get it–what does it take to see someone like this held accountable?

BB on October 18, 2006 at 7:23 pm

Maybe Pelosi and Reid have it right with their Bush/Hitler rant? Naw!

Rod on October 19, 2006 at 8:18 am

“…some of Mathausen’s male inmates were first raped by two gay SS officers…”
Please do not participate in further corrupting our vocabulary by referring to psychopathic homosexual rapists as being simply “gay.” I hardly think that the guys who were raped and murdered would consider that kind of treatment as “gay.”

gehrig3 on October 19, 2006 at 9:12 am

We are too compassionate for our own good. We play by the rules when no one else will. We are turning our Constitution into a suicide pact. It is frightening.
I would load all of these undesirables onto a plane bound for some exotic location. The empty plane would land and pick up some cargo and return. Problem solved.

Loser on October 19, 2006 at 11:54 pm

We do have one thing to be thankful for – if the “Predator-in-Chief” of the 90’s were still in power, this murdering, sadistic pig would have received a pardon by now.
I do have a problem with simply calling the murderous, sadistic SS officers that raped male prisoners “gay”.
To me, this statement equates the Roman practice of throwing Christians to the hungry lions to throwing male prisoners to the “gay guys”, as if being gay makes a person a natural rapist just as hungry lions are natural predators.
I also wasn’t aware that Nazi’s were so tolerant of alternative life styles.
Being a gay man does not mean you are attracted to ALL men. Being a gay woman does not mean you are attracted to ALL women. This is merely a stereotype that promotes homophobia.
If that were true, then heterosexual men would be attracted to ALL women, and heterosexual women would be attracted to ALL men. It just doesn’t work that way – except for Bill Clinton. Regardless of your sexuality, some people attract you while others repulse you, and some even make you want to retch.
Whether the two SS officers were gay or not, raping the prisoners is another form of torture.
Any human being that can torture another human being in the disgusting, disturbing and horrendous ways the Nazi’s did I doubt would find rape too distasteful.

LynnJG on October 28, 2006 at 9:28 pm

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