July 29, 2010, - 3:17 pm

Why is Catholic Church Enabling, Aiding Islamic Immigration?

By Debbie Schlussel

When Pope Benedict made a very mild criticism of Islam a few years ago, I warned that, in fact, he’s a hypocrite.  I told you that the Catholic Church actually panders to Islam and sharia all over the world, not just in its attacks on Israel, but in inviting some of the most extremist, anti-Christian Muslims to hang with the Pope at the Vatican.


Recently, the Los Angeles Times noted that even in Rome, home to the Vatican, the Catholic Church actively panders to Muslims and accomodates–even promotes–Islam, going so far as to remove pork from its soup kitchens to accommodate Rome’s Muslim illegal aliens.  This Islamo-pandering isn’t just a danger to Catholics.  It’s a danger to all of us.  So, why is the Church doing that?  Is it political correctness or a foolish belief that, “if we’re nice to them, maybe they’ll convert to Catholicism”?  I don’t know.  Either way–and regardless of the reason–this is a danger to the West, in this case, Italy. When people tell me Sicily is still ruled by the mob, I tell them, no, it’s now ruled by Muslim immigrants who are fast becoming the majority there. We can thank the Catholic Church for making it easier.

Visually speaking, the John Paul II Canteen is more IKEA cafe than soup kitchen. Tucked away in a pleasant hillside neighborhood in Rome, it has clean lines, attractive furniture, track lighting and framed photographs, making it a welcome oasis for the immigrants who stream in daily from shelters, homeless camps and overcrowded apartments.

Strolling down the cafeteria line on a recent day, canteen coordinator Maurizio deStefano boasted about the quality of the free food. . . .

“The thing is,” he said, “there are so many Muslims that the menu often doesn’t have pork on it.” . . .

Muslims are the largest group of immigrants in Italy. Still, as the name suggests, the John Paul II Canteen is run by Roman Catholics, not Muslims. Therein lies an interesting dynamic.

In Europe, as in the United States, the Roman Catholic Church has assumed a leading role as a protector of, and advocate for, immigrants. But whereas the largest bloc of migrants to the United States are Catholic, the majority of European immigrants are Muslim. . . .

European nationalists, Catholics among them, worry about the Islamicization of Europe, but the Vatican itself has been steadfast in its support for immigrants. . . . In 2008, the government began a crackdown on illegal immigration, and last year, the Italian Parliament passed legislation that established stiff fines and allowed the government to detain undocumented immigrants for up to six months without charge.

The Catholic Church strongly opposed those measures, even branding the package of laws a “sin.”

This is absurd, especially given that the Vatican recently released a report decrying the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries (and blaming Israel for it). Pretty soon, the Vatican will have to decry the persecution of Christians in the Muslim country of Italy.

And this is the most absurd reason I’ve heard to bring more Muslim immigrants into your country:

Some European Catholics also suggest that the presence of so many Muslims, who are more visible in their faith than others in Europe, might, in effect, shock non-practicing Catholics back to their faith.

Increasingly, Catholicism is becoming a religion of the elderly in Italy, said Quyen Ngo Dinh, who runs the migration department of Caritas Rome, the Catholic social service agency that operates the John Paul II Canteen. “If you go to church, you will see that no one is less than 50 years old,” she said, with perhaps a touch of exaggeration.

She said, as Muslims become a larger presence in Italian life, “it becomes an opportunity also for Italians … to really think about why they are Catholic and whether they really want to be Catholic.”

HUH? Seeing more Muslims on your shores will cause young people to become Catholics? Hilarious. Good luck with that.  It will cause only these things:  more Muslim converts, more Muslim babies, more pandering to Muslims, and ultimately, a Muslim nation ruled by sharia.  There’s a reason one of McDonald’s advertising strategies isn’t that people should reconsider why they eat a Big Mac and try a Whopper instead.  It’ll kill ’em.

Wake up, Catholic Church. Wake up.

The Nazis didn’t touch the Vatican.  The latter day Nazis–Muslims–will.

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Debbie, I recall Malachi Martin (a retired Roman Catholic priest) often cautioned that the Catholic church wanted to become a pan-Arab church, and believed it could only do so with some serious pandering to Muslims. He was a real Vatican insider, and spoke often of “Satan’s smoke creeping into the Church.” Meh. I’m a Jew, so in a sense it isn’t my fight — but make no mistake, I do believe we’re surrounded, and it will get worse.

Stevel Knevel on August 2, 2010 at 12:28 am

Thanks Debbie,

I am a devout Catholic and appalled that my Church is kowtowing to the religion of peace.

This political correctness is nauseating. Europe is a lost cause with their failing Socialist agenda.

Keep up the good work!!

Loretta on August 2, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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Princess Rafatu on September 4, 2010 at 7:05 pm

It is only going to make sence that when one religion creates another to destroy another that religion is going to support the one they created until the deed is done…. Just research it ….(Did Catholics create Islam to destroy Protestants?)

john on July 21, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Count Vittorio Vivaldi III of Venice Italy proves Islam is a Creation of the Vatican stated: “The Papacy created Islam to annihilate the Pope’s Jewish and non-Roman Catholic Christian enemies.” States, “the Koran was completed in 649 AD Rome under Pope Theodore I…it appears, however, after further review, the Koran was completed in 632 AD during the pontificate of Pope Honorius I (625-638 AD), later accursed by Rome as a “heretic.”
107. And for which Count Vivaldi confirms what the ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera stated in an interview of December 11, 2001 of How the Vatican created Islam
(see transcript at http://www.scribd.com/doc/48923143 ), which was told to him by Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea while he was at the Vatican, and that based upon secret records in the Vatican Library confirm starting in the third century the Vatican desperately wanted to control Jerusalem acted through the Augustinian Monks to create Mohammed as the Islamic messiah, wrote the Koran whose manuscripts are at the Vatican and prove “The pope moved quickly and issued bulls granting the Arab generals permission to invade and conquer the nations of North Africa. The Vatican helped to finance the building of these massive Islamic armies in exchange for three favors”

Chris Strunk on July 22, 2011 at 6:25 pm

Well, when Pope John Paul II kissed the Quran I thought I was seeing things. What in the heck was that about. Why not just say he loves satan? What a betrayal is the church and everyone else that sticks their head in the sand. I am so angry at the stupidity of everyone !!!!

Mary Wilson on October 14, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    tooootally agree! unfortunately people are too concerned about the economy to be worrying about their future existence! it’ll be like a repeat of WW2 (when every-one ignored the threat of Hitler and the 3rd Reich because they were only concerned about their jobs) – except 10 times worse. and muslims don’t just want the jews exterminated (which is bad enough) — they want ALL non-muslims gone. convert or die! what a fool the pope was. and what a fool the catholic church is! too busy trying to be popular with the masses (and kowtowing to islam) to foresee its own demise at the very hands of those they are trying to suck up to…

    beyond belief on July 3, 2013 at 7:54 am

It has been said for many years now, that the Vatican has been infiltrated by Communists, Leftists and others seeking to destroy the Catholic Church. “Progressives” in the church have been promoting their warped “social justice” theology, and have become increasingly vocal in their support of illegal immigrants.
The vast majority of Catholics reject this idiocy. Illegal immigration, especially immigration from Muslim countries MUST be stopped immediately. Nations are committing suicide and signing their own death warrants by allowing these hostile immigrants into their countries.
As a Catholic I absolutely reject this Pope, his policies, and the warped “social justice” theology that is permeating the church.
Some people have stated that this is not their fight because they aren’t Catholic. This same twisted thinking has crept in into mainstream Protestantism, one need only look to the development of “Chrislam” in a number of Protestant churches to understand that this is not only a Catholic problem. Even within Judaism, there is a liberal element that supports unfettered immigration, supports the rights of the so called “Palestinian” people and would see the destruction of Israel as the path to lasting Mid East peace.
Islam is good at the “divide and conquer” strategy. All Christians, and Jews need to stand together as a united front against the hegemony and tyranny of Islam.

hammer on October 30, 2011 at 10:27 pm

And, as incredible as it may sound, Ratzinger visited the Dome on the Rock, that building in Daniel’s Book described as the Abomination of Desolation, reminded by our Lord Jesus Christ. This Ratzinger pope of catholics, entered barefoot, turned to Mecca and prayed with the muslims there. Hallucination? No. It’s real. Catholics and islam are tightening together. They are both false religions. True Christians, beware!

Paul on May 27, 2012 at 8:51 am

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