October 20, 2006, - 4:46 pm

Weekend Box Office: Excellent Magician Thriller, Dirty Harry’s Attack on Patriotism

Here are this week’s debut flicks, worthy of consideration (but not necessarily your attendance & 10 bucks):
* “Flags of Our Fathers“–Being brief here b/c I want you to read my full review, Slaps American patriotism in the face. Anti-war movie on the men who raised the flag in the Joe Rosenthal portrait at Iwo Jima. It’s the wrong message at the wrong time (and any other time). Attacking our patriotic icons in the name of attacking war sullies us all. Sometimes war is not only necessary, it is imperative. Ditto for the “mythical” images that symbolize it.
The story behind the photo is really not that important. The larger picture of why we needed to fight World War II, including the Battle at Iwo Jima, in order to survive is the story that apparently needs to be told again, judging from the gushing over this movie. We don’t need them to be dragged in the mud. Again, read my full review,

* “The Prestige“–Magnificent. This movie was excellent and has universal appeal to both the sexes. It’s a thriller about two rival turn of the century magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) who take revenge on each other to learn the secrets of their acts. The magic acts in Vegas have nothing on these guys. I loved this film and recommend it highly. Though it is the second period magician thriller, this year–the first was the excellent “”–it is hardly second best.
“The Prestige” is equally as good as “The Illusionist,” and perhaps more exciting. Although the flashbacks and flashforwards and some of the tricks get occasionally confusing, in the end it is all tied together. “The Prestige” is the pay-off portion of a magic trick or illusion. It’s when the magician brings back the thing he made disappear. Blast from the past: David Bowie, with a weird accent, plays real-life, amazing scientist Nikola Tesla. Can’t wait to see him play Tesla in a bio-pic. Also stars Scarlett Johansson and Michael Caine.
Very cool and highly recommended. Along with “The Illusionist,” it is one of the best movies of the year. Very enjoyable. What going to the movies is supposed to be about.

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It’s the same tactic they used againt the Constitution. In order for the left to achieve its goal of changing it, they need the peasants to see it as “just a piece of paper.” So they went after the founding fathers.
In order to hurt the war effort of today and show how bad America really is, they go after WWII and it’s heroes.

Buick_Guy on October 20, 2006 at 6:15 pm

The LIBERALS, in order to achieve their America-hating agenda, has to portray America as untrustworthy. So, they must portray America as untrustworthy in WWII. Our methods, our soldiers, our government are always suspect and completely flawed and merciless. In their propaganda campaign, America is NEVER to be trusted fighting any wars. If they succeed in tearing down America’s illustrious past, and America’s moral superiority, then they automatically succeed in tearing down modern-day America. It’s a “given”.
When Clint makes his new movie portraying the Japanese on Iwo Jima under American bombardment in their own terms, I wonder if he’ll cut-away and get the viewpoint of their children and wives about their fathers and husbands on Iwo Jima. Will those children say that Japanese culture toward women and children during and prior to WWII was that of almost total subjugation and servitude? Somehow, I doubt it.
You see, it’s OK to criticize America, but LIBERALS NEVER criticize America’s enemies. This is the case even with our current Islamo-Nazi’s who have declared war upon us. You never see Hollywood LIBERALS putting out movies about Muzlums and their motivations about killing us. You never see movies about the truth about the Crusades. NO! Instead, we get Hollywood’s revisionism of the Crusades with garbage like; “Kingdom of Heaven” and other such bullshit.

Thee_Bruno on October 20, 2006 at 8:32 pm

Agreement on “The Prestige”, however it’s not for the ‘easily-distracted’ viewer.

Paul on October 25, 2006 at 4:56 am

Oh shoot. I was getting ready to go see “Flags…” this afternoon. Oh well. I’ll just pinch myself (again) to be reminded that Clint Eastwood was never a real cop, bounty hunter (or was it bounty killer?), or a real soldier (I don’t count sitting out the Korean War as a Life-Guard at Fort Ord, CA “soldiering”). Pinch, pinch again. Special Services — Si! Special Forces — No!

AbnRangerSF on October 26, 2006 at 12:46 pm

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