October 27, 2006, - 10:51 am

Notes on the Friends of the IDF

A friend invited me to the Michigan Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces banquet, last night.
I note a lot of interesting contrasts between what happened at that event and those at other places in America, including airports and Islamic gatherings:
* Because there were several Israeli generals and soldiers there, security was high. But there were no metal detectors. Instead, at the door, there was a line of Israeli security officers looking everyone up and down. Yup, they were profiling. And, guess what? It worked. That’s the Israeli way of doing security. And that’s why they haven’t had the problems we can and will have at airports and other locales.
* The event opened with the singing of the American National Anthem (with the Israeli soldiers dutifully removing their hats and holding them to their hearts). That’s something I see at many Jewish events I go to.

And something I’ve NEVER seen at any of the many Islamic events to which I’ve gone undercover. On the scant few occasions that Muslims in America actually sing the national anthem, it’s purely for show–for the invited press and guests there–and predictably, the press goes ga-ga for the staged phoniness, as the Detroit Free Press’/USA Today’s Arab reporter Tamara Audi did recently. (Hallelukah, Americans who are supposed to be Americans are for once singing the American national anthem for a newspaper reporter. Let’s all bow down and end the war on terror now.)
At most Muslim events I’ve gone to, it usually starts with a “blessing” that’s basically a rant-and-rave against Jews and America (and often, Christians, too). Sometimes, it includes praise for the Hezbollah, HAMAS, or sundry other “martyrs,” and occasionally, some statement about George Bush being a terrorist. But the National Anthem? Sorry, despite their claims, they generally don’t see America as their nation. Study after study shows that–they see themselves as Muslims without borders.
* While a lot of mention and praise was made of America and Israel and both of their fighting forces, there was again–unlike at the Muslim events to which I’ve gone–no mention of jihad, no attacks on America, no mention even of Islam or Muslims. Even though an Israeli general spoke about the war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, this summer, he didn’t mention the “Religion of Peace” even once. He did say something I’ve never heard at the Islamic events–that Israel wants peace and that Israel hopes to bring Lebanon and Hezbollah to the peace table.
But you’ll never hear that at the other sides’ events, that they want peace and to go to the peace table with Israel. And that’s the best evidence there is that they don’t want peace. Which they don’t.
Interesting contrasts in behavior that tell us a lot about the psyche of the American Muslim community.

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I’ve got a lot of respect for the IDF.

FSM-FTW!(descent) on October 27, 2006 at 11:22 am

This, again, illustrates that Israel, America, and the rest of the West are intelligent and civilized. While Islam breeds nothing but savagery, murder, and subhumans who are incapable of rational thought. You see this in EVERY part of the world where Islam is dominant. EVERY part of the world – with no exception.

Thee_Bruno on October 27, 2006 at 11:40 am

Four points:
1 – The IDF got screwed lately in Lebanon by their political leaders, by Condi Rice and George W. Bush. And you know why.
2 – As I wrote previously, the best way to protect America’s airports, ports and borders is to seek the help of Israel.
3 – There is no such thing as “American Muslims.” There is only “Muslims.” As you know, or should know by now, Muslims are loyal to and love only two things: Islam and their “brothers,” the other Muslims.
Therefore, for those of you who are fooled to think that there are “moderate,” and/or “American Muslims,” please wake up to reality. By fooling you, they are controlling you. This is part of their plot for invading the West in the 21st Century. Don’t be idiots.
4 – Check this out, I didn’t know where to post it, but it’s a laugh and a despicable thing at the same time:

Independent Conservative on October 27, 2006 at 11:42 am

Let’s keep the lights on the situation. I appreciate that Debbie points out the contrast between these groups–but even more I appreciate that she shows the contrast between the PC smoke we get fed about the patriotism of these Muslim groups.
Who besides Debbie is actually peeling off the white washed facade they portray on the mainstream news media? When we get a glimpse of of their meetings through her eyes it exposes the real loyalties and activities of these people. Thanks again Debbie.

BB on October 27, 2006 at 2:19 pm

Perhaps David should set the fox tails ablaze, and allow them to run through all those “moderate” neighborhoods?
BTW, all the guy readers need to see ALL the female parachute riggers at the IDF jump school… AWWWesome!

SickBoy on October 27, 2006 at 2:43 pm

Like BB said: this is an important, unique perspective offered.

Jeremiah on October 27, 2006 at 3:58 pm

it’s time for Israel [and I am an Israeli] and our friends abroad to recognize that peace with Muslim fanatics is not possible and not especially worthwhile. Evelyn Gordon had a good article on that subject this past Wednesday or Thursday. Furthermore, the Hizbullah is not a legitimate organization, not even from the Lebanese point of view. The existence of the Hizbullah is a contradiction of Lebanese sovereignty. It is a body controlled by Syria and Iran without regard to Lebanon’s interests. It is true, as someone said above, that our leaders betrayed us. Olmert is a very dangerous creature, as is his foreign minister, tsipi livni, who is extremely dumb and full of dumb ideas. Her destructive foreign policy management is partly responsible for our problems today with French threats against our surveillance of Hizbullah activities in Lebanon. Olmert of course is responsbile for what she does too, since he is prime minister. Condi and Bush are not real friends of Israel. Condi does not even pretend to be a friend. She repeats lies about how the Arabs [called “palestinians”] are humiliated and oppressed by Israel, etc., completely disregarding the long history of Arab oppression and humiliation of Jews. I have to ask whether Bush really wants a sovereign Lebanon free of Hizbullah-Iranian-Syrian influence. Further, do Bush and Condi really want peace for Israel? If they increase the money that the US gives to the “palestinian authority” then I cannot call them Israel’s friends. I’m sure that the Dems are no better.
Do Bush and the EU govts really want to prevent Iran from getting the Bomb? They’re not acting resolutely for that purpose. Maybe they don’t care. If they really wanted to stop Iranian nuclear development, then military action would certainly be considered.

Eliyahu on October 28, 2006 at 3:28 pm

Watch France. Are they not enjoying all the Muslims they allowed into their nation? Isn’t Islam peaceful, eager to assimilate and adopt the customs of their new homes? Well, they are none of the above and eager to burn and kill French citizens for not doing enough for them. Sounds like the American problem with Mexico, although America will soon look like France with two problems, two cultures who WILL NOT assimilate. Why do France, England and America continue to welcome nationalities that will never fit in? Why did they ever leave their original homes? They will never assimilate, and will work from within to destroy those same countries. The governments in each of those nations is solely responsible, because if they had EVER asked their citizens the answer would have been NO WAY, JOSE. Or no way, Muhammed! It is harder to expel people that it would be to just deny entry in the first place. I hope the Israelis get the contract to build Americas wall. Keeping invaders out is the first step, deportation, the second. Watch France. Will it curl up and die in political correctness or stand up for its heritage? Hmmm.

jeebie on October 29, 2006 at 5:56 pm

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