October 30, 2006, - 10:29 am

Kidnapped Translator Violated Rules, Taken by Group U.S. Should Have Crushed

The missing U.S. soldier, serving as a translator, has been identified. Ahmed Qais Al-Taayie a/k/a Ahmed Qusai Al-Taei a/k/a Ahmed Kousay Altaie’s story raises several questions.
Al-Taayie was kidnapped at the home of his wife’s family. According to the family, he married their daughter, an Iraqi native, three months ago, in violation of U.S. military regulations, which, according to AP,

forbid soldiers from marrying citizens of a country where American forces are engaged in combat.

He would not be the first American soldier that has done this. Not long after the invasion of Iraq, two Florida-based American soldiers converted to Islam to marry Iraqi women they met there. Both were disciplined and released from the military. Will the same fate await Al-Taayie, if he’s ever found alive?

Army Translator Ahmed Qusai al-Taei & New Wife Israa Abdul-Satar

Don’t count on it. The Muslim, whose family lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, previously worked at Detroit Metro Airport as an airplane maintenance worker. His family there is lying, saying he married the woman 2 years ago, before serving in the military, according to the Detroit Newsistan. But his honeymoon photos from Cairo, Egypt are dated August 14th–this August 14th, AP reports.
As we all know, there are a separate set of rules in our country, our military, etc., depending on who you are and whether you are a member of the “Religion of Peace.” Remember U.S. Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun, a Lebanese Muslim who faked his kidnapping and drove to Lebanon? He remains MIA, because he was given two leaves–even after his outrageous conduct in Iraq. He is now on the NCIS Most Wanted List, charged with desertion and larceny. (Thanks to Diggers Realm re-the NCIS list.)
Then, there is the question regarding the power of his kidnappers. That’s our fault. According to the New York Times, Al-Taayie was kidnapped by Abu Rami, a local commander of the Mahdi Army. The Mahdi Army, a Shi’ite terrorist group headed by Muqtada Al-Sadr, is in existence, today, because we neither crushed Al-Sadr or his followers. We had a warrant for Al-Sadr’s arrest for several murders of peaceful, rival Shia imams and their followers. But in our attempt to “make peace” with Al-Sadr, we didn’t act on them and arrest him. And why are we allowing Abu Rami to live in the former Iraqi Ministry of Defense building (as reported by the New York Times)?
So much for justice in Iraq. If we don’t exercise our might and get tough–as we haven’t done–these kidnappings of our men will continue. And not just by Sunni Al-Qaeda insurgent terrorists. But by Shia ones, as in this case.

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