October 31, 2006, - 5:37 pm

MAJOR DUMBASS: London Mayor Defends Islamic Terrorist’s “Right” to Work on London Subway

We’ve never liked , whom we’ve called the . From day one, he’s defended and praised extremist Muslims like Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group and Caribou Coffee.
Even after the 7/7 bombing of London’s subway, also known as “the Tube,” Livingstone continued to pander to extremist Muslims, just like the ones who committed the bombings. His pandering was ad absurdum. But now it’s REALLY absurd.
Britain’s Daily Mail reports that Livingstone is defending the right of a convicted Islamic terrorist, Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, to work on the Tube and get access to normally restricted passageways and tunnels. Even worse, the terrorist is the son of extremist cleric of the Finsbury Mosque that bred Zaccarias Moussaoui, Richard Reid, etc. Pops Abu Hamza is currently in prison serving time for inciting murder.

Mohammed Mostafa & Dad Abu Hamza

Is Livingstone nuts? Apparently. Mostafa was convicted of terrorism in Yemen, where terrorists are rarely convicted because the government and judges are sympathetic to them. That means his terrorism is even more serious. He was convicted of plotting to kill Western tourists in Yemen in 1999, and he was imprisoned there.
But Livingstone says that the conviction is not important because Mostafa hasn’t broken any laws in Britain. Huh? If Zaccarias Moussaoui or Khaled Sheikh Mohammed tried to get a job working on the Tube, the same would apply. They didn’t break any laws in Britain, either. It’s incredible that Mostafa was even allowed back into Britain, given his Yemeni conviction.
Livingstone’s defense of this murderous terrorist is incredible, even for him. Did he learn nothing from 9/11, 7/7, etc.? Answer: Yes, he learned nothing.
More from the Daily Mail:

Ken Livingstone today defended the right of Abu Hamza’s son to work for a Tube contractor – despite his conviction for terrorism in Yemen.
Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, 25, from Wembley, was given a security pass and had access to restricted areas – including tunnels under Parliament – during his time as a labourer at nights and weekends on the Underground.
But the Mayor said he doubted the veracity of any conviction from Yemen and said Mostafa had passed Tube security checks.
He said it was wrong to restrict his ability to work simply because he was the son of Abu Hamza. Mr Livingstone said: “Has he broken any laws here in Britain? The answer is no. We are happy to have him working for us.”
“No one can be blamed for what their parents do. All we ask is that they respect the law of the land and do not hurt anyone.”
His extraordinary intervention came after Tube chiefs were accused of an appalling blunder after allowing Mostafa to work in restricted areas.
He was employed by a sub-contractor working for Tube Lines, the private sector consortia which looks after the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines.
The Jubilee line serves Westminster, the most politically sensitive station on the Underground and where security is supposed to be at its highest level.
Working as a labourer on the Jubilee line would have given Mostafa – jailed in Yemen in 1999 for plotting to kill Western tourists – access to the labyrinth of tunnels at Westminster and where the Tube runs virtually under Parliament.
Mostafa and his father were central figures at the Finsbury Park mosque when it was taken over by hardliners. Hamza, 48, is serving seven years for inciting murder and preaching racial hatred during sermons there.

Even other liberal officeholders in Britain are appalled at this lack of security. Apparently, just like Livingstone, the rest of Britain learned nothing from the 7/7 bombings, as it seems there is no security whatsoever. This should be a lesson to any American tourists who think it’s now safe to ride the Brit subways. It isn’t:

Labour MP Andrew Dismore said today of Mostafa: “It beggars belief. It wasn’t like he was nicked for shoplifting. It was terror offences in Yemen. You would think the Underground would be particularly sensitive to terrorism.”
Questions are being asked over the Tube’s security checks, which were supposed to have been increased following the 7/7 atrocities. Brian Cooke, chairman of the passenger watchdog TravelWatch, said: “It is surprising that LU does not appear to have greater control over the reference checks of people employed by contractors.”
Mostafa was only stopped from working on the Tube when colleagues recognised him and informed bosses, who withdrew his pass. LU chiefs tried to play down Mostafa’s employment, saying he was allowed to work because “he has no criminal convictions in the UK.”
LU pointed out that he was not Tube staff but was employed by a “minor” sub-contractor. An LU spokesman said it was up to the contractor – which he refused to name – and not LU to make criminal checks.
The spokesman added: “The question of whether the checks were tight enough is a matter for the Government to address. We don’t do criminal checks on every single individual who comes on to London Underground.”
It was claimed that Mostafa had worked only for “a few weekends” on the network. Asked if LU checked the contractors to ensure they were carrying out the specified vetting procedures, the spokesman added: “There is an assumption that criminal checks are made.” He said there were “spot checks” – but not as a regular and ongoing process.
The security blunder by the company was described as “appalling” by the father of one of the victims of the 7/7 bombings, in which 52 commuters were murdered. John Taylor, who lost his daughter Carrie, 24, in the attacks, said he was “shocked and stunned.”
The security manager from Billericay said: “This man is a convicted terrorist and he has been allowed access to some of the most sensitive areas of the Tube.”
Mostafa had previously attempted to forge a career in rap, with lyrics describing waging holy war and dying for Allah.

Incredible. Wake up, Britain. Apparently, just like in America, it may take another attack to open enough eyes.
And then, it will be too late. It already is.
London’s mayor is an imbecile. Don’t become one by trusting the security of anything in his city. If you feel, for some G-d-forsaken reason, that you must go there.

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3 Responses

WELL MR. LivingstoneÖhereís an old saying THAT I JUST invented:
ìGive MUSLIMS the benefit of the doubtÖand you give MUSLIMS the benefit of the Bombî~
LET IT BE on your head (and your pocketbook) when Mohammed initiates MORE terrorism in YOUR CITY!
Why would you EVER TRUST a KNOWN TERRORIST and risk the lives of your fellow Londoners?
HEY LONDONERSÖKenís a guy that doesnít mind playing ìfast and looseî with your lives! HEíLL DEFEND EXTREMIST MUSLIMS and their idiotic right to walk around UNMONITORED (when Mohammed should actually be in jail)Öbut he wonít worry about, or defend you!!
KENís done.
Donít try to ìfixî himÖjust get rid of him.
HIS NAœVE trust is way out of proportion with ìthe known factsî and he likely has an attitudinal barrier to taking OTHERSí CAUTIONARY counsel.
Remember now, KEN KNOWS bestÖexcept when it comes to securing London against extremists.

The Canadien on November 1, 2006 at 6:45 pm

>>>Incredible. Wake up, Britain. Apparently, just like in America, it may take another attack to open enough eyes.
And then, it will be too late. It already is.
London’s mayor is an imbecile. Don’t become one by trusting the security of anything in his city. If you feel, for some G-d-forsaken reason, that you must go there.<<<
1 – Don’t go to Britain for any reason, unless you want to study Jihad in Londonistan.
2 – I really am reluctant to say it but I’ll say it anyway (without being banned, hopefully) even though it’s cruel: I hope Britain endures what America went through on September 11, 2001. For the sake of the British people.
3 – Assuming the Muslims, officially, take over Britain and France, and I mean establishing themselves as the new “political rulers” of these two countries, and that might happen sooner rather than later if things go at that pace, what America will do?
How America is going to deal with two Islamic Europeans nuclear powers?
We know now that the Brits and the French are cowards. They are handling their countries to the Muslims on a silver platter.
How can America protect herself from that eminent danger?

Independent Conservative on November 1, 2006 at 10:15 pm

Livingston casts doubt on “justice” in Yemen, in an Arab country. Actually, that’s good. He’s saying that we can’t trust courts in Arab countries. Of course not. Nevertheless, abu hamza’s son cannot be trusted to be a peaceful fellow. Apparently, other subway workers –most likely Muslims themselves– recognized him and reported him to authorities. Maybe they too are afraid of the kind of terrorism that this man represents. By the way, I heard that Livingston later retracted his position on employing this character. I suppose that Livingston got a phone call from his higher ups.

Eliyahu on November 2, 2006 at 4:39 am

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