November 1, 2006, - 12:38 pm

Is Germany Next Islamo-State? Might Beat France/Britain to the Punch

By Debbie Schlussel
Two weeks ago, Ekin Deligoz, a Turkish-born Muslim German lawmaker and member of the Green Party, said, “the head scarf is a symbol of women’s oppression.” She urged Muslim women in Germany to remove their hijabs.
Since then, Deligoz has received a myriad of death threats and is now under police protection. More on Deligoz’s comments and the reaction from India’s Zee News:

“I appeal to Muslim women: Arrive in the present day, arrive in Germany – you live here, so take off the head scarf,” she added. “Show that you have the same civil and human rights as men.”


The Greens’ co-leader in Parliament, Renate Kuenast, wrote in a letter to turkey’s ambassador in Berlin that Deligoz had been “insulted in writing, by telephone and also in person … Overwhelmingly by Turkish men.”
She complained of “unacceptable” reactions in Turkish media to Deligoz’s comments – including a newspaper report that, she said, compared the lawmaker with the Nazis. Kuenast said Turkey should make plain that “such a media hate campaign is incompatible” with fundamental democratic and legal values.
The German government official responsible for integration, Maria Boehmer, was quoted as telling the Tagesspiegel that she was “shocked at how the courageous call by Ms Deligoz was received.”
“The right to freedom of opinion is not negotiable,” she added.

Yes, it is. You’re in Germany, babe. They’ve basically capitulated, but for these last gasps. That’s why Deligoz used the wrong tack in asking them to arrive in “present day Germany,” because it is fast becoming the nation of the headscarf and veil. That’s basically its “present day.”
Hmmm . . . Where are all of the “moderate” Muslims denouncing the violent threats? Are there actually any moderate Muslims?
Well, if there are a few thousand grains of sand in an entire beach, do they count? Not if you’re counting on the “Religion of Peace” allowing you to live in peace.
First, Netherlands legislator Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s death threats. Now, German legislator Muslim Ekin Deligoz’s threats. Does the American Enterprise Institute have room for all of Europe’s embattled moderate female Muslim legislators who dare to speak out?
Maybe they should start “Moderate Muslim European Legislators Under Siege” Scholars in Residence Wing.

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There is a race to enslavement in Europe. No doubt about it. The next big bonfire is going to be the French elections. If Europe doesn’t go up in smoke before then. I have read several articles where the net migration OUT of European countries now exceed their net migration IN. i.e., whities out, Muslims in

John Sobieski on November 1, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Islam is doing to Europe what Mexico already did to America. Our leaders have given us the date rape drugs. Your PC leaders have set you up for the next date. Then Islam is coming to America after they are finished with you. Europe, it was nice knowing you. Make your date go better, at least you could get dinner from Muhammed before you get screwed. Vinnie Fox never bothered with the niceties.

jeebie on November 1, 2006 at 10:26 pm

The Europeans are mentally retarded because liberalism is a mental disorder, and Michael Savage is right.
Do you see where liberalism is taking the Europeans?
Sooner or later they will lose their way of life, their culture and their land to the Muslims.
The Muslims are fooling the West and the West is out of this world!

Independent Conservative on November 1, 2006 at 10:27 pm

I keep thinking Of Ayaan Hirsan Ali’s work on behalf of emancipating Muslim women and according them the same basic rights as men. Here and with Ekin Deligoz, the reaction from Western feminists has been one of thundering silence. Islam sanctions genuital mutilation of females, arranged child marriages, makes its exceedingly difficult for Muslim women to fight rape as the testimony of four Muslim males is required to sustain a charge, married women have no property rights and can be divorced on a man’s word alone in marriage. And then there’s polygamy and honor killings of young women who seek a life independent of male authority. It makes feminist visions of Western patriarchy look tame. And yet despite all this, Western feminists have no apparent interest in helping Muslim women who want to promote equality and human dignity change. For without liberating Muslim women, Islam is going to remain trapped in the 7th Century, it will remain a fanatical and violent sect and we will continue to witness Muslim clerics justify rape of unveiled women as a religious obligation. If that pattern continues, women the world over will not have come a long way, baby.

NormanF on November 2, 2006 at 5:58 am

Dear Mr. President,
We the people went to the polls yesterday to vote and we have a clear message for you. We the people do not want you to protect us from terrorism. We the people want you to bring our Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers home because these murderers should be tried for war crimes and we dont want to fight the terrorist over sea we want them here on our turf. We the people want to allow our Gay People to marry we do not want marriage to be only between a man and a women. Everybody knows there is no God. We the people want you to free the terrorist being held at Gitmo. We the people feel that they should be intitled to our constitional rights and we want the lawyers of the ACLU to see to this. Mr. President we the people want you to stop eavesdropping in on conversations between terrorist to prevent them from blowing us up. We the people believe that we are the evil in this world and these people are freedom fighters and if you leave them alone they will only kill half a million of us. Mr. President we the people want higher taxes we are tired of being able to afford two cars less than ten years old, a house, and a boat and camping trailer. We the people also want you to know that we do not want jobs in this country we want our friends to the south to have them. Mr. President we the people do not want any of our borders protected we as we said earlier want the terrorist to fight us here on our turf. Mr. President we the people want to give up our constitional rights to protect our selves and families because our outstanding small police forces can protect us and if they cannot we can count on the United Nations to protect us. Sir we the people we want Iran and North Korea to get a nuclear bomb because it is not fair that we have it and they dont. Mr. President we the people we do not want the lowest unemployment rate in history we like our jobs going to third world countries. We the people we do not want a stock market at record highs we want to be like European countries with a 1.5% growth anually. See Mr. President what we the people can do when you and your party do not do as we want.
We The People

Mad Man on November 8, 2006 at 12:09 pm

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