November 1, 2006, - 1:11 pm

The $$$ Illegal Aliens Send “Home”: Draining Our Economy to Prop up Terrorism, Failed Gov’ts

By Debbie Schlussel
A front pager in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Migrants’ Money is Imperfect Cure for Poor Nations,” whines about how money illegal aliens (a/k/a “migrants” in sanitized WSJ euphemism style) send back to their “home” countries fuels spending there (NOT here), but not much investment there (and that a lot of it is extorted by thugs).
But there’s some interesting and disturbing info in tiny print on graphics in the piece. It shows the enormous amount of money that is sucked out–vacuumed out!–of our economy by immigrants–mostly illegal ones. And it shows how illegal aliens are funding–in great part–the economies of Islamofascist nations that breed terrorists.
One graph shows the geometrically rising billions sent away from the States. According the World Bank, in 2004, aliens sent $160 BILLION out of our economy. In 2005, it’s $167 billion.


Yup, sucking the life and funds out of our economy–it’s “the job that some Americans just won’t do.”
Far worse is where that money goes. According to the World Bank, Al-Qaeda and HAMAS hotbeds of Bosnia/Herzegovina and Jordan are among the top six countries that depend most on these “remittances” of money from aliens out of our country and into theirs.
A whopping 22.5% of the 2004 GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Bosnia/Herzegovina–not sure how they can call this “Domestic” with a straight face–is from money wired or otherwise sent from here. 20.4% of Jordan’s GDP comes from U.S. “remittances.”
As we noted here, Jordan is the most anti-American, anti-Semitic, pro-Bin Laden, pro-homicide bombing country in the world according to a recent Pew Global survey. 100% of respondents hated Jews. Only a few less hated America and supported Bin Laden. It is mostly Palestinian and is home to refugee camps that breed terrorists, taking them from cradle to grave.
In addition, aliens’ “remittances” (more WSJ euphemism speak) of money from our country to theirs props up failing economies and governments. Even far-lefties at the World Bank, which previously promoted this transfer of aliens’ funds to America, now opposes this. Ditto for liberal immigration policy wonks, reports the Journal:

“Remittances are a band-aid on fundamental development problems,” says Dean Yang, a public-policy professor at the University of Michigan. “Labor export and remittances won’t turn El Salvador, the Philippines and other poor countries into the next development tigers.” Even the World Bank, which has pushed the development potential of remittances, is having second thoughts. In a report on Latin America released yesterday, the bank says that remittances are “neither ‘manna from heaven,’ nor a substitute for sound development policies.”

Draining our economy. Propping up their bad regimes. Yet another reason why we support Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard’s work in stopping the illegal alien money flow away from our country out through Western Union’s spigot.

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Al Capone had his day in court and went DOWN. Enron, too. Western Union, money laundering is a crime! We get to keep your money, all of it, and your board of directors will get some nice prison garb. Should be just about enough money to pay for our nice new WALL with Mexico.

jeebie on November 1, 2006 at 7:17 pm

I read this article with interest but it should have said more. What was missing was any mention of Mexico as #1 in “remittances”, which are its second largest source of revenue after oil. No wonder Mexico, the model for all the others, “unofficially” encourages its people to leave for el Norte in droves. Huge sums in unreported cash income are sucked out of California alone every year and sent to Mexico draining the economy of tax revenue it needs to pay for the schools and medical care and roads illegal immigrants use. These costs just get shifted on to taxpayers while the illegals get a free ride and continue sending their money home. The article also did not mention the impact of unrealized economic growth because of money that is never spent here to buy goods and services. Also missing from the article is that these countries benefit from the out migration of their people and the money flowing in because this relieves their governments of some of the cost and responsibility of providing the social programs they would otherwise have to provide to their poorest and least educated populations. A good deal for them no matter how you look at it but a raw deal for us.

Saxonman on November 2, 2006 at 5:12 pm

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