August 25, 2010, - 4:38 pm

A Tale of Two “Deadbeat Dads”: The American Muslim Polygamist & the Billionaire

By Debbie Schlussel

I am a father’s rights advocate and an anti-feminist.  So, normally, my view is–and the facts bear this out–that men are often unfairly labeled as “deadbeat dads.”  Too frequently, they are guys struggling to make a living, who can hardly afford high child support payments, and, yet, even with many men busting their humps to fully pay exorbitant child support, mothers get full child custody 70% of the time, with fathers getting full sole custody only 7% of the time, according to my friend, divorce attorney Dennis Vatsis.

Who Paid Enough Child Support . . . & Who Didn’t: Muslim Polygamist Kenneth Mitchell, Billionaire Donald Bren

So, you would think that I’d be sympathetic to a deadbeat dad doctor who can’t pay up and was put behind bars, rather than a billionaire who paid a pittance in child support for his two kids.  But you would be wrong, in at least these two interesting cases involving child support payments–a Michigan Muslim polygamist and a billionaire who fathered two kids with his lover.

Early this year, I told you about Dr. Kenneth Mitchell a/k/a Mustafa Mohamed, a Detroit-area podiatrist.  I have zero sympathy for this guy.  He converted to Islam, took on multiple wives, fathered multiple families, and now he won’t pay up, pleading poverty in a court hearing last week.  Funny, how he had money to go twice on the hajj–the Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia–but claims that, despite earning $220,000 for the first six months of 2010, he can”t afford to put food on the table for his multiple offspring and three spouses.  The thing about Islamic polygamy:  it’s time-consuming and it’s costly.  And you gotta pony up.  But, hey, Islam allows the Muslim to lie to the infidel court and plead poverty.  I guess he was too busy praising allah and balancing multiple secret marriages.  Last week, he had a hearing in his child support case, and if he doesn’t pay up, the judge said she will put him behind bars. Sadly, there are never any HBO “Big Love” shows about Islamic polygamy in America.  But, hey, the Mormons never mass murdered 3,000 Americans with some planes, so we gotta go after them, right?

Then, there is billionaire real estate magnate, Donald Bren.  He fathered two children with his then-girlfriend, Jennifer McKay (who is now divorcing a multi-millionaire record company exec).  While the guy is a loathsome baby daddy– fathering children out-of-wedlock and having almost nothing to do with them–you gotta be annoyed at his now-adult children’s lawsuit against him, seeking nearly $400,000 a month each in retroactive child support, plus interest for each month they were under 18. Their mother is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Cha-ching.

Yes, their biological father is a billionaire.  And, in child support case in most states, the standard for support is usually the lifestyle the kids would have enjoyed if the parents had remained married.  But this is ridiculous.  Their mother–who is married to a very wealthy guy–willingly signed child support agreements with Bren.  The agreements provided that Bren would ultimately pay $18,000 per month in child support.  That’s more than $200,000 a year in support.  Over time, Bren paid nearly $3 million in child support.  While that’s chump change for a billionaire, it’s still a lot of money and more than enough to raise two kids comfortably.   It’s not like the kids suffered or were deprived in any way.  On the contrary, given documents regarding finances in their mother’s divorce from wealthy hubby, Jerome Gold.

What these two kids are trying to do is get what they will probably not get in their father’s will when he’s dead:  an inheritance.  They were well provided for as kids.  And they don’t deserve anything more.  The $400K per month they are now seeking amounts to $ 134 million (including interest).  That’s not child support.  That’s insisting on being handed the  Powerball lottery jackpot without even buying a ticket.  If their father had truly been a deadbeat, that would be one thing.  But these kids just want a mega meal ticket.

Muslim polygamist Kenneth Mitchell–well that’s a different story.

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8 Responses

Since I was accused of being “Deadbeat Dad” and then a “Disneyland Dad” in almost the same breath in the past I found this bemusing. I agree with your point…very few are deadbeats. The polygamist Doc should get what he deserves, and the kids in the other case have already got all they are owed. Not defending Bren for his choices, but enough. Maybe they can get a bonus from Mom?

Mark on August 25, 2010 at 5:27 pm

Donald Bren did provide for his kids when they were growing up. When they are adults, he no longer owes them financial help. Maybe if they are in need but when they’re well off, its extortion. And using a court to get your Dad to give you something you shouldn’t be doing in the first place isn’t honoring a parent. In this case, a child looks after the parent, not the other way around.

As for Kenneth Mitchell, the old lesson applies here: you don’t want to be a father, don’t have kids. But as long as you are, its your responsibility to provide for them, not the taxpayers. And if he has be put in jail to drive the lesson home, it doesn’t matter whether he’s a Muslim or a Mormon. Your kids come first.

NormanF on August 25, 2010 at 7:01 pm

“…said she will put him behind bars.”

God hates divorce and so do I. I still don’t believe the judge will put him behind bars – but that’s where all muzzies belong. They are so sleazy.

Just ran into a guy who claims to be Mexican but is a muzzie. All the gullible dupes “believe” he’s Mexican because he claims to be one. Well, one look at the guy and my muzzie-radar went off. I can’t get thru to these dupes. Muzzies lie to succeed in their takeover and that’s what they are about: total takeover.

As goes on August 25, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Fathering children out of wedlock is disgusting, selfish and harmful to the children and to society.

I’m tired of poor peeps being the only ones to get the bad rap for it (understandably though, they use public services)when rich and famous f-ers who engage in such abhorant behaviour should have the same slimy stigma.

Nicole Ritchie, Naomi Watts and Halle Berry are just as low-class as any dope who gets knocked up. If a guy won’t marry you after you have one of his kids out of wedlock…he doesn’t respect you. Two, well you’re just a mentally ill fool!

Skunky on August 25, 2010 at 11:02 pm

If we stopped rewarding single mothers with more public assistance all this Mishugas would be at an end within a few years.

Barry on August 26, 2010 at 9:14 am

What you don’t get is that the “Dad’s Rights” crowd is an offshoot of Feminism that deplores and despises Stay at Home Wives/Moms. Almost all the lawyers representing these Dads are women and so are the judges. The mothers are pilloried for not going out and having jobs even when the dads made plenty of money to support them when they were together. It is an agenda of getting the women into low paying work and the kids into state run day care. What is the matter with you. I do agree that in some cases, e.g. my parents, I would have been better off with my Dad and yes there has been injustice there because he had no chance, even tho at 15 I expressed the specific preference for living with him. But whenever an injustice is turned into a “movement” as a way of righting it, there is a possibility for abuse and this is being abused big time. My daughter is having this fight and because she was a SAHM, she can’t earn the money to get the high priced legal help her ex did. In her case there is outright judicial corruption and collusion with the social worker/evaluator and the attorneys. My daughter’s own attorney was chumming it up with the ex while being openly hostile to her client in open court!!!!!! The judge and two lawyers were women and my ex-son in law can be very charming and looks like Brad Pitt.

Stop being so simplistic, life isn’t that way.

mk750 on August 26, 2010 at 9:54 am

I think I just heard on news radio that the judge denied the kiddies any additional $$$.

shortylion on August 26, 2010 at 5:03 pm

As a divorced father this is all bullshit to pay the fem. or anti fem. side.

In my life I have seen what you speak of, but only in cases of a useless father. All my friends I know that have gone thru divorce have joint legal custody including myself. Even my ex’s daughters father had joint custody.

I realy think the question is why do they have joint legal all these men I know. Well everyone including myself has always been their for their children in every asset. None of us where affraid to ick up a cryng child or change a diaper. We learned from real men our own fathers who put the children first.

Overall everyone I have know to have a problem in the system is really a dead beat dad, or a disny dad. The real prblem is anti fem. groups and fem. groups. Maybe one day we will all stop and think for ourselves then listen to others. Maybe one day we will have a mind of our own to think with and not just fallow a group.

Shame on anyone who joins a group or should I say cult the reason people never prosper is, because they identify with groups, and can not think for themselves.

whattheF on June 20, 2011 at 12:43 pm

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