August 22, 2005, - 10:39 am

Lance Armstrong: Tour de Hypocrisy Continues

By Debbie Schlussel
Question: What do Lance Armstrong and have in common?
Answer: They have both spoken out against the War in Iraq, with Armstrong going even further, and denouncing the whole War on Terror, ludicrously .
That’s right. Bush’s week-end cycling buddy has more in common with Jihad Cindy #2 than with the President–and actually more in common with America-haters like Noam Chomsky.
But that didn’t stop Bush with a) biking with him; and b) reappointing him to the President’s Commission on Cancer. Nice way of rewarding a sports idiot who dishonors our troops and those who are fighting the War on Terror. (The commission reports to the President on issues surrounding cancer and cancer care, so instead of appointing an oncologist or other cancer expert, Bush appoints a celebrity biker. Smart.)
Then there’s the new anti-war Muhammad Ali’s selective memory. Armstrong used the biking session with the Prez to ask for more money for cancer research. “I’ve never asked someone for so much money before,” he told ABC’s “This Week,” Sunday.
I guess the yellow-shirted, yellow-bellied cyclist forgot about the gazillions in U.S. Postal Service sponsorships that paid his way to bike for years without a job. You know, the Postal Service that WE fund, the Postal Service that has a monopoly on First-Class Mail and should be using our money to sponsor cyclists and their teams.
Oh, yeah. Armstrong didn’t actually ASK for that money. He just took it, with the help of wasteful Postal Service execs who willingly handed him our money.
It must be nice to live on the dole of the U.S. taxpayers for a lifetime of bike-riding. No wonder Armstrong, a/k/a Mr. Sheryl “I Hate America” Crow, is so out of touch.

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