November 16, 2006, - 4:08 pm

Bono: Lawsuit Proves He’s Stingy, Petty (When It’s HIS Money)

By Debbie Schlussel
A lawsuit just decided shows us the real Bono. We’ve written repeatedly about what a phony this pop star is. He’s sooooo generous, such a humanitarian . . . when it comes to OUR tax money.
But when it comes to his own stuff, well, it’s a different story.
BBC reports that Bono and his U2 group just won their lawsuit against their former stylist, Lola Cashman, over a cowboy hat and some clothes she got from them back in 1987(!). The items are worth about $5,100 in U.S. Dollars.
The woman, who is not wealthy, claims she was given the hat and clothes as gifts, again, back in 1987. But petty, cheap Bono and U2 sued her and won. Remember that, the next time he whines about how little U.S. taxpayers give to his precious African debt relief cause.


Here’s more on the lawsuit, to give you an example of how petty and stingy these phony humanitarians are:

Rock group U2 have won a legal battle against their former stylist, forcing her to hand over a cowboy hat and clothes she took from them in 1987.
Singer Bono told Dublin’s High Court last month that Lola Cashman acquired the items without permission during the band’s Joshua Tree tour.
She insisted they were a gift to her from the star and appealed against a ruling that she must return them.
In a statement the band said they were “relieved” the legal battle is over.
“Proceedings were issued in Ireland very much as a last resort and with great reluctance,” they said.
They added that they wished Ms Cashman “well in the future” and they would not be pursuing costs from her, despite being entitled to.
The possessions were estimated to be valued at 5,000 euros (£3,400).
U2 had been fighting with Ms Cashman over the ownership of a Stetson hat, a pair of metal hooped earrings, a green sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers.

So, what was it Bono was saying about American taxpayers not paying enough gazillions in AIDS and debt relief? It’s a joke that TIME named this faker one of its Persons/Humanitarians of the Year, calling him a “Good Samaritan.” Incredible.

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9 Responses

Bono looks like he even smells bad.
Oh, he does all of his banking offshore too. Gotta hide all that cash from The Tax Man, eh?

Rocketman on November 16, 2006 at 5:21 pm

King of the Phony Baloneys. Someone has to expose this guy.
Media is just too scared to take on this shyster.

wisemonkey on November 16, 2006 at 11:56 pm

King of the Phony Baloneys. Someone has to expose this guy.
Media is just too scared to take on this shyster.

wisemonkey on November 16, 2006 at 11:56 pm

Her insolence must be punished. We are not worthy to bask in the goodness and light of the one we call Bono. Ms Cashman is no more worthy to wear a Bono cowboy hat than a flea on a maggot eating dog. Through the goodness and charity of Bono literally dozens of African warlords have received American taxpayer money.

dll2000 on November 17, 2006 at 10:37 am

“They added that they wished Ms Cashman “well in the future” and they would not be pursuing costs from her, despite being entitled to.”
I wonder how much it cost them in legal fees and court costs to get back $5,000.
It seems that Bonehead and Them2 did this out of spite.

Thee_Bruno on November 17, 2006 at 11:44 am

U2ís leader was sued criminally in Brazil – Bono Vox (Paul David Hewson) three times nominated to the Peace Nobel Prize, Timeís Magazine 2005 Person of the Year and actually also a Forbes partner, was sued last week in Brazil in a serious criminal lawsuit, always together with U2ís drummer, Larry Mullen (Larry Joseph Mullen). The lawsuit is already available at the Brazilian Criminal Court website ( ).
According with the latest updates, Bono and Larry were accused to violate personal correspondences between Arthur Fogel (Live Nation/TNAís President) who is the main producer of the last three U2ís tours in the World (Popmart, Elevation and Vertigo) and the Brazilian promoter Franco Bruni, who made their first Brazilian tour in 1998. By the way, this type of crime is punished in Brazil with prison.
As per local information, Bono and Larry have also aggravated their situation, as they have included these correspondences inside a US$ 30M Brazilian civil lawsuit against them, to obtain advantage versus the Brazilian promoter, who made the lawsuit in January 2003. This civil lawsuit is also available on the same Justice website. The inclusion of anything obtained thru invalid methods in a lawsuit is considered a serious illicit in that Country and usually guide the judgeís sentence to consider this wrong movement as ìbad faithî from the defendants.
In last February, as per notice from O Estado de S„o Paulo in Feb 21nd, on the U2ís arrival at S„o Pauloís international Airport, to their second tour in Brazil, they had serious problems with the Justice Officer and the Federal Police, because both, Bono and Larry, did not agree to open the airplaneís door and receive their summons on the 2003 civil lawsuit, ordering to the airplaneís commander to refuel and depart immediately, without care to the 150.000 people that bought tickets to their scheduled 2006 concerts in S„o Paulo. Despite the U2 leaderís decision, the Federal Police determined the complete stop of the airplane and that Bono and Larry, a part of their visible irritation, were obligated to respect Brazilian Justice, avoiding other serious procedures.
This news is complete free of any charge. Any further info about it could be found anytime thru this E-mail address, direct to the journalist George Christian.
Criminal lawsuit link
Civil lawsuit link
Estado de S„o Paulo
TerÁa-feira, 21 fevereiro de 2006 ediÁ?es anteriores
Incidente J.M.
O show do U2 quase foi abortado ainda na pista do Aeroporto de Cumbica. No s·bado, quando aterrissaram no Brasil, os m?sicos souberam pela torre de controle que policiais federais subiriam no avi„o para entregar, por ordem da JustiÁa brasileira, uma carta precatÛria na qual dois integrantes do U2, Paul Hewson (Bono) e o baterista Larry Mullen Jr., eram citados em aÁ„o indenizatÛria, movida na JustiÁa de Cambori? pelo empres·rio carioca Franco Bruni, que realizou o show do U2 no Brasil em 1998. Na Època, a banda acusou-o, em entrevista ao jornal O Globo, ter sido inexperiente, inepto e dado calote no cachÍ. O problema, segundo a PolÌcia Federal,È que Bono e Larry se recusaram a receber a citaÁ„o. O cantor teria mesmo ordenado que seu jato reabastecesse e partisse de volta. Advertidos de que estavam em solo brasileiro e proibidos de levantar vÙo, os m?sicos exigiram a representaÁ„o de advogados, Nomearam o escritÛrio brasileiro Demarest e Almeida. Mas a JustiÁa viu problemas na procuraÁ„o e ordenou que a recebessem pessoalmente.

George Christian on December 22, 2006 at 5:00 pm

BONO == WANKER (We do his website and we know what a hypocritical wanker he is)

Bono on January 4, 2010 at 7:17 pm

U2 should retire before they loose this little respect what’s left in me for them. They are parody of themselves, same what they were making fun of it in ZOO TV, they became – greedy, old, washed up, sell out rock stars, and Bono who’s gonna eat his own crap, and then call that cool, is on new frequency – imperialism is sexy when puts money in your pocket, forget Steven Bingo, forget El Salvador. Now, Bullet the Blue Sky is song about gun control, and, suddenly, he loves America, waves American flag and works for USA corporations (Elevation, Blackberry, Apple…). For love or MONEY… If they want to reinvent themselves, start with new name: Whores of Rock’n’Roll.

Ariston Bingo on September 25, 2010 at 2:25 pm

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