November 21, 2006, - 1:32 pm

Hijab-Encrusted: Feminist Mag Shows Women the New “Sexy”; Medieval Black is the New Black

By Debbie Schlussel
And now for the latest edition of “Reading Women’s Mags So You Don’t Have To–See What Your Wives/Daughters/Girlfriends Are Reading”:
Marie Claire has done it again. The magazine which equates our female soldiers with female Islamic terrorists; the magazine which claims that Islamofascist TV broadcasts are liberalizing the Arab world (Ha!); the magazine which hates Christianity and loves women’s lib–that magazine suddenly has selectively, yet again, discarded its feminist ethos to show us what it hopes will be a new fashion trend.
It’s lovely how women who think they’re so liberated they’ll cheer anything anti-American, are embracing their future enslavers. Don’t let the cover of December’s Marie Claire fool you. Inside are not photos of Ashley Judd’s breasts, like on the cover. Instead, lurking inside is a 13-page spread of Islamofascist fashion . . . and an article cheering a lawyer for Gitmo terrorists. Yes, this mag is full of chic . . . or full of something that sounds similar:


Check out the New Islamofascist face masks. All the rage in Dubai. SEXY. Will Come in Handy for Muslim Women’s Pro Hockey Team.
Sexy to you? This Outfit Available in Mourning-Your-Homicide-Bomber-Son Black, Mourning-Your-Honor-Killed-Daughter Black, or Just-Plain-Jihad Black.
Check it Out–They Eat At McDonald’s (Halal), So They’re Just Like Us. And, Oh, Yeah, “Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah Hu Akbar.” (I Love Eating A Burger Through a Scarf, Too. Don’t You?)
Wow, They Ski & Wear Chanel, So They Must Be Civilized. “We Support Bin Laden.”
Muslim Women Get to Drive . . . At Least, in This BS Magazine (But Not in Many Muslim Countries)
She Dresses Like Jackie O When She Visits the Mosque. Well, Then, It Must Be a Religion of Peace.
No Way! The Olsen Twins Converted to Islam?
Check Out Our Accessories. An IPod, Silver Space-Age Boots, and Sunglasses Seductively in Her Mouth–Well, That Settles It. With Acccessories Like These, They’d Never Support Jihad. Would They?
FYI, the “model” in the middle of the above photo is Samar Breitem, who is “half-Palestinian” and lives in Dubai. She tells Marie Claire that she loves Levi’s. That’s the problem. They love Levis, but hate Levi Strauss. They love Baskin Robbins, but hate Baskin and Robbins. All of them, after all, were “evil Zionists” a/k/a Jews.
By the way, the photos were shot in Dubai, home of the new anti-Jew apartheid. No Israeli passports or passport stamps allowed (unless you’re a Muslim, then it’s okay). Not a peep from the libs that run Marie Claire.
And, last but not least, here’s “Gitmo’s Girl,” Kristine Huskey, who’s depicted in Marie Claire drinking cocktails and having a ball of fun in glam outfits, all while representing Gitmo’s Islamic terrorists. Formerly parading around M-TV videos in purple lingerie, now she’s shilling for terrorists . . . and quite clueless about it, saying:

I sometimes have this nightmare that my clients will get released and go join al Qaeda.


Uh, here’s a clue: They already joined. That’s why they’re at Gitmo, honey. But odds are, they’ll rejoin once you get ’em sprung from there, as many released Gitmo detainees have.
What does she care? She’s too busy sipping a martini (and posing for a silly women’s mag). Cheers to You, Terrorists . . .

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100% grapefruit-laden, propaganda fluff! I dare you to travel to ANY country with an Islamic Theocracy and find a single one of these “Muslim chic” women in public that can wear that burqua or hijab and have even a scentilla of sex appeal. You won’t! Their 47xyy keepers (errr… husbands) would never permit it. They would rather beat them black & blue and keep them home than let some Western magazine like Marie Claire exploit them as “sexy” or “appealing”. It figures that they’d have that 2-bit nit-wit, Ashley Judd covering her juggs on the cover.

Yiddish Steel on November 21, 2006 at 3:41 pm

They’re wearing makeup. The Iranian religious police will be around shortly to slam their faces into brick walls…er, I mean, “gently correct their immodest behavior.”

radishthegreat on November 21, 2006 at 4:25 pm

I used to work with a blonde, blue eyed American woman who decided to convert to Islam right after 9/11/01. She immediately started wearing a head scarf ìfor modestyî she said. However, it struck me that the head covering (for modesty, remember) clashed with her skin tight Leviís jeans, and her baby blue eye shadow makeup. When she first began working in my location, she was a staunch feminist who said she would never marry a man. She also said she was ashamed to call herself an American. Then she became a Muslim and married a Muslim. Heís from ìthe middle-eastî was all she would say about him. Soon after getting married, she stopped wearing her treasured Leviís and eye shadow. One day, I overheard her arguing with her brother about a family gathering at her apartment. She told her brother that if his wife refused to wear ìappropriate head wearî to the festivities, his wife could not attend. Her brotherís wife isnít Muslim. She let the cat out of the bag one day and told her mother over the phone that she became involved with Islam because she thought it was cool to be associated with the ìunderdogî. It was her way of ìsticking it to the manî. Then one day, her husband decided to go back home to his own country. He expected her to go with him. She told her mother she was ìreal nervousî about leaving America and going to her husbandís homeland. She has since disappeared, and no one has heard anything from her. Well, so much for ìbeing cool and sticking it to the manî.

Rocky on November 21, 2006 at 5:02 pm

    so to all you who think islam disrespects women…YOU NEED TO EFFIN GET OUT MORE!! i mean are you all effin kidding me? yes all that your talking about has happened and may be is going on now, but why should ya’ll bring all of islam into it? Muslims are not only from the middle east. there is more than half of the muslim population in america is not arab!!! go figure?! Islam has nothing to do with what any of the shit you posted, and all those dumbass stories those creative minds came up with. get a life and get aducated before you post stupid and irrelevent crap on the internet…

    idel on November 23, 2009 at 11:25 pm

THERE CERTAINLY is a lot of the ìmoronicî in that issue of marie claire!
First, Ashley Judd doesnít have ìjuggsî she ìbarelyî has ìbee stingsî~
A petit woman with not even a ìhandfulî, fighting the ìgood fightî she believes (oh, how our contemporary media has gone ìwhoringî with that Christian accolade originally applied to the APOSTLE PAUL, disregarding his original courage and relentlessness in spreading the Gospel AGAINST ALL ODDS, and therein only having relevant meaningÖand now applying it to any pagan pursuit of general good).
REMEMBER Ashley and others…Good ñ God = 0
Ashley, as the global ambassador of YouthAIDSÖand then on the marie claire ìcover nudeîÖwhy?Öwhat relevance is your exhibitionism in the fight against AIDS??
WELL, some crusaderñ exploiting her petit body form EVEN THOUGH ìthe exploitation of women and girls is the crux ofÖî her work, in her fight against AIDS.
Ashley BELIEVES boys and girls, men and women must dissolve their God-given differences and move towards a Juddís bequeathed UNISEX model.
How WILL WE know when we have arrived in Ashleyís ìgender-blenderî Camelot?
SIT DOWNÖfor the sheer stupidity (to the 3rd magnitude!) and the sentiMENTALISM of this ASHLEY JUDD declaration:
ìIt would begin from childhood with the complete freedom to pursue one’s interests. I love that line: “For every girl who tosses out her Easy-Bake Oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one!” (YEAH RIGHT!) I weep every time I read that (you wouldÖ). Because just as our definition of girlhood is so stifling, the definition of what it is to be a boy or a man is arid and abusive. It’s the most extraordinary curtailing of personhood.î
I THINK Ashley is squeamish about being penetratedÖthatís what the Canadien is hearing!
MAKING LOVE would be too violent and overtly masculine a shared act with the ìdreadedî male. Iím sure if Ashley ever gets pregnant, itíll be in-vitro or by anonymous ejaculate that will be dabbed (ìa little dab will do yaî) near her cuny, applied with a sanitized turkey baster.
ISLAM has always been BRUTAL and SEVERE appealing only to obtuse, naive or perverse souls~

The Canadien on November 21, 2006 at 6:21 pm

    Obviously you dont know much about islam and the people that are Muslim. Have you ever talked to a Muslim? If you live in America then you should know by now that there are more than a million muslims so i would advise you to atleast talk to some before saying things. Why do people hate Islam so much if theyve neevr even come across it except in the media? Do you really really think that media is feeling loyal to its people so its going to tell the whole truth and nothing but? Think about it, all we can do is read, watch or hear what they say. We dont have any input in what they say. Id just like to agree with “journalist” that “majority of commenters above, many of which are laughably ridiculous in their prejudice, narrow mindedness and lack of intelligent engagement.” This whole article is thus. And also, why hate on people who are modest? Theyre just covering themselves like I do myself and many thousands of people do too. We’re not trying to force it anyone, just covering up what shouldnt be flaunted in public. In the opinion of many including my own, this is beautiful. You dont see the Virgin Mary on paintings and walls in short tops and skirts and bikinis. If you believe in her, then shouldnt you try to act as modest as her? Let me just say lastly, when you see a hijab dont automatically think oh its a terrorist or murderer or someone mean or someone with no life or someone who is oppressed. A hijab means modesty. Modesty and intelligence. We know what we’re doing and why we do it. Next time, you see a hijabi or even a munaqqabah, ask them questions you may have. Even if they dont know, they may know someone who is a Muslim leader or scholar in the area. They would no doubt be happy to answer any questions. Lets bridge gaps and stop thinking so badly of others. 🙂 World peace cant come about when everybody keeps unknowingly accusing others.

    Sadia on March 30, 2010 at 9:33 am

Hey Debbie,
I am reviving the idea of the Debbie Schlussel Action Calendar. It would be a great hit on fashion circuit and in the media.
For one of the months–I heard that the shot of you in the eye slit birqua is really hip–where you eat the biggest ball of spaghetti right through the eye hole…. now dat’s Italian!

BB on November 21, 2006 at 6:51 pm

Mohammed Claire? Any chance of a name change in the works.

sultan_knish on November 21, 2006 at 8:09 pm

Those women clearly have not been birthing children! Marie Claire’s “Lifestyles of the (Gulf’s) Rich and Famous” is as unappealing as Robin Leach’s original.

Jeremiah on November 21, 2006 at 9:05 pm

Models would look better with rhinestone laden AK-47’s. Need some fashion tips on how to hide the body explosives, too. The Canadien is right. These women are clueless about what they are admiring and romanticizing. A brutal, tyrannical, theocracy where women are chattel and freedom is dead. Don’t ever take your freedom for granted. Read more about the dark ages, the inquisiton…they were not the “good ole days”. And Islam will resurrect those good times over your fashionably dead body!

jeebie on November 21, 2006 at 9:59 pm

Marie Claire should stick with the “naked ambition” of its cover story if it wants to make money.
Only naked women can increase revenues even if it’s a women magazine!!
Who wants to see a covered woman?
Muslim men drool like dogs and get horny when looking at a naked female heel!!

Independent Conservative on November 21, 2006 at 10:50 pm

Nope. Sorry. Not even a ‘2’ on the turgid meter.

Rocketman on November 22, 2006 at 6:28 am

You are missing the point.
If this magazine was mailed to mosques in the Middle East – it would lead to a violent protest worse than the Pope and Cartoon debacle.
You see, this ridiculous pandering is offensive in actuality. They would be justified in protest. I want to go buy one to burn a copy right now.

Agrippa on November 22, 2006 at 2:25 pm

Oh yeah, this is sexy.

Carolyn2 on November 22, 2006 at 7:16 pm

Why does this story cause me to think of Bruno inquiring about cardboard?

epaminondas on November 23, 2006 at 3:06 pm

[Quote} You are missing the point.
If this magazine was mailed to mosques in the Middle East – it would lead to a violent protest worse than the Pope and Cartoon debacle.
You see, this ridiculous pandering is offensive in actuality. They would be justified in protest. I want to go buy one to burn a copy right now.[/quote]
Why burn it plus why not spend a little to destabilise the infrastructure send the porn as well, especially the less hardcore stuff the soft porn is what I mean just send it to the islamic country of your choice with the name Mohammed and the town and street it’s bound to hit the target…….They seem to hate the little stuff as it’s only a little the dads will keep it…….

Mike Oakes on November 25, 2006 at 5:02 pm

Olsen Twins?
They actually look like Paris and Nicole!
If they heard that these ‘fashions’ were hot, they’d be the first to wear them!

Irish Poet on November 26, 2006 at 11:55 pm

ok well here is my first issue with this article:
It’s not factualy correct.
Woman are allowed to drive in every Muslim country BESIDES our greatest Allied force SAUDI ARABIA. This was shot in Dubai where woman drive everywhere.
Have you ever met a woman who wears a hijab? No? Just checking. Because if you had actually met one and spent some time talking to would see that she is a whole lot more then a piece of fabric on her head.
Just like I’m sure teh writer would not like to be degrated to just another idiot for being a blonde these woman would like the same respect in return.
In all Arab countries (again: besides Bush’s best friend SAUDI ARABIA) the woman are allowed to wear whatever they choose. Hijab or Niquab is not inforced. Woman who choose to wear it do so because it’s tradition, or they like it, or because they feel it’s right with their spiritual beliefs. It does not change them as a person, just as putting on a low necked, high skirted cocktail dress does not change a woman into a slut.
Shame on you for really believing that CLOTHES are what defines a woman. Being a woman that’s pathetic. Really….honestly….you believe that these people can be reduced to fabric!? I’m ashamed for you. After all you dont seem bright enough to be ashamed for yourself.
By the way, Woman in Iran vote. So do woman in just about every other Middle Eastern Country including Afghanistan.
Baharain has woman in office.
Domestic violence cases are the same in Syria as they are in the USA (1 in 4)
Most of the graduates from colleges in the Middle East are WOMAN.
Ya know all I have to do is reread this with 50 year old eyes and substitute Arab for Black and it’s all to familiar. One day we’ll consider this a dark period in our history as well. Glad that writings like this will be around then…to show our future cildren just how superficial and embarassingly simplistic some writers made Arab woman out to be.
You will be a shining example of ignorance to our future children. Hope you can square with that now. All I can do is shake my head a pray that one’ll all grow up and realize the world is an okay place when it includes more then middle class white girls and boys. Named of course Madison and Tiffany, Brock and Chad…welcome to the future my friends. Fatima and Khalid have arrived, get used to it.

Samirah on December 4, 2006 at 12:40 am

    samirah i couldnt agree more with you..

    nadiyah on May 16, 2010 at 3:48 pm

I tried to ping you from Not Just the Veil – New Islamic Fashions – – but got a server error.

planck's constant on December 11, 2006 at 12:32 am

Samirah is so wrong it’s pathetic, “In all Arab countries (again: besides Bush’s best friend SAUDI ARABIA) the woman are allowed to wear whatever they choose.” This is so absolutely untrue it’s unbelievable anyone could utter that without breaking out into laughter.
As for Syria’s domestic violence, yes it is 1 out of 4, see
but Syria does not recognize Honor killings as an abuse case or recognise crimes committed by family members against daughters, so that statistic is meaningless. In addition, it is 1 in 20 in the US not 1 in 4.
Where did you get the number 1 in 4 for America?
You are a perfect example of living in denial.
Who are you trying to fool?

planck's constant on December 11, 2006 at 2:08 am

well well bravo guys .i read so many comments up there but couldnt find a single one with a use of brain.seems all of u are really bothered by the women who cover themselves.what could be the reason.hmmm lemme think…oh ya u might be feelin aggitated cuz of the fear what if this trend crops up and u guys are forced to cover your selves or may b cuz u men n women dont have an access to see muslim women in n out.well i have a news for u. dont gather fears and frustration for yourselves.leave claded women to their own fate and try to butter up your faith and fate.marie claire has done a wonderful job in this issue n im not saying it cuz it has muslim women in it im sayin it cuz it has somethng which can attract muslim community also . being a journalist i quote best journalism is what has an interests of every really doesnt matter if out of two thousand issues a single issue has few pages for other community as well.u guys shoud have a sharing corner.if u guys can try to share iraq ,afghanistan or dunno how many muslim countries with muslims then y cant u guys can give them few pages of your magazine.thats strange.the conversation started by debbie was regarding the magazine but none of u said anythng closer to it.what u emphasised was islam n muslim advice to u all is to stop poping in other faiths. try to respect other religions too if u cant respect yours cuz thats what u just did.

mightymight on April 20, 2007 at 4:05 pm

I want to congratualate u on being the most ignorant person out there and u should get a fucking clue and then start posting on ur little blog just like the worthless being u really are! With all your disrespectful comments you just proved how clueless you are. So funny.

rorygg on May 17, 2007 at 7:55 pm

those girls r not represent all muslims women ..
i’m MUSLIM & i’m proud ..!
whatever u saied & whatever ur comments saied !!
ya .. we r proud of our islam & our HIJAB ..
in each society there is like those girls .. even f they r muslims their behaviors not represent our islam rules & we r not proud of them !!
& don’t think that we r forced to follow al HIJAB we r wearing it coz we want that & we feel comfort with it ..
we don’t want any guy to look at us so only my husband & al mharim ( those who i can’t marry them)
that’s better than leave them Exposed to every body !
so plz try to respect others relegions coz that represent ur respecting to urself ..

IRIS FLOWER on August 25, 2007 at 7:42 pm

& ya ,, i myself like wht our country did ..
so we can’t drive .. u know why !! coz we r like Queens !!
did u ever c a queen drive her car !! don’t think ..

IRIS FLOWER on August 25, 2007 at 7:50 pm

I can’t believe what i just read. I am a muslim woman, and here’s what i have to say regarding this issue, this article, and these uneducated comments.
I call most of these comments uneducated because you don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know where you people are getting ur information about islam, but it is obviously not a good source because you are totally wrong.
A friend of mine went to Suadi Arabia and met a woman, and asked her what she thought about the fact that women there cannot drive. She said to her,
“Why should i drive if i already have someone to drive me around?”
The fact is, you are comparing your lifestyle (our lifestyle – i live here too) in this continent to the people in others. Here, women and men can drive – yes it’s our right, and yes because we need to. How else will we get our children to school or go to the mall? so when you hear that when people say that women there cannot drive, you immediatly think that they don’t get to meet up, go shopping, or anything else – but you don’t know that. If you have ever visited the Arabian Gulf (which i have) you would notice that most people there have got it better than we do. The women have drivers, DRIVERS to help them get places, they socialize, and as a matter of fact, they’re very fashionable, but of coarse it’s all hidden under their long, black abiyas. And then you assume (and why you assume this i have no idea) that they don’t choose to wear that. Well guess what, they do. no one forces it on them, and in the quran (if you’ve ever read it, and if you haven’t i don’t believe you are entitled to speak this way about muslims as you did above in your horrible comments) women and men are equal, not one has the right to abuse or force something on the other. The hijab as a matter of fact should not be forced on a women at all, it says so in the quran and in hadiths.
I think it’s great that this magazine, took the time to show others that muslim women are fashionable, and can be fashionable while at the same time being true to their religion, and following the quran.
as to you, all of you that have written these comments, take it from me – a muslim woman – you don’t know what you’re talking about. And if you are ever, EVER going to comment about islam, do your research first.
oh, and just to let you know, all your comments have shown me how little you people know about islam, and today, you have encouraged me to put on the hijab – the headcovering- for the first time, full time, so that i can be a symbol of my religion, and teach people like you about islam, because i don’t think you realize that the religion you seem to know so much about, is really not the religion of islam, take it from someone who practices it.

athletic_smile on August 28, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    Are you kidding me or what? “The hijab as a matter of fact should not be forced on a women at all” where is this paradise you’re talking about? Is it Saudi Arabia or is it Iran?
    In Quran Men and women have equal rights!!!!!! well maybe but not in reality. Either you’re not clear about your rights are (or you’re a man with all the rights) or you’re living in an Islamic country somewhere else in the universe.
    Are you saying that women can drive if they want to and they choose not to!!!!!! You might like to pretend all women are happy in Islamic countries, they are happy that they always need a man because otherwise no one would drive them around. To keep the driver they have to agree with their husbands having as many wives as they want. They might love to wear black veils under the burning sun. You might be pretending that all these are normal but PLEASE DO NOT MISLEAD OTHERS.

    Shid on May 2, 2011 at 11:20 am

My name is Anna, and I can’t believe either, what I read above. In a time where I consider all humans, regardless of race, colour, ethnicity or religion to be my brothers and sisters, to be my fellow human beings, like we are taught to in elementary school, I thought people would know better. Judging from the writing, I assume the comments are made by someone who is older than some kid in grade 2 and I assume that they have some knowledge or degree of learning. And yet they have managed to cough up the most ridiculous article/post I have read in a while.
To be so stupid and naive, to be so blind to think that your own way of living, your own perception, your home, your name, your nation is the only correct one out there is the most immature, backward thing there is. Far more backward than not letting a woman drive.
Your comments under the pictures are not only rude, but so ignorant it baffles me, a fellow westerner.
I cannot fathom how quick you are to garbage the ideologies of another religion and verbally abuse the followers, when you may have one yourself, knowing full well that throughout history your own religion may have been maligned and your own people verbally abused.
Can you even define Jihad? Do you know what the Qur’an is about? Can you define hijab? Do you know what Islam is about?
I studied religions in university and am continuing with it further. World religions. I learnt about Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and more…and I think it utterly disgusting for you to make ignorant comments on any religion or people when you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. I also studied politics and history. Your ideas about what “muslim countries” are about, about world affairs (clearly you have no idea about the international community), about ethics, about morals, about GITMO (where if you actually read, you’ll find a lot of unlawful activity such as torture and such goes on there) and if you had a remote inkiling of what history was about you’d realize we gave them their guns int he first place to battle our own enemies then made enemies out of them, just like we did with saddam and weapons of mass destruction (hint:depleted uranium))
All wrong. Get your facts straight. Read a book. Get out of your NAZI views and learn that before you pronounce yourselves better than anyone you owe ppl their rights. yes I said nazi views because the way you verbally abuse what you may see as the “other”, he had the same ideas about the Jews. And what was wrong then, is wrong now and it’s worse cause you ought to know better.

annabanana1 on September 2, 2007 at 3:08 pm

I accidently stumbled across this, and I’m absolutely appalled. I didnt realise that such an uneducated and idiotic person existed. What you have written is incredibly insulting and degrading to an entire religion which you obviously know nothing about. Not only that, but you seem to want to offend people with your obvious love of stereotypes. I suggest you pick up a book and educate yourself abit about Islam. And also maybe not read anything that just contains a bunch of propaganda, because (and I may be a little hypocritical here as this may be a stereotype) you sound like a ignorant and stupid American that doesnt know much about anything and just likes to make comments that show an obvious lack of mental capabilities.

LaFeeVerte13 on May 25, 2008 at 6:32 pm

I am a Muslim woman who happened to come across this unfortunate article and was shocked at the ignorance and hate. I am thankful however that there have already been some Muslim women before me who have commented as to enlighten not only the uneducated person who wrote this but perhaps others as well and give them a perspective on what Islam is really about or what it means to be a Muslim woman.
Just think about itÔø? We are Muslim women living in AMERICA (a FREE country) and we are choosing to practice Islam (and for some that includes wearing a hijab) so obviously there is wisdom in these choices. Open up your mind before thinking that all Muslim women in the world are oppressed. Islam is not only a religion but a lifestyle that over 10 million people in America alone have chosen to adapt.
For the person who wrote this article and those who feel the same hatred in their heartÔø? I put you on the same level as the terrorists who have distorted my religion. Anyone who is following ANY religion in the world not just Islam would not have these types of feelings toward humanity nor would they do or say anything to disrespect or disturb world peace.
But despite your ill intentions and efforts to misrepresent Islam. Despite your hatred, it is still the fastest growing religion in the world!

Muslimah on August 4, 2008 at 1:42 am

Add me to the list of people who are appalled by the ignorance and gross stereotyping. It was heartwarming to see all the comments at the end, restoring my confidence in humanity a bit. To that end, I add my agreement with the rational comments immediately preceding this one.

Open Minded on October 23, 2008 at 2:01 pm

Dear Debbie Schlussel:

Hijab is the best way to go. I, along with many muslims and non-muslims respect a woman who dresses well and modestly.

The greatest women who were supporters/relatives of the many Messenger/Prophets-PBUT that GOD sent down covered their bodies (to the wrists, ankles, and their hair).

Hijab is only the Arabic term describing this dress.

Do you actually think that one of the greatest women to live on this planet (the Virgin Mary), walked around exposing her cleavage, hair, full arms and legs, and wearing tights?

Islam is monotheism at its best. Your attacks will not change the religion a single milligram. Thank GOD for that!

Best Regards and May ALLAH give you guidance and forgiveness.

Bassam Imam on November 7, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Perhaps for a more intellectually accurate and factually sound article you could talk to actual Muslims, and not just a few. Perhaps even read the relevant literature with the aid of those who do in fact understand it.

This is also relevant to the majority of commenters above, many of which are laughably ridiculous in their prejudice, narrow mindedness and lack of intelligent engagement.

journalist on January 11, 2010 at 10:38 am

I agree that with the article that the magazine and article is ridiculous but this blog posting is just as bad.

Tee on April 13, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Really sad. You’re completely of base with your comments in your blog. It’s unacceptable and hateful. You obviously know absolutely nothing about Islam and Muslims. I encourage you to read more and just try to make a friend who is muslim and you then for sure would not be saying these hurtful things. I am American but have lived in the middle east in luring UAE and the KSA, and can tell you what you said about those countries is off base and hurtful as well. Ihh one more thing. To some previous posters. There is nothing unislamic about a women driving. The issue in the KSA is much more complicated then can be covered here, but is it Islamic for a woman to be taken around in a car alone with some strange guy that the family hired to be their driver? Cmon, women should be allowed to drive.

Imaa on July 17, 2010 at 7:52 am

The OP is a freaking retard. I mean seriously, judging muslim women by how the present themselves. I don’t see you bitching at nuns wearing those cover ups. so who are u to judge these women?

ur jealous cuz ur not as hot.

shims on August 11, 2010 at 9:35 am

I agree 100% with Debbie. This article is not “judging Muslim wommen”, it is shining a light on the evils of how Muslim females are brutalized by Muslim men all over the world. I agree that women should dress appropriately and modestly, but I couldn’t disagree more with Islam and Sharia Law. All these female Muslims writing in here are brainwashed cattle owned by Muslim men and they must not know yet about how their fellow Muslim women are beaten into submission, psychologically and/or physically, and murdered by Islamic men all over the world. Islam teaches women are lowly like animals and are not allowed to go to school or vote or drive or go out in public without their husband or son because the husband or son have value but the female has NO VALUE. Muslim women can legally be beaten, raped, and killed by their families if the female exercises her free will. There is no such thing as free will for females in Islam. The pictures in this stupid article Marie…I mean Mohammed Claire published are so stupid it’s laughable. Islam would not allow them to show the form of their bodies. Their cloth coffins must hide their form. No cinching in at the waist and around breasts or anything. No showing wrists are ankles or face. They are not allowed to wear makeup. Why put on makeup, which is designed to attract people to look at your beauty? They are not allowed to be looked at. Islam teaches its followers to take little girls and cut their clitoris out for God’s sake!!!! Marie Claire is advocating FMG – Female Genital Mutilation! Unfortunately, you can see videos of Islamists stoning girls and women to death for doing nothing wrong at all. It would be wrong even if they had done something “wrong”, but they get stoned because some demon-inspired Islamic man raped them and so Islam teaches it is the female’s fault and she deserves to be stoned to death or other horrible torturous ways to murder her. Islam teaches men (fathers, brothers, uncles) to murder their own wives, mothers, sisters if they “misbehave”. They do “Honor Killings” all the time. It’s a sick, perverted, pagan religion/socio-economic-political force that showed it’s destructive face in the Dark Ages, and showed it’s evil face in history before that as Baal worship of the Moon described in the Judeo-Christian Bible. It’s the same force of evil that has been setting itself against Jehovah GOD of the Judeo-Christian Bible from the beginning of time. It’s straight from the pit of hell and Satan is ALlah. See the truth at www dot thereligionofpeace dot com and www dot allaboutgod dot com. Marie Claire must be run by and employ the most ignorant people on the planet for them to glorify the barbarianism of Islam. Utterly ridiculous!! Islam is not only a religion (pagan moon worship), but it is also a social, economic, and political iron-fisted authority that forces all to submit to Islam or be killed. The word Islam means submission. Will Marie Claire run a photo spread of Female Genital Mutilation and Islamic Stonings and Islamic Honor Killings…and like someone else wrote up there, show how Islam has slowly sawed people’s heads off (mostly Jews and Christians) in order to inflict the most pain and torture as possible? Will they show how Islamic men raped and slashed to death with knives little Christian schoolgirls? How they have poured boiling oil, gas, and acid on their females as punishment. How they beat them until black and blue, broken bones, and unrecognizable? How they hammer nails into people’s heads while they are alive and how they rip out their fingernails and toenails one by one to inflict the most pain? How they hang women upside down and do unspeakable things to their vaginas and rectums? Wouldn’t that make a sexy photo shoot spread for your magazine, Marie Claire? Marie Claire, You are FOOLS and you are culpable for the damage you are promoting to civilized culture. All of western civilization and freedom came from the Judeo-Christian Bible because Jehovah God the Father and Jesus the Son inspired the words to be written and those words from Jehovah God say that “all of mankind is endowed by their CREATOR with rights”. (Rights come from God, NOT the government) All schools, hospitals, schools, universities, and charities were started by Judeo-Christians…NOT MUSLIMS. Muslims have only killed and tried to force the world to subjugate to their Global Caliphate.

Reese on August 31, 2010 at 2:54 pm


Leslie Brown on March 20, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    loooool I’m a 24 male muslim from Saudi Arabia and this article made me laugh like hell. omg I’m still laughing. anyways, what bothered me is all the people that replied it (im one of them 😛 ). Dear Leslie next time u find an article like this one don’t even bother replying. its not even worth wasting your time :D. Also, about some replies that say that ” quote “Muslim females are brutalized by Muslim men” trust me men r the ones who r brutalized by female muslims ( its a secret don’t tell plz 😛 ) at least in my community and what I see around me. trust me my mother can be the president of the US ( I dont mean that latterly so don’t be angry about it plz ) and my friends call her the general 😀

    loool on June 23, 2011 at 11:55 pm


Leslie Brown on March 20, 2011 at 12:13 pm

did anybody else end up here after googling “sexy hijabs”?
i’m pretty easy-going about jokes based on stereotypes, etc, and try to taske things light-heartedly, but this really was offensive to the extent that humour was almost completely absent. but hey, thats you

Bilhah Khan on March 29, 2011 at 5:21 pm

It takes all types of hate to be a diversified world. The publisher of this article and this site should be spit on, however I won’t spew anymore disgusting commentary because this site does that enough. The fact that you are taking the time to try to destroy Islam shows your overall ignorance and greater your loss. Continue to wander blindly and strangle yourself with your deeds. ALLAHU AKBAR is correct! That’s about the only truth of that article.

Kasie Jones on June 4, 2012 at 9:39 am

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