November 28, 2006, - 5:03 pm

UPDATE: Lawyer for Deportee in New Jersey Cop Case Indicted for Immigration Fraud

By Debbie Schlussel
How interesting. In my earlier post, today, I wrote about how two Edison, New Jersey cops were sent to counseling for doing their job and helping ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) arrest Rajnikant Parikh, an illegal alien ordered deported.
Apparentely, the web is even more tangled. Now, I’ve discovered that, in October, Parikh’s lawyer, Jonathan Saint-Preux, the lawyer’s wife, and a third party are under indictment for immigration fraud.
From the Justice Department press release:

NEWARK – An Irvington lawyer, his wife and a third individual were arrested today on an eight-count federal Indictment charging them with conspiracy to defraud the United States and with immigration fraud, U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie announced.
The Indictment charges Jonathan Saint Preux, 44, an attorney specializing in immigration law at the law offices of Jonathan Saint Preux in Irvington; his wife, Michele Saint Preux, 40, who is the firm’s office manager; and Naranjan Patel, 47, who recruited clients for the firm. They are accused of fraudulently assisting a large number of immigrant aliens to live illegally in New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States.
According to the Indictment, the defendants falsely represented that the aliens had lived unlawfully in the United States before 1982 so that such aliens could qualify for legal residency under an amnesty immigrant program sponsored by the federal government. . . .
The Indictment charges the defendants with, among other things, attempting to fraudulently cause the Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) to approve a large number of Applications for Status as a Temporary Resident (Forms I-687), and other immigration documents. An I-687 is a petition for an alien to become a lawful resident in the United States.
The defendants prepared at least 800 such petitions, a large number of which were fraudulent. According to the Indictment, the Jonathan Saint Preux law office received thousands of dollars from many of the aliens for the preparation and filing of the fraudulent I-687s.
The Indictment further charges that in preparation for aliens’ interviews with CIS regarding the I-687s, the defendants conspired to instruct such aliens, including seven cooperating witnesses specifically discussed in the Indictment, to falsely claim to CIS that
they had lived unlawfully in the United States before 1982.

So, he is indicted for immigration fraud, but the cops who helped arrest his illegal alien client are the ones punished and sent to counseling. What’s wrong with this picture.

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All fingers point to G W Bush, who is using his office to sell-out hard-working, tax-paying and honest Americans to businesses who care less for the nation and illegal-aliens who do whatever it takes (legally and/or illegally) to perpetrate crimes on hard-working, tax-paying and honest Americans.
This incident is a mere tip of the iceberg.

Alert on November 28, 2006 at 7:40 pm

I see this as a bigger problem than just GWB. It is also the nature of these darn govenrnmental departments to passively allow any number of abuses to go on as they are most concerned with aesthetics and style points (they make money and have power so they practice justifying an ever expanding budget).
I remember the moron FEMA head asking if he looked good on TV as he made a PR tape for Katrina. How asinine. That’s the nature of the beast.
Now the solution–Debbie, would to G-d that a competent person like you would take it on and kick a– over there. I know you are too controversial for many but aren’t there other competent people whom we could rally around for these important postitions?
I know that bureaucrats and competence are rarely matched–but surely some people are out there–the current day Milton Friedman types. They must exist. Gee, getting a competent department head is as dicey as Supreme Court nominee approval. Lead the way for us, Debbie.

BB on November 28, 2006 at 9:53 pm

This website and others like it is a way to get the message out. Conservative Radio is another medium. Alas, news cable channels are more into political cowardice, and that includes -lately- Fox News. Newspapers are on their way to be part of the past.
The only way, if there is any hope left, to enlighten the ignorant Americans about the threats of illegal immigration and Islam is to keep talking about it loudly (not literally), everywhere, to a greater number of people.
Maybe, just maybe some dumb ass Americans will stop playing video games for a while, stop getting crazy about football or sports in general, stop listening to their IPod (you know what I mean) and start thinking a little bit about saving their future and the future of their country which is about to be doomed on the hand of Islam and the illegal aliens.
We need to wake up. We need an uprising. We need a revolution. People need to take it to the streets. We need to take America back.
Will another more devastating attack on America be the answer?

Independent Conservative on November 28, 2006 at 10:52 pm

Thats not really surprising. Many Indians in Chicago, New Jersey and California arrive illegally or through dubious means. In one case, an Indian green-card-holder married his sister so that she could get a green card. Indians also arrive hiding in cases, trunks and cargos. If you ever go to Chicago’s Devon area, you’ll find all the illegal idiots there, people who speak only Urdu and not a word of English. Ask them how they arrived and you’ll see how “innovative” Indians are – in the wrong way!
Most of the Indian lawyers belong to India’s business community – the Gujaratis (you can tell by their last name Patel, Parikh, Modi) – and they do favors in the form of cash or kind. In short, the money is undocumented. Any kind of police investigation, and these assholes yell “racism, racism”. They justify all this with the usual “oh, but we are helping other Indians”.
In any case, its about time the FBI or ICE did a raid in Chicago, especially around the Devon area and kicked out the illegal alien Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. These people are many times more dangerous than Mexican illegals.
Apparently, I’m the only Indian who thinks that Parikh should be deported to India and actually applauds the NJ police. Parikh is a trouble-maker and came here illegally, and he deserves to spend some time in the hole – the one in Bombay where deportees are stuck in.
I’m sick and tired of the Indian magazines, esp the retarded one called Little India, that support Parikh and term his arrest as “discrimination”. The NJ police and ICE are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work guys.

anonymous twit on November 29, 2006 at 10:45 am

This may appear very minor in light of all their other criminal activity, but as a lawyer I’m interested whether these scumbags will also get charged for unlawful solicitation (“running and capping”). Most states follow the uniform rules of professional conduct that prohibit the knowing solicitation of unrepresented persons for the purpose of obtaining their representation. It’s a felony in most states and if the prosecutors drop the ball on the immigration fraud charges, which could happen, at the least they could get hard time for the running and capping activities.

NiceBoychik4ShaynaShlussel on November 29, 2006 at 12:48 pm

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