August 23, 2005, - 3:10 pm

Dating a Muslim Woman Could Kill You

By Debbie Schlussel
Steven Vincent, an acclaimed American art critic, writer, and author who supported the war in Iraq, is dead because he became romantically linked to his Muslim translator in Iraq, Nur Veidi.

Steven Vincent, RIP: American Murdered for Dating a Muslim Woman

In an early August honor killing, Vincent and the woman were shot and left for dead. She barely survived. He did not. The acclaimed author of the book, “In the Red Zone” (about the war and its aftermath), was interesting in that he lived in the East Village, but wrote in places like Commentary, the Wall Street Journal, and (where many of my columns are also posted).
Unfortunately, the media coverage of Vincent’s murder is bereft of any mention of the reason he was killed–bigotry over a non-Muslim’s relationship with a Muslim female. A search of Google News for “Steven Vincent” and “honor killing” yields zero results. The honor killing of Vincent is never even alluded to. But this eclectic man, who befriended many Iraqis and was there frequently, is Exhibit A that no matter how much you befriend and help the enemy, you will always be an Infidel, worthy of fatal punishment.
Male Infidels take note: Sleeping with the enemy could kill you.

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Steven Vincent’s wife debunks the honor killing hypothesis, claiming that Steven was just trying to help the woman leave the country. Mrs. Vincent sticks it to Juanker Juan Cole, who I believe is the one who first proposed this theory:
Granted, this is only Mrs. Vincent’s side of the story. But I’m more likely to listen to a tuft of lint from my pocket or whatever’s on the bottom of my shoe before I believe Cole about anything.

Yngvai on August 23, 2005 at 7:07 pm

While I wouldn’t put it against her family to do an honor killing, this is sounding more like the article last month about the 15 year old girl in Michigan which it seems (though hard to tell) was not what it initially seemed either….

hairymon on August 24, 2005 at 7:42 pm

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