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OUTRAGE: 6-Yr-Old Kicked Out of Cheerleading Squad b/c Parents Oppose Lewd Chant

By Debbie Schlussel


This story really incenses me because it starkly demonstrates that not only have we lost the culture war–probably forever–but parents who dare try to protect their six-year-old daughter are suddenly the “criminals.”  It sickens me.  It’s no longer just the death of outrage. It’s that outrage has been turned on its head. And the outrageous are now the “outraged.”

Duane & Jennifer Tesch: Great Parents Under Fire for Protecting Their Daughter

Recently, I wrote about the video of 10-year-old girls in stripper-esque outfits doing a lewd dance in dance competition.  But that’s nothing.  Apparently, if you are trying to protect your young kids from being sexualized in an over-sexualized world, you are the boogieman.  That’s what happened to Jennifer and Duane Tesch–good, responsible parents from the Detroit area, who had the “gall” to object to a semi-lewd cheer their six-year-old daughter, Kennedy, was taught and had to perform in a cheerleading squad made up of other six-year-olds.

Because they objected to their daughter’s squad cheering about wearing too-tight skirts and shaking their “booties,” the parents of the rest of the girls in the squad unanimously voted to kick the Teschs’ six-year-old out.  They said the daughter and the parents can return to the cheerleading league, next year, on probation! Incredible. The video report, below, shows only one of these idiotic “parents,” Susan Murdock, who voted the girl out. I wish I had all of their names, so I could post them and embarrass them for posterity.  They deserve it.  And Tesch deserves our applause for standing up and doing the right thing in an age when most parents would shrug and do nothing (and probably not even shrug). And for this pack of mob-rule, group-think wolves to take this out on an innocent six-year-old girl . . .???

Yup, this is what American society does to you, these days, if you try to be a good parent. Nauseating:

Jennifer Tesch’s six-year-old daughter has been removed from the Madison Heights Wolverine flag football cheer team.

The Madison Heights mom contacted Action News last month because she was upset about the words to one of her daughter’s cheerleading chants.

The cheer she objects to says “our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right.”

League members were outraged, saying it cast a bad light on the league and she should have handled it internally. They say she overreacted by going to the media.

“This is like a family and to me, if you trust your family, what are you going to do? People are going to be upset. It’s a terrible situation, a lot of upset parents,” Susan Murdock said.

Tuesday night the team held a meeting to discuss the cheer and to come up with a solution. The team voted to keep the cheer and voted unanimously to remove the child from the team. The family will get a full refund and they can come back next year on probation if they want.

Jennifer was almost in tears Tuesday night saying her daughter loves the cheer team. She says she never meant to hurt anyone but was just standing up for what she felt was right.

“I feel terrible. It’s the worse thing that I have had to deal with in the 12 years of my league. I have never seen anything like that,” said league president John Pastula.

HE feels terrible?! He participated in the sexualizing of six-year-olds, then excommunicated the daughter of the parent who did the right thing and complained. And HE feels terrible?!

Incredible. G-d save this country from the Idiocracy in which we’re interminably mired.

And Jennifer and Duane Tesch, you did the right thing. You have our cheers, our kudos, and our appreciation for being responsible parents–something sadly so very uncommon, these days. The Tesch daughter is lucky to have parents who really care about her and her future. The other “parents” simply do not and should probably be sued for malpractice.

I hope the Tesch Family will look back on this as natural selection away from the immoral, unprincipled, unethical dummies that populate our country. Twenty years from now, I predict the Tesch’s daughter will turn out well, and the kids of these idiotic parents in the squad will be a mess. How many of them will be baby mamas, druggies, and losers? Any who turn out right will do so DESPITE the sperm and womb donors who “parent” them.

**** UPDATE: In the comments section, there is some debate regarding America’s most famous baby mama enabler, Sarah Palin, with regard to this post. And while one blind Palin defender doesn’t seem to see the connection, Sarah Palin’s attitude and that of her supporters is no different, actually, than the mob group-think of these disgusting parents who support the lewd cheer for six-year-olds. And it’s not just Sarah Palin’s constant promotion of her teen single-mom daughter and the constant ad hominem attacks on me by her moronic supporters, whenever I bring it up.

As I noted, in her book, “Going Rogue,” Sarah Palin praises Kid Rock a/k/a Bob Ritchie as  “very pro-America and has common sense ideas,” and she brags how she had her kids talk on the phone to this promoter of porn, drug-dealing/usage, pimping, prostitution, and teen sex. When I questioned this on this site, Palin’s mob-rule, group-think cult of morons again engaged in their ad hominem pogrom against me online. They didn’t for a second think about how wrong this was for Palin to do. Nope. Instead, they immediately, blindly defended and praised Palin for promoting this disgusting entertainer–no different from the vilest Black rappers–to her children.

Yes, Sarah Palin is a part of this culture of promoting and enabling the sexualization of America’s kids. She’s one of the many MINOs (Moms in Name Only) who not only don’t even shrug when they expose and promote this kind of crap to their kids, she actually brags about it in her book and in People Magazine spreads, etc. that she and her lawyers negotiated for Bristol Palin, while the daughter was still living under Sarah Palin’s (and wife, Todd’s) roof. And Sarah Palin’s unintelligent lumpenconservatariat supporters are just like these parents who ostracize anyone that has the guts to question and challenge this awful behavior.  And, actually, they are worse, because they want to send crap like this to the White House.

So, California Screaming and Skunky, you are right on target with your comments. Anyone who doesn’t realize that simply hasn’t been paying attention.

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66 Responses

I have a 11 yr old daughter who did cheerleading for the fordt time this year and so we didn’t know anything about the rules or regulations,no information was ever given o us and every time I asked I was given we don’t know,we don’t have thay info yet or just tols nothing. So i went to a web site and sent an email to thwe lesuge hoping to get someone to give me some answers to my questions and concerns.And thr response i got back floored me after reading my messaeg I later got a call from a coach(not even sure if that’s her title still)and she threated to kick my daughter off of the team because i was trying to get info on my own cause no one would even give me any answers.Needless to say I did what I could to change her mind only for my daughter because she was loving it so much and finally found somethind she wa loving to do.As weeks went on they still wern’t very helpful and now the had a chip on thier shoulders.Our girls made it to regional championships and at this event my daughter was very sick but still showed up did her routine and asked if shr could stay with me and rest till the awards later that day(was an 8 hr day)they said fine but she wouldn’t be able to get back in with out a coach.As the day went on and they were getting ready to do awards I asked them if they could come get her and they said NO. They didn’t let her join the the awards ceremoney and she was so hurt and cried and said she would never go back to that team.My heart broke for her and still hurts for her.They shouln’t be aloud to traek our children like this EVER.I will be making a major stand for my daughter and all who have been hurt by these leagues.My daughter went out of her way to learn all of the cheers and has done her best for them all season and that is the way they treated her.I DON”T THINK SO!!!!

Jena on November 15, 2010 at 6:09 pm

Thanks Deb…Good one. I’m glad that you made that point about Sarah Palin. I thought I was the only one with that take on her. She also has the hypocritical hunter’s moralilty of lurking behind trees for purposes of blowing away unsuspecting animals on any given Saturday (…nothing against guns, or gun ownership)–then going to church the following Sunday. In spite of my A-Z disgust with Obama from moment one, that cost McCain a vote.
Parenting, like most American pursuits, isn’t driven by observations, intelligence, or love; but ego: “What the hell–I did the same thing when I was a kid,” / “Well–ya know, they’re gonna do it anyway.” I’m amazed by the egoistic discussions of parents who take such pride in their kid being up for cheerleaders or varsity, and can’t get enough of bragging about their kids’ athletic accomplishments. How often do you hear a parent take pride in their kid’s community service, or taking some after school time to tutor a few younger kids? Naah…Not cool. American parents strangely seem to want to see their young athletically and presentationally improved, relative to their own school days, but not morally improved.
I agree that morality (aka Self-discipline) is the key to it all; but the quandary is that 50% of us–the left (Jeez-what a thought that half of us are complete A-holes) don’t believe in morality, or only that which personally serves their involvements, and the other 50% is largely comprised of boneheads who think morality comes from some religious book….Ya hadda get me started, right Deb…………Have a great weekend, Debbie…….pb

shegundala on July 1, 2011 at 11:52 am

These schools as a whole are completely useless and home schooling is the way to go. Once I home schooled my whole attitude changed. I couldn’t stand the people in the school system as the were phoney communists with an obscene agenda.
In my opinion, I think people who put their children in public schools are absolutely psycho. It is like saying: Here screw my kid up. These parents did a good job regardless, and I know they probably feel beat up, but if they tell the school to shove it next year, I think they would feel much better.

Al Thompson on May 11, 2012 at 12:25 am

That cheer has been used for years. It was used by my friends when we were in school. The wolverines are not with any schools.

Wolverine cheerleader mom on August 11, 2016 at 6:40 pm

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