November 30, 2006, - 4:59 pm

Good News on New Moms: Attention, ICE Princess

By Debbie Schlussel
Today’s Wall Street Journal features a story with this headline:

More New Mothers Are Staying Home Even When It Causes Financial Pain

Yes, in a good reversal of a bad, long-term trend, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the seven-year trend of new mothers dropping out of the work force is even broader than previously thought and extends to all strata of American society (regardless of income and education level).
Among the reasons given:

* Desire to nurture babies in their first years
* Poor quality of available child care


* Lack of extended maternity leave
* Lack of flexible return-to-work options
* Decision to switch to a more family-friendly career

All reasons why mothers simply shouldn’t be in the workforce, period.
Unfortunately, none of these conditions exists with new mom The ICE Princess a/k/a Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) unqualified chieftess Julie L. Myers. When you’re the politically-connected boss of a failed government agency, you can set the rules for yourself and your fellow cronies and let the taxpayers foot the bill.
Still, since she doesn’t care about the country, we’d hope The ICE Princess would care a tad about her kid and stay home from ICE . . . forever, now that her progeny is spawned.

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One Response

Family must come first. If there is no urgent need for the woman to work, then she would do her kids a big favor by staying home and taking care of them while they are young.
As for these women who are working for the sole purpose of challenging men or controlling them (because -in my opinion- they are suffering from inferiority complex or mental illness), or to prove that they “can do it too and are better than men,” these women can suck on it.
I have no problem with working women as long as they are not doing it to challenge men because I believe in equality at the work place. There is nothing wrong with honest living…for both sexes.
But, family should come first.

Independent Conservative on November 30, 2006 at 8:06 pm

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