December 5, 2006, - 1:36 pm

UPDATE: Fitness USA, Allah’s Gym–There’s More to the Story

By Debbie Schlussel
This morning, I posted about the latest episode in the continuing Islamist whining toward–and dhimmification of–Fitness USA a/k/a “Allah’s Gym.” The story in The Detroit Newsistan was that a Muslim woman was trying to pray at the gym and got angry when a) someone interrupted her prayer and b) the gym’s manager told her that others did not need to respect “your god.” Over this, there is a whole “investigation” by both the dhimmified gym and Islamist groups.
Well, as with everything involving Islamist troublemakers, there is far more to the story. Here’s what I received from the Islamist ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) in the Detroit area (headed by “former” Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad). You have to read between the lines, but it sounds like Wardeh Sultan, the Palestinian Muslim chick, got in the way in the women’s locker room and picked a fight with the women trying to get around her.


“Former” Terrorist Imad Hamad, Muslim Chicks Whine about Fitness USA

(Hamadafat courtesy of Preston Taylor Holmes/Six Meat Buffet)

It appears that Sultan objected to other gym members’ exercise of free speech. It also appears that the whiny Muslim chick refused to identify herself to gym management and was being so disruptive, she was asked to leave and the police were called. The police arrived and questioned Sultan, and she was forced to leave.
And it looks like from the language used (“claimant”) that lawyers are already involved and a lawsuit is already being prepared:

ADC Michigan Concerned with Allegations Against Fitness USA
ADC Michigan is seriously concerned with a number of complaints that have been filed at its office, against Dearborn Fitness USA. Most recently, two female Muslim members were harassed by patrons and Fitness staff as they attempted to pray in the locker room. According to the information that ADC has received from the claimants and witnesses, the women were praying near the lockers when another patron began to make remarks and proceeded to push them. One of the claimants reported the incident. However, according to the claimant, the desk manager, rather than address the matter professionally, told the claimant that “she does NOT HAVE to respect your God, but you HAVE to respect her.” She then proceeded to ask the claimant for her card.
The claimant told the manager that she has done nothing wrong and refused to give her the card in fear of what she may do with it. The manager subsequently called the police and stated the claimant was “creating a disturbance and was asked to leave.” The claimant explained that she had not yelled, threatened, touched, or caused a disturbance, but rather brought the matter to the attention of the manager to explain what had happened to her. After being questioned by the police, the claimant left feeling fearful, humiliated and discriminated against. ADC Michigan is concerned with the inappropriate and unprofessional manner that this matter was handled and has requested that this matter is immediately addressed.

Welcome to the Islamist litigation explosion. As I asked right after 9/11, “Will Radical Islam Sue You?”
Contact Fitness USA and tell the gym not to bow to Islamic extremism.

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10 Responses

It’s another “Imams” story.
And you will see many of stories like these coming up in the news.
Because American Idiots are allowing it to happen.
The American idiots are falling into the Islamic trap. I wrote previously about the Muslims’ plot to take over America. And stories like this one are part of it.
This bitch and all Muslims should have never entered America.
As you well know, this Bush administration is distributing visa, as if it’s a charity festival, to more Muslims than any U.S. administration has ever given before September 11, 2001.
America is shooting herself, not in the foot, but in the heart.
But I guess nobody is listening, nobody can see the danger or feel it.
America will wake up after one of her big cities disappear and few millions have their limbs cut off.
Then and only then when it’s too late, America will realize that being the “strongest, most powerful, the only superpower nation on earth” doesn’t mean that she’s the smartest nation on earth.
I know the danger, you know it too because we are smart. The rest of the American people will find it out for themselves the hard way.

Independent Conservative on December 5, 2006 at 2:44 pm

Muslims continuously evoke the phrase “religious intolerance” against them.
It is illegal in the homeland of Islam, Saudi Arabia, for a church to exist.
Islam is the most religiously intolerant “religion” on the face of the earth, and it is LIBERAL AMERICANS who let Muslims get away with calling US religiously intolerant.
THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. In the Muslim world, facts rarely matter. And in Liberal America, Muslims can do no wrong.
It is the sickest thing I have ever seen in all my 39 years.

ddhinnyc on December 5, 2006 at 3:13 pm

I think on Sunday I’ll take a drive down there with a chalice of wine and communion wafers and ask where I can set up an altar to give and receive holy communion.

MarySJ on December 5, 2006 at 4:02 pm

The usual tone deaf islamist bs. Fortunately they can’t restrain themselves from trying to impose Ismlamic supremacy immediately and are setting themselves up for a public backlash.
I advise them to continue filing frivolous lawsuits and promoting them dishonestly in the media. The public is catching on and you can tell from the opinion polls that Americans are getting pretty fed up with Muslims. They keep trying to turn everyday situations that have nothing to do with civil rights into the muslim Rosa Parks/Alabama bus boycott. Ask the gays how that’s working out for them, before the judiciary started legislating for them and they smelled blood in the water and started demanding more and more special rights/privelages they were on their way to getting gay marraige probably within a decade or two. Now it aint gonna happen in 50 years.
Mark my words, muslims are approaching a time when their friends in the media won’t be able to shield them from the public scorn they so richly deserve. Any significant act of Islamic terrorism would be plenty to push it over the edge.

Big E on December 5, 2006 at 4:41 pm

First: Thank you Debbie Schlussel for this great website – you’re one of the 21’st century’s great patriots. Keep screaming at that Sleeping Giant Deb!!!
I think America is under attack. Not just by the Muslims, but the illegal aliens segment too. They cry foul but come from a country with laws that would just as soon crush them into the ground(and us)as breathe. I wish I could blame these recent incidents on cultural differences, but there is too much organization and legal / political representation for this to be a bunch of ?isolated incidents?. As disturbing as this, is the fact that our media has looked the other way if not choosing to actually supporting their cause. And though all these pieces add up to something that really stinks, it seems few Americans are concerned if even aware. What will it take for people to see what is happening? Is Europe not a good enough example of what is in our future? IF we let these initial incidents gain footing within our legal framework, we?re as forked as a baked potato. God Help Us!!

Elephas Maximus on December 5, 2006 at 7:07 pm

So, the complainent was blocking the way to the lockers that the other patrons needed to get to, in order to dress or put up stuff? That’s what I am gathering. Thus, calling somebody on their inconsiderate rudeness and hogging of space in a communal room is a civil rights violation?
Such narcissistic arrogance!

Sue Bob on December 5, 2006 at 9:51 pm

I know this Hindu guy who used to jack off on the prayer rugs of his Muslim roommates 🙂 The day before he vacated his apartment, he jacked off on his roommates’ Koran…
There was a time when he used to be respectful to Muslims. Then, when he started studying for his undergrad degree in India in a Mozlum college, he had to abide by a bunch of crazy ancient Arabia type rules which included squatting while peeing, not eating non-halal meat, and the college management even dictated his lifestyle outside of college! He was punished for bringing lunch to college during Ramadan, and another time, punished because someone spotted him in a bar drinking beer. All this in India… His attitude changed after 4 years, and he’s been returning all the crap back to Mozlums now.
His days of soiling the prayer rug and Koran are over and he’s now somewhere in Chicago planning to study law next year.

anonymous twit on December 5, 2006 at 10:42 pm

Thanks, Deb! And thanks to all above. islam is not a religion, it is a political and military machine., that only “prays” for victory, and death to infidels. These probings into our weaknesses are only the beginning. Little “tests” or “introductions” to sharia law. The recent airport incident, this gym incident… There were more in the past and many more to come. World domination is their only goal, and in this they are both patient and devious. They will use our own culture against us. Our laws, our media, our multicultural leaders, lawyers and activists are their unknowing puppets. Independent Conservative is correct. Would it be clearer to us all, and the world, if they wore swastika armbands? Or crescent moon armbands? No diff. We would have no apologies to make if we likewise denied entry or deported all muslims as spies or enemy combatants. Don’t ever feel guilty about denying their claims of religous oppression. That is their lie, and their cover story. It is not religion. Be resolute, and give ’em the boot.

jeebie on December 5, 2006 at 10:59 pm

What I don’t understand is why you’d want to pray in a locker room. It’s not exactly the cleanest or most appropriate place to pray when the praying is done on the floor.
You mentioned in a previous post that the gym’s dress code is being altered to “allow Muslim women to dress more modestly.” Since when does anyone have to be “allowed” to dress modestly? I have never seen a dress code anywhere (except maybe a strip club) that said women had to dress scantily or provocatively. If you are not Muslim, can you also dress modestly or must you wear Daisy Duke shorts?

AirborneVet on December 6, 2006 at 4:02 pm

P.S. To ther person who mentioned setting up an altar and receiving communion at the gym: DO you think we’d be allowed to conduct baptisms in their pool? Hee Hee.

AirborneVet on December 6, 2006 at 4:03 pm

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