December 6, 2006, - 9:27 am

“High-Class” Hatas in Ann Arbor: Even Lefty Politicians Want Them Banned

By Debbie Schlussel
When I was an undergrad at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, my dad and I used to refer to both U-M and A2 as “Moscow on the Huron.” Sorry, Moscow–a big apology is owed to you.
The latest Ann Arbor news is that of the “classy” Israel Hatas (haters, in real English). Reader Night Rider tips us off to the antics of far-left, anti-Israel, pro-Iran activist Blaine Coleman. Coleman displayed a “F-CK Israel” sign at Monday Night’s televised Ann Arbor City Council meeting, at which boy scouts from a local elementary school were guests.
We’re glad that the boy scouts got some lessons while they’re young. The lessons:

How NOT to lobby for your cause. Ann Arbor is full of nutjobs, who cheer on America’s enemies, like Iran. Those nutjobs are mostly on the far left. Some of them were born Jewish by accident of birth, but that doesn’t give their anti-Israel, anti-American views any more validity (probably less). Mental health experts can’t help them. They rage and rage and rage. And get arrested and arrested and arrested. They can’t control their behavior. It doesn’t get them far. Even their fellow lefties on the Ann Arbor City Council denounce them. Freedom of speech ain’t absolute. You can’t be disruptive. You’ll get arrested.

Three cheers for my friend, Ann Arbor Police Chief Rev. Dr. Barnett Jones, and his able handling of this idiot. More on this moonbat eruption from the Ann Arbor News:

Anti-Israel activist Blaine Coleman was arrested Monday night after he walked into an ongoing Ann Arbor City Council meeting carrying a sign that read “F— Israel” and stood in front of a group of visiting Boy Scouts from Lawton Elementary School.
Coleman was quickly approached by Ann Arbor Police Lt. Mike Logghe, and was physically led out after he resisted leaving the meeting. . . .
It was the second time in the last five days that Coleman has been arrested for disruptive behavior. He was among three people arrested after police said they ignored warnings to stop disrupting a speaker at the University of Michigan on Thursday evening.
Coleman, who is Jewish, has a history of disrupting council meetings with his criticism of Israel and its treatment of Palestinians. But his conduct has stepped up recently in the four years he’s been speaking before the City Council trying to get the city to pass a resolution urging the United States to divest from Israel.
Logghe said Coleman was arrested and later released. Possible charges will be reviewed by the city attorney, and could include accusations of disorderly conduct and disturbing a public meeting, Logghe said.
“Clearly, he was instructed to leave and refused,” Logghe said. “I took hold of him and removed him from the council chambers.”
After Coleman was led away, several council members said it may be time to consider banning him from future meetings for a specified period of time. They said the council rules would give them that power.
Council Member Wendy Woods, D-5th Ward, said she would consider such action.
“He’s gone past the point of decency,” Woods said. “They (the public) don’t need to see that junk.”

Amen. Finally some sense of decency and decency standards in Ann Arbor. Wonders never cease.

During a break in the meeting, Council Member Bob Johnson said he wouldn’t consider banning Coleman, but Mayor John Hieftje said that option should be open.
“I don’t know, Bob,” Hieftje said. “If you have someone disrupt your meeting every time, why not prevent him from coming?”
“That’s a reasonable argument,” Johnson said.
The council made no decision on Coleman on Monday. . . .
When contacted after his release from police custody, Coleman wouldn’t comment other than to repeat his accusations against Israel.
“Israel is killing Palestine and Lebanon, and is trying to kill Iran, too. That’s why City Council has a duty to divest from that racist state of Israel now. Look, Israel just dropped 1 million cluster bombs on Lebanon last summer.”

Cheering on Hezbos, too. Only in America.

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4 Responses

Blaine Coleman could do the world a favor by traveling to Gaza and meeting the same demise as Rachel Corrie did. Viva la Killdozer!

Yiddish Steel on December 6, 2006 at 12:58 pm

OT: Speaking of Ann Arbor, Dr. Sanity has an insightful (as usual) psychoanalytical take on those who want us to “dialogue” with Iran and Syria.
Brava, Doc!

PMarc on December 6, 2006 at 2:51 pm

    I don’t see why dialogue with Iran or Syria is a bad idea. They might pose a threat to Israel, yes. But a threat to Israel is not the same as a threat to the US. The American military has realized this and is trying to put more distance between the US and Israel, for the sake of our national security and the safety of our soldiers.

    Rob on March 24, 2010 at 11:06 pm

      On what planet do you live, Rob? Iran considers America to be the Great Satan and if America threw Israel under the bus if would still despise America for everything that makes it America, from women’s rights through democracy to haircuts and music. Shiite Iran is a threat to the neighbouring Sunni Arab states and America will be dragged in, if it wants to or not, should it attempt to reverse history and attack oil rich allies in the region. It might even be a direct threat. How difficult would it be to put a nuclear weapon on a ship and sail it into New York harbour?

      Syria has been the sponsor of terrorism around the world and should the rebels win al Qaeda will be leading them. Which is the greater threat?

      BTW If the American military is distancing itself that would be big news. The United States has stored military equipment in Israel since the early 1990s and may store additional equipment in Israel when withdrawing from Iraq. In October 2012, United States and Israel conducted their biggest joint air and missile defense exercise, known as Austere Challenge 12. What makes you think there is any friction?

      David Guy on June 10, 2013 at 6:51 pm

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