September 24, 2010, - 11:58 am

Muslim Bomber: Apparently From Hezbollah; Chicago Tax Funds for Saudi Islamo-Fest

By Debbie Schlussel

On Monday, Sami Samir Hassoun, a Chicago resident and Lebanese national, was charged in federal court for trying to blow up what he believed was a bomb in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood near Wrigley Field.  He was set up by an FBI informant at the FBI’s instruction, and the FBI created the fake bomb.


Who is Sami Samir Hassoun & Why Did the FBI Target Him?

And, if you read the criminal complaint and accompanying affidavit from FBI Special Agent Samuel Hartman as I did, it raises several questions the FBI isn’t answering or is deliberately obfuscating:

*  Who is Sami Samir Hassoun, and why did the FBI specifically choose him as a target?

*  Why are Chicago taxpayers funding a Muslim-dominated festival also sponsored by the Saudi and Jordanian governments?

Hassoun is a 22-year-old Lebanese national, who has been in the U.S. for three years and is a “lawful permanent resident,” which apparently means he has a green card and was on his way to getting U.S. citizenship.  Although the federal documents don’t say so, I can tell from his name that he is also a Shi’ite Muslim, which means he’s very likely a Hezbollah supporter.  Statements in the affidavit also indicate his family is likely involved in Hezbollah.  And, despite the FBI’s public claim (like all of its other phony denials in terrorism cases) that Hassoun was not “connected with any terrorist group,” it’s clear the agency knows otherwise.

The affidavit states that an FBI informant who speaks Arabic was specifically assigned by the FBI, probably by Agent Hartman or his supervisor, “to meet and befriend” Hassoun and report back on the “friendship” and associated communications.  But the document does not indicate why an informant was assigned specifically to befriend and entice Hassoun into planning terrorist attacks on America.  The FBI doesn’t just assign informants to befriend and convince Muslim targets to plan terrorist attacks.  There simply aren’t enough informants, and the FBI is more intent on politically correct pandering to Muslims than it is on targeting them.  Clearly, the FBI must have known Mr. Hassoun was somehow tied to Islamic terrorist groups–in this case, Hezbollah–and wanted to stop him from his path to citizenship.  The affidavit also does not state how and why Hassoun came to America and the reasons he was granted a green card (other than Citizenship and Immigration Services rubber-stamping of green card applications, including those of Muslims).

Agent Hartman states that Hassoun said he

received a package from relatives in Lebanon that . . . contained an Arabic language manual on how to construct non-traceable explosives . . . [and] certain metal parts to be used in the construction of an explosive device . . . .  [H]e claimed that his relatives would send additional parts.

Sounds like a Hezbollah family to me.  In a footnote, agent Hartman writes that Hassoun said he was devising a toy that explodes.

Also, among Hassoun’s targets–in addition to poisoning our water supply and getting Mayor Richard Daley–was the Chicago Arabesque Festival, one of Mayor Daley’s Islamo-Pandering projects.  I did a little research into this “festival,” and discovered it is a Muslim-dominated event paid for by the City of Chicago and was co-sponsored by the Saudi Arabian and Jordanian governments, both Sunni governments. All of the people running it have Islamic names and  a video posted below shows many of the women in attendance wearing hijabs (Islamic headscarves).  Vendors at the event include the HAMAS charities Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and the United Holy Land Fund.

In the indictment, the FBI informant is described as surprised that Hassoun would target “Arab people.”  It appears that the FBI–specifically Agent Hartman and which ever Assistant U.S. Attorney he is working with– is fudging the translation for the political correctness of the criminal complaint, since Arab Muslims wouldn’t care about killing fellow “Arabs,” but they would look down on killing fellow Muslims.  (The words “Islam” and “Muslim” don’t appear in the indictment, so it’s pretty clear which religion the feds are trying to whitewash.) But the Arabesque is sponsored by two Sunni governments, along with dumb American infidels, and a Shi’ite–especially one associated with Hezbollah–would have no problem hitting those targets.

And there are questions about the Chicago Arabesque Festival.  In his affidavit, FBI Agent Hartman downplays what this is:  a tax-funded party for and promotion of Muslims using the cover name, “Arab.”  That’s what they do at Arab festivals all over the country.  Dearborn’s “Arab American Festival” does the same thing.  But it is not about Arabs.  It’s about MUSLIM Arabs and Arab MUSLIMS.  Same thing, here.

But Agent Hartman calls it,

a non-religious, non-political festival sponsored by the Chicago Commission on Human Relations Advisory Council on Arab Affairs that was designed to promote public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the cultural heritage of the Arab world.

Does a festival sponsored by the Saudi and Jordanian governments sound “non-religious” and “non-political” to you? Only if you’re a moron. And Agent Hartman is no moron. He knows better.

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations Advisory Council on Arab Affairs is a Muslim-dominated commission, promoting Muslims (NOT Christian Arabs), paid for with Chicago tax dollars. The few Christians on the commission are pan-Muslim in their outlook, their politics, their behavior.  The commission board members are shown on the commission’s website, posing with Jim Zogby of the openly pro-HAMAS, pro-Hezbollah Arab American Institute.  To say that anything connected with this commission is “non-political” is an extremely naive or knowingly false statement.

This tax-funded commission is unconstitutional, bigoted, and totally absurd that any tax dollars would go to promote this. But, after 9/11, that’s all the rage. Aside from that, how does Chicago have the money–in these tough times–to spare for promoting pan-Arabism, while people in Chicago are on the streets and going hungry?

Don’t ask me, but perhaps Mr. Hassoun didn’t have such a bad idea about bombing the thing (though he said his “bomb” there would be just a diversionary, minor explosion before a major explosion elsewhere).  But he went with Wrigleyville, instead.

Still, how did Mr. Hassoun get here, why he was here, and why did the FBI choose him as a target?  I think I’ve hinted at the answers in my analysis above.  But the questions remain.  And, clearly, the FBI isn’t telling us the whole–or the real–story.

There are many more Sami Samir Hassouns in our midst, whom the FBI isn’t targeting.  And that’s the scary part.  Even scarier is that American taxpayers–who give Chicago a great deal of money–are forced to fund a “festival” promoting the culture  and “understanding” of his fellow extremist Muslims.

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14 Responses

Probably wanted to target the dancing! There is no fun in Islam after all.

CJ on September 24, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Shiite and Sunni Muslims can cooperate against the infidels as has been noted in the past. They have no problem working together against Israel, as Iran’s embrace of the Sunni Hamas shows.

But they will also kill each other over doctrinal differences that have never been resolved to this day, when no one is watching them.

Then there’s Aafia Siddiqui, just sentenced yesterday to 86 years in prison for trying to kill American soldiers on behalf of Al Qaeda. When it comes to terrorism, there’s no difference between Muslims and Muslimas.

And we keep importing more of them here and even worse our tax dollars are being used to promote their extremist ideology – Islam.

The victories – like yesterday’s are going to be few and between.

America is on the whole, losing the war against Islam.

NormanF on September 24, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Norm – if daddy Bush hadn’t listened to the UN (United Abominations – a Megadeth tune) and let Schwarzkopf sweep all the way north past Baghdad to the Syrian, Turkish and Iranian borders, we might not have the mess that we are in now. That action may have put some more fear into the muslims to not mess with the US, but now we will never know. We had all the tanks, artillary and grunts to get the job done quickly and we squandered the opportunity. Daddy Bush needed to grow a pair of bigger ones, and W needed to just carpet bomb the sh#t out of Iraq until they unconditionally surrendered.

Jarhead on September 24, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Go Jarhead!

    Angie on September 24, 2010 at 10:06 pm

We’ve seen the occupation of Iraq that just ended brought us a country that will probably fall into the Iran orbit. And the sectarian unrest instigated by both Syria and Iran ensure it will be no threat to them for a long time to come. And democracy in Iraq has gone nowhere in the face of its politicians refusal to compromise for the country’s good.

I think in removing Saddam Hussein, all America did was to exchange one evil for another one.

NormanF on September 24, 2010 at 2:15 pm



    Customs Forever on September 27, 2010 at 10:37 am

Thanks for clarifying the situation. When the news first broke, the Fed’s story made no sense. How could this 22 year old individual be working alone? The hezbollah connection makes sense. Seems like the Feds entrapped this lone individual while the other seditious traitors run loose. G-d help us all, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has no “balls” to go after the bad guys.

BK on September 24, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    The FBI seldom goes after the real terror support network in this country. The extremist Muslims that staff and lead it.

    It prefers to have people believe there isn’t a problem and if it is its an isolated one, like with the arrest this week of Sami Samir Hassoun. There is no effort made to connect all the dots. After all, the vast majority of American Muslims really are moderate.

    And if you believe that, you’re as much of a moron as the people in the FBI who don’t want to see the real danger here almost a decade after 9/11 happened.

    NormanF on September 24, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    They sure looked like they were having a good time, when I was growing up I lived in a syrian-Americn neigborhood , lebanese too. There was a group of guys that belonged ot an Org. called SYMA, Syrian young mens associastion.They were Christians, mostly catholics.I used to go to their dances with my girlfriend who was half Lebanese and half Hungarian. We had great times with them, Paul Anka was only 17 or 18 and he ang there once in awhile. , but these people, who can trust them? They are always pushing their religion in your face, trying to get you to join , why are we bringing them here is the big question, our troops are still dying right now over there and yet we bring them here? When something terrible happnes , and it will, who will they blame? They have no right to do it. These people can never be trusted, this is not a religion of peace, I dont’ care what they wear or how good they cook. The food is delicious too, at least the syrian food was. I have no idea what muslims eat.

    MadHatter on September 26, 2010 at 4:40 am

Look at the guy! He coulda been the heir apparent to Andrew Dice Clay! He coulda been something, ‘stead of a muzzie martyr wannabe!

Graty Slapchop on September 24, 2010 at 3:41 pm

The hardcore Muslims absolutely prohibit all music and dancing.
What a crock this whole tax-payer funded “festival” is.
This the sanitized version of Islam that is presented to the ignorant West.

There isn’t a single Arab country that would allow such a display to take place.
The women in tank tops would be beaten by the police for going out in public like that.

They should have also segregated the sexes to give a more authentic feel for being in the middle East.
Stoning a few adulterers and beheading some Christian converts would have also given the attendees a better feel for Arab culture.

smg45acp on September 25, 2010 at 9:37 am

Debbie, I bet that if the Islamists were right wing white people, we’d see a lot more arrests and media attention. You’d think these are rare, isolated, unrelated incidents the way this gets covered.

A1 on September 25, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Norm, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. That’s like saying there was a moderate Nazi.

Dennis McCroskey on September 26, 2010 at 8:02 pm

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