December 14, 2006, - 4:07 pm

QUICK QUIZ: Which ’08 Presidential Hopeful Said This . . .

By Debbie Schlussel
. . . About the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games, for which we paid over $300 million in U.S. tax money for security?:

Around the world it was like, ‘Boy, those Americans, always beating their chests.’ This is not our time to talk about how great America is. It’s not designed to be a patriotic American display.

I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Not Barack Hussein Obama. Not even Al Gore. And not a Democrat, at all.
Here’s another hint: Mitt Happens. And he uttered these words–attacking his fellow Americans–to the Guardian UK, a foreign newspaper, in 2002.


Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney: Mitt Happens . . .

But Hopefully Not to the White House

Yup, Mitt Romney, who wants our votes for President, made that anti-American statement about the Olympics, a statement that sounds like it could have come from Hillary’s mouth or Susan Sarandon’s. Or any America hater’s mouth.
And by the way, Romney–who headed up the organizing committee for the 2002 Salt Lake Games–refused to have an Olympic memorial ceremony for the slain Israeli athletes who were murdered at the Munich Games in 1972. But he managed to find $28 million to waste on the opening for the opening ceremonies of the Games. And he wasted millions more on a stupid choreographed memorial to Olympian Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo), whose death–unlike that of the Munich Israelis–had nothing to do with the Olympics.
From my February 12, 2002 column:

Our tax-money coupled with exorbitant ticket prices will fund things like the $2 million twisted glass Olympic cauldron and a $291 million system to gather competition results for the media and fans. IBM, a past Olympic sponsor, decided it wasn’t worth paying for this time around, so now we get to be the lucky “investors,” along with Gateway computers which donated $20 million worth of cable.
Millions will also be spent wining and dining sponsors’ bigwig executives–money that could be better used to offset our “contributions”–you know, the $315 million security allocation the Congress granted the Olympics. President Bush, who attended Harvard Business School with 2002 Winter Games chief Mitt Romney, supports that allocation. Romney’s haphazard spending is not the fiscal conservatism and responsibility he preached in his 1994 run for the U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy.
Certainly security is more important since September 11th. But why should we Americans–not Olympic sponsors and the well-paid US Olympic Committee–pay for it, especially when Romney won’t scale down Olympic spending, including the $28 million opening ceremony and an exorbitant, commissioned Alvin Ailey choreographed dance tribute to the late Florence Griffith Joyner? There isn’t even a bidding process to scale down costs. More money was blown on his choice of sand “legacy bricks” that disintegrated in cold weather and twice building the Utah Olympic Oval after screw-ups. It’s this waste of our money that led to the brisk sale of 2,500 “Mitt Happens” pins in Salt Lake. . . .
Romney claims the Games may break even. Maybe, for him and other Olympic bigwigs. For the rest of us, it’s a total bust.

And a Romney Presidency will be a total bust, too. He’s not a conservative. Just a phony who badly wants to be Prez and will say anything to get there.
Yup, Mitt Happens. But he won’t happen to get my vote. American chest-beating and talking about how great America is, is never off-limits or inappropriate.
Anyone who thinks so is off-limits and inappropriate as our Commander-in-Chief.
**** UPDATE: More Mitt Happens–Check out ****

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9 Responses

I do not vote for people who change their mind because they want to be elected. They are qualified in my book as hypocrites and liars.
I do not vote for people who are so full of themselves, they run for office for the only purpose of being more powerful.
I do not vote for the butt-kissers, the hypocrites, the liars, the inexperienced, the weak, the Liberals-Socialists-Communists-Democrats, the America-haters and the traitors.
I vote for the opposite of all of the above. Plus, my candidate has to be a strong Conservative on all issues.
Is there any Conservative in the room?

Independent Conservative on December 14, 2006 at 5:06 pm

Thank you for the info on Mitt Romney. I was wondering if I would have held my nose and voted for him. I’m not sure–I guess I’m a bigot but Mormonism is cult-like in my opinion. Now I know not to vote for that opportunist.

lexi on December 14, 2006 at 7:05 pm

Debbie–a suggestion–use the picture of Romney from I think it better conveys the sleaziness of this Mass lib. I am glad you are outing this fake. Thanks. That linked web site covers the main bases pretty well. What a piece of liberal work.
Don’t you love how Michigan’s Canadian imported Granholm is using this bozo and Mass for how she now wants to do Michigan health care? Sure,let’s guarantee everyone can get health care at low rates–Pulleze. Yeah, that’s how every liberal entitlement starts out. This man scares the heck out of me.

BB on December 14, 2006 at 11:09 pm

Debbie, can you help?
US Justice Dept Should Prosecute 6 Flying Imams
So much has been written about the 6 Flying Imams who were taken off the plane in Minneapolis last month. Many think the entire affair was staged by the Imams. We also read that Imams supported by CAIR are looking for an out of court settlement with US Airlines.
The way I see it if the Imams orchestrated this event, then it would mean that they conspired (possibly with others) to disrupt airline travel. That has to be a crime under the US Criminal Code. Question: Why aren’t we reading that the US Justice Dept has commenced an investigation of the Imams? This is serious stuff.
How can we get the Justice Dept to act?

sparrow on December 14, 2006 at 11:18 pm

“I do not vote for people who are so full of themselves, they run for office for the only purpose of being more powerful.”
Do you see the irony here? You don’t like people who are full of themselves, and one of the reasons you don’t like Romney is, apparently, because he told people they shouldn’t act all conceited and full of themselves!
“American chest-beating and talking about how great America is, is never off-limits or inappropriate.”
How about “counterproductive”? Is it counterproductive?
If you go around telling everybody “I’m the best in the world and compared to me, you’re nothing,” they are going to resent it. It’s a great way to burn bridges, to make people say “OK you arrogant prick, you think you’re so great, the next time you need help with something, you’re on your own pal.”
America isn’t self-sufficient. It needs oil, for one thing. What happens if, by “thumping our chests”, we annoy those on whom we’re dependent for oil? What happens if, by “thumping our chests”, we annoy people we need to borrow money from now that we have this gigantic national deficit?
I’m not saying it’s a good idea to go to the opposite extreme and say “We’re an awful country, we can’t hold a candle to all these other nations, we oughtta be ashamed of ourselves.” I’m saying that modesty and tact are gonna go a lot further in regaining the world’s trust–and yes, we DO need the world to trust us–than arrogance and narcissism. Being modest about one’s accomplishments is NOT the same as hating oneself.
Just because a country is the only remaining superpower in the world doesn’t mean it has to gloat.

Rob Brown on December 15, 2006 at 2:10 am

Just some random thawts about Mr. Romney, the Olympics, and assorted social issues:
“Around the world it was like, ‘Boy, those Americans, always beating their chests.’ This is not our time to talk about how great America is. It’s not designed to be a patriotic American display.”
I think that Romney hit the nail on the head. The Olympics is NOT designed to be a political advertisement, in fact, just the opposite is true. Leave that kind of self-serving political display to the ChiComs upcoming in Beijing. You know, a country that really DOES need to prove to the rest of the world how important they are.
Romney was given the reins in Salt Lake City to clean up the financial mess caused by his fellow Mormons who were filling their pockets with cash while supposedly trying to put on a good athletic show. For pulling that off, he gets my approval.
As for his flip-flopping on abortion, I too have changed my views over the years re: this issue. Does that make ME self-serving? Methinks not as I have nothing to gain – except of course the spiritual satisfaction in knowing that sometimes, in the end, good does prevail.
Having grown up around Mormons in Arizona, I must say that I have an informed opinion about them. I have also read as much of the “Book of Mormon” as I could digest both intellectually and spiritually. They’re kooks. Just wait: In public debate you will see Romney back off from the most ridiculous assertions in his holy book – a book I might add that Mormons conveniently revise when it suits thier political and/or financial interests. That strikes me as more than a little disingenuous.
Mormons, much like Muslims, have a long history (only 170 years in the case of Mormons) of treating their women and children like chattel. This has led the “Latter Day Saints” into many courts after being accused of abuse. The “Bishops” in the Mormon Church act very much like Muslims imposing Sharia law. They prefer to keep their indiscretions in-house while trying to pretend that the secular authorities just don’t understand their “culture”.
In sum, I would no sooner vote for a Mormon than I would a Muslim. Hmmmmm … Is it a coincidence that both religions have 6 letters? (chuckle)

Rocketman on December 15, 2006 at 7:53 am

The only time I’ve heard or seen Mitt Romney speak was during the opening ceremonies of the ’02 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake. He seemed fake.

Jeremiah on December 15, 2006 at 9:40 pm

Jeremiah. I am the author of the Islamic Threat Blog ( I am Mormon, American, anti-Islam, and I live in Utah. I immigrated to the US actually on the first day of those Olympics. I would like to correct you on a few point you and Debbie are making here.
First of all, the SLC Olympics under Romney was the only Olympics that ever produced a surplus. The State actually made a few million dollars after those Olympics and they went to education and charity.
Second, Mormons were not filling their pockets with case as you claim. The committee was trying to do what all other Olympic sponsors do to get the olympics, and that was to dine and wine the corrupt members of the International olympic committee. Actually what they did (arranging scholarships for the sons of committe members and adding a treadmill to the room of some members of the committee) was really lightweight compared to what other organizers did. The scandal, ignited by the MSM, used the Mormon involvement to sell magazines and TV spots. Scandals worse than that happen on every olympics and they always go by unmentioned.
Third, with all the love in my heart I assure you that Mormons are Christians. Jesus Christ is the head of our church. Go to ( for more knowledge. Comparing us to Islam is really a sad commentary on your understanding of both Islam and Mormonism because at every level they are the complete opposite.
Fourth, Debbie, conservatives stand by each other and I do not think that Romney deserves a lynching from you. His record in MA and in the olympics is quite impressive. As a Mormon I want you to know that one of our core beliefs is that the constitution of this country was inspired by none other but God. The Book of Mormon is a testament that this land was so sacred and special that the resurrected lord Jesus Christ appeared to its inhabitants and preached the Gospel to them. Mitt Romney believes these things and that is why I do not subscribe to your theory doubting his loyalties. Our church is totally anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality and for all conservative values. So I do not think that Romney is America-hating. I believe that he will be tougher on terror, more fiscally conservative and a better steward over this country than many Republicans. The right should give him a chance and hold him responsible to his platform and take it from there.

stevedecatur on December 19, 2006 at 3:18 pm

It’s human nature to put one’s best face forward. So Romney changed his mind. So what? He may not be ideal, but anyone HAS to be better than Obama who seems to be purposely ruining the country and the economy.

Renhar on July 29, 2012 at 2:34 am

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