December 15, 2006, - 2:47 pm

Could Bloomberg be the Ross Perot of ’08?; Blacks Oppose Alien Amnesty Even More Than Whites

By Debbie Schlussel
Today’s Wall Street Journal “Washington Wire” has two interesting items.
* The first is on immigration:

Hispanics strongly support Bush’s temporary-worker program for illegal immigrants. But 52% of whites and 59% of blacks express opposition.

Hear that, President Bush? Hear that, Congress? So why do Blacks oppose amnesty even more than Whites? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that many Black laborers have lost their jobs and business to the illegal alien worker problem.


The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent front page piece on this on Wednesday, “How Immigration Upended Dreams of an Entrepreneur,” about William and Starletta Hairston. Mr. Hairston hired illegal aliens for his thriving stucco business and made hundreds of thousands. But then they started their own stucco business and the competition of illegal alien wages drove him out of business.
* Remember when billionaire H. Ross Perot got 19% of the vote in 1992, just enough to usher Bill Clinton into office and George H.W. Bush out?
Well, 2008’s Ross Perot might just be liberal fake-Republican and Islamist-embracer, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, depending on who the Dem and GOP nominees are:

NYC’s Billionaire Liberal “GOP” Mayor Michael Bloomberg

An independent Bloomberg presidential bid, scoring among upscale independents, gives Clinton a 40%-39% edge over McCain in three-way 2008 race.

Yup, Bloomberg could lose it for the GOP. What is it about deranged, egomaniacal billionaires who need attention?

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6 Responses

Bloomberg is an unpleasant cold fish who only got where he did because he had money but more because the alternative was deranged liberals like mark green or freddy ferrer, the latter an idiot who went everywhere accompanied by al sharpton.
it’s be something like running for president against dennis kucinich or mckinney
that said bloomberg is savvy and good at using the media and bringing in niche groups on board, he split mexicans from puerto ricans to win the election against the puerto rican ferrer for example and he very effectively co-opted black radio
so he is not to be underestimated

sultan_knish on December 15, 2006 at 3:45 pm

Bloomberg is a jerk. He pissed me off when he impounded my cigarettes that I use to buy from overseas.
I live in California and used to get a heck of deal from a company in Europe. But Bloomberg the tyrant impounded my smokes for taxes. How he pulled this off is anyones guess.
The shipping company, DHL, landed in New York before shipping them across the nation by truck but the little Hitler impounded them all.
Some 20 million cartons and several million of us had our smokes impounded from this anti smoking Nazi.He sent me a letter demanding payment for NY taxes which I promptly filed in the waste basket.
I just want to know who ended up with all those cartons.
He does not have a chance getting elected outside of NY

ScottyDog on December 15, 2006 at 5:44 pm

A “Bloomberg factor” in ’08 (whether hat’s in the ring or just rumored to be) likely means a Lenora Fulani/Fred Newman-cult factor. It’s a quasi-Marxist, white-collar cult that is part-Scientology, part-Communist Party USA.
Bloomberg owes his political life to them and acts like it: since his first election victory in ’01 he’s directed piles of $ (public and his own) their way, openly and tacitly. Some of us former members pressured him to repudiate them in his ’05 campaign, but he wouldn’t budge.
(For DS readers who don’t know, in the early 90s I was a member of the (now defunct) New Alliance Party, of which Fulani was the nominal head. More info at
Thanks for the heads up, Debbie (and happy Hanukkah!)

Jeremiah on December 15, 2006 at 9:00 pm

I think the electorate learned a lesson about vote-splitting, independent lunatics like Perot – the second time around, he only garnered 8% of the popular vote. Bloomberg is just as nutty.
Bloomberg, a/k/a, The King of New York, was a liberal Democrap his entire life before he got bored with his business empire and wanted to occupy himself with politics. He switched to the Republican Party because he knew that he had no chance of surviving in a Democrap primary as an unknown going up against a large field of more popular candidates, and he had just one, weak opponent in the Republican primary – Herman Badillo (a former Congressman from NYC who also switched party affiliations at the same time, but was more qualified to run NYC than Bloomberg). Badillo was despised by the liberal NYC media because, not only did he have close ties to Giuliani, but more importantly, he left the Democrap Party.
After the Democrap nominee (Mark Green) imploded in the waning days of the campaign, Bloomberg was elected. BTW, Bloomberg ran as a moderate Republican, but reverted to his dyed-in-the-wool LIBERALISM after he got elected.
Bloomberg is well-liked by the LIBERAL media because he is one of them.
Bloomberg’s first priorities immediately after the election and then when he became mayor:
1. Publicly met with Al Sharpton several times to kiss his ample ass.
2. Raised property taxes by nearly 20%.
3. Raise NYC taxes on cigarettes from $.08 a pack to $1.50 a pack.
4. Raised water tax rates.
5. Obtained records from cigarette suppliers who shipped cigs to New Yorkers who tried to circumvent the new taxes, and then sent them tax notices.
6. Abandoned campaign promises of fiscal restraint and gave away the store to special interest groups, public employees, and other needless spending.
7. Outlawed smoking in all restaurants and bars.
8. Ordered the NYPD to issue as many tickets for the most ridiculous offenses in order to increase revenue (one guy in The Bronx was ticketed for sitting on a milk crate. A pregnant women was issued a summons for momentarily sitting down on the edge of a subway step to catch her breath).
9. Increased fines for parking violations, driving violations, sanitation violations, wants tolls on ALL NYC bridges, and instituted (later repealed) paying parking meters in the city on Sundays.
10. Sent NYPD detectives to Pennsylvania to secretly record New Yorkers buying fireworks (even sparklers are outlawed in NYC), then have them arrested once they crossed back into NYC.
11. Banned all restaurants and fast-food places form using cooking oils with transfats. This ban takes effect at various times over the next two years depending upon the restaurant establishment.
11. Supports gay marriage.
12. Against gun rights, yet, many of his friends in business and show-biz have right-to-carry permits.
13. Tried to silence Mister Softee ice cream trucks from playing the Mister Softee ice cream tune.
14. Condems the latest police shooting with Al Sharpton standing at his side, yet the investigation had not even begun.
15. As Debbie pointed out, he bends over backwards to embrace extremist Muzlums – notably, the NYPD Muzlum chaplain who made disparaging remarks against the U.S.
16. As poster, Jeremiah, pointed out; Bloomberg will not distance himself from black racist, and anti-Semite, Lenora Fulani.
17. He likes to boast about taking control of the NYC public school system, hence rescuing its students from a life of poverty and illiteracy. But that’s like the captain of the Titanic trying to reassure its passengers that everything is okay just because he grabs a bucket and starts to bail water.
18. He, along with Governor Pataki and Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno, let Ground Zero languish. It’s still a big hole in the ground.
19. He wants NYC to invest in 1 million more housing units and develop infrastructure, but he has killed every plan to build more electric generating plants in the city, even as its citizens suffer through annual power failures during the summer months that last for days.
20. He’s another thin-skinned politician who can’t take honest criticism.
After he first got elected, his approval rating was 32%. But, because of people’s short memory span, and with help from the LIBERAL media and race-hustlers like Al Sharpton, give-aways to unions, etc., he’s been given a second look. Hence, he may be popular in NYC, but the rest of the nation would reject this little tyrant.

Thee_Bruno on December 16, 2006 at 11:45 am

“13. Tried to silence Mister Softee ice cream trucks from playing the Mister Softee ice cream tune.”
He what?!
Now, *that* makes it personal! 😉

Jeremiah on December 16, 2006 at 2:47 pm

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