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Absurd Ad Absurdum: Norman Mailer’s New Hitler “Abusive Childhood” Apologist Book; Compares Bush to Hitler

By Debbie Schlussel
I and many others often employ comparisons between the way the media and pop culture treat Islamic terrorists versus the way they treated the Nazis. I frequently write something like this:

Can you imagine them doing that with Hitler/the Nazis?

Well, now leftist novelist Norman Mailer has made that imagination a reality. Yes, the ultra-ludicrous continues to be realized–in this case with the publication of his “The Castle in the Forest,” out next week.


Norman Mailer & His New “Novel”:

One Toy Short of a Happy Meal (Sorry, McDs)

In this absurdity on paper, Mailer writes a fiction book about how Hitler was abused as a child, molested, and was the son of an incestuous relationship. And it’s not even true. Mailer made it up. But he uses this phony account to get us to understand the reason why Hitler turned out the way he is–to excuse it all.
And this is the novel Mailer says he’s wanted to write for 50 years. Not sure if he’s currently in a mental state to really remember the last 50 years accurately. But one thing’s for certain: At age 84, he ain’t all there. Clearly, dementia or Alzheimer’s or some other sort of mental disability has set in.
As I previously wrote, during the Zacarias Moussaoui death penalty trial jurors were given a book by Moussaoui’s brother, claiming that Moussaoui had an abusive childhood. Nine jurors said it influenced their decision to spare Moussaoui’s life. I believe that book was a carefully crafted fiction written just for that purpose by his loving brother.
Now, Mailer is acting as Hitler’s modern day Frere Zacarias Moussaoui, trying to absolve Hitler. And it’s all made up–even though Mailer is now trying to claim there’s some truth in it. Pop psychobabble absolves the Holocaust?! OY.
Here are some ridiculous excerpts from today’s USA Today French kiss to Mailer and his absurd book:

In the novel, incest runs strong in Hitler’s family. His mother is his father’s daughter. “Adi” is beaten by his father, adored by his mother, treated cruelly by an older stepbrother. He doesn’t do well in school. He excels only at playing war in the forest with other boys. He has no girlfriends and masturbates frequently.
The novel has a seven-page bibliography listing books that, as Mailer writes, “enriched many a fictional possibility.”

Whatever that means.

He spent two years reading about Hitler because “you should know how someone turns out if you’re writing about him as a child.” . . .
What’s true in Castle and what’s made up? Mailer circles the question like a veteran prizefighter sizing up a younger opponent: “Look at it like this: I’m a novelist. I can take three facts and write a story. Is that story factual? No. But it’s based on facts. It can get at the truth.”
As for the incest in Hitler’s family, Mailer says “that can’t be proven, but the facts of his life suggest it. There’s a great likelihood that Hitler was a ‘first- or second-degree incestuary,’ ” a word Mailer made up for the novel. “It sounds good. It sounds German.”
All of the novel’s major characters actually existed, with one exception (a beekeeper with a passion for honey and young boys). Mailer says he finds it easier to “make up something about a person than to conceive the person.” . . .
Mailer also may have contemporary political leaders in his sights.
In the novel, DT discusses wartime leaders “who have installed in themselves an ability not to suffer sleepless nights because of casualties on the other side. They now possess the mightiest of all social engines of psychic numbification – patriotism! That is still the most dependable instrument for guiding the masses, although it may yet be replaced by revealed religion. We love fundamentalists. Their faith offers us every promise of developing into the final weapon of mass destruction.”
Is that a slap at President Bush, who Mailer has said has surpassed Ronald Reagan as “the most ignorant president we ever had”?
“To ask the question,” he replies, “is to answer it.”

Just one thing to say to all of this. PUH-LEEZE.
Remember, this guy is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for non-fiction. Which tells us all we need to know about Pulitzer Prize-winning “non-fiction.”
Unfortunately, Mailer says he is already writing a sequel. USA Today calls him the “Devil’s Advocate,” but I say they can drop the “advocate” part.

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“His mother is his father’s daughter. “Adi” is beaten by his father, adored by his mother, treated cruelly by an older stepbrother. He doesn’t do well in school. He excels only at playing war in the forest with other boys. He has no girlfriends and masturbates frequently.”
This novel appears to be a blend of “Chinatown”, “Cinderella”, and Slick Willie’s, “My Intimate Thoughts At The White House Sink”.
“”Adi” is beaten by his father, adored by his mother…”
Slick Willie did have an abusive stepfather and a doting mother. Sounds as if Mailer had Slick Willie in mind when he wrote this crap.
“In the novel, DT discusses wartime leaders “who have installed in themselves an ability not to suffer sleepless nights because of casualties on the other side.”
“Wag the Dog”, anyone?!

Thee_Bruno on January 15, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Norman Mailer–
Just one more overrated Leftist, who had his way with us when there was only the Information Mandarin Class.
People–Please don’t be fooled by the Pulitzer:
Stalin-loving necrophiliac NY Times reporter Walter Duranty won one in the 1930s.
And, who could forget the Wash Post’s Janet Cooke? She totally fabricated a “true” story of Jimmy the 9-year-old heroin addict. Cooke won the Pulitzer, but was found out, and it was revoked.
The NY Times has never disavowed Duranty or given back the award.
There are MANY more obnoxious examples of how stupid and useless these awards really are.

Red Ryder on January 15, 2007 at 4:04 pm

Perhaps Marylin Monroe gave him an STD and it’s finally manifesting itself.

Rich B on January 16, 2007 at 9:21 am

So, this is the novel he’s wanted to write for 50 years? That is rather absurd. To want to write a revisionist and fictional account of Hitler and his childhood? I would like to know why Mailer feels the need to spend all this time reading about Hitler, writing about Hitler and ultimately “excusing” Hitler. Why the fascination with Hitler?
I could care less what “poor hitler”*suffered*as a child. Cry me a river.
This is the liberal mindset that anything can be forgiven if you just “understand” it.
While Mailer is exhibiting extreme narcissism at best, he may even have lost touch with reality.
How do you write a story that is “not factual” but that is based on “facts”? that gets at the “truth”?
He’s not at all interested in the “truth”.
The truth about Hitler and his crimes is already known. He wants to alter the truth, make up possible truths, etc. Making up elaborate fantasies about Hitler is plain nonsense, and in my opinion it is dangerous as it can undermine the real truth. (in certain circles, KWIM?)
All you need to do to know the truth is to talk to a survivor, or if that is not possible, go to a Holocaust museum. The TRUTH is loud and clear.

CarpeDiem on January 16, 2007 at 11:52 am

I kind of came of age with Norman on the brain. Some thoughts:
Mailer can write about anything he wants. His intellect will roam, it’s just that rarely will it hit home.
His protagonists typically are anything but Jewish — or else only partly or vaguely so (as in An American Dream and Harlot’s Ghost). They also are often obsessed with power, whether political or interpersonal (esp. between men & women) — usually both. All this describes Adolf Hitler to a tee. Now that I think about it, I’m surprised Norman never got around to Adolf before.
Writing about Hitler’s childhood is curious but not brave. Nor is it necessarily relevant, certainly not in the “great American novel” sense that has trailed him around during his entire career:
1) Hitler’s dead and gone
2) Fascism is less an enemy of liberal democracy than the many varieties of socialism (Baathist, Castroite, Chavista, Sandinista, and of course, the academic kind).
In brief, Adolf Hitler was more of a genius, and more evil, than Norman Mailer ever was or will be. And that may make Mailer jealous.
Further comments of mine on Norman Mailer are within here:

Jeremiah on January 17, 2007 at 1:09 am

Abusive childhoods seem to be somewhat topical right now.
Here in Germany, a grotty film “comedy” was launched some days ago, which informs us that the Germans only killed the Jews because they got their butts paddled once too often or ate too many paint chips as children or something to that effect.
The same people who are deeply concerned about the evil influence of the “Holocaust industry” are in side-splitting, thigh-slapping, pant-pissing mirth about this film. It is called “Mein Fuehrer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit ueber Adolf Hitler” (Mein Fuehrer – The truly truest truth about Hitler).
At such a level of discourse, it isn’t surprising that director Daniel Levy named his Hitler-antagonist “Adolf Gruenbaum”. And because he was too dumb or too lazy or just not interested to perform a simple Google search, he missed the fact that there is a real Adolf Gruenbaum, a renowned philosphy-professor at an American university who had escaped the Holocaust as a boy and is, to put it mildly, not amused to see his name ridiculed in such a “comedy”.
Further information about this disgusting spectacle is available at Roncesvalles:

The Editrix on January 18, 2007 at 1:24 pm

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