August 31, 2005, - 9:48 am

Kudos to Vegas Fashion Show: Rapper Kicked Out

By Debbie Schlussel
Somebody give the Las Vegas “Magic Marketplace” a hand. The fashion show, held twice a year, is the hip place to be to show off your wares, if you are a designer or clothing line.
And, yesterday, the Magic show kicked rapper “The Game” out. Finally, someone takes a stand against rap violence. “The Game” claims he was kicked out because he is suspected in being involved in the shooting of gangsta rap mogul Suge Knight at this weekend’s . But whether he was involved or not, “The Game” has ties to gangs and was involved in a feud earlier this year with rapper 50 Cent that resulted in a person being shot outside a New York City radio station.
While the rest of the world–including the fashion world–embraces hip-hop thuggery, it’s amazing the Vegas Magic fashion show finally took a stand against it. It wasn’t all courage, though. If violence resulted with “The Game” at the fashion confab, there would be expensive lawsuits to contend with.
What Happens Outside of Vegas, Stays Outside of Vegas.

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jaywilton on August 31, 2005 at 5:42 pm

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