January 25, 2007, - 12:07 pm

Who is Protecting Michael Vick & Why?

By Debbie Schlussel
So, you are traveling, you’re at the Miami International Airport, and you get caught with a water bottle containing a hidden compartment with dark particulate matter that looks and smells like marijuana.
Police have a security video, and you are forced to surrender your makeshift James-Bond-esque drug gadget to security screeners.
If you are most other people, you’d probably be charged with a crime . . . several crimes.
But if your name is Michael Vick and you are the Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, you are cleared of all wrongdoing, the bottle is destroyed or “lost,” and, that substance you hid in your water bottle was just a perfectly legal spice you inserted to make your water more flavorful. Hurriedly, the Miami-Dade Police Department rushes to erase the flash drive containing the airport security video.


Secret Compartment Water Bottle Afficionado Michael Vick

That’s what happened to the January 17th video of Vick. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution made several Freedom of Information Act requests for the video, including on on January 18th. But someone at the Miami-Dade PD is a Michael Vick fan.
They erased the video in a hurry. Why? Why is Michael Vick being protected by the Miami-Dade PD and prosecutors? Sure looks like a cover up. And what’s on the video that someone didn’t want us to see?
It’s hard to believe Miami-Dade police and prosecutors don’t give special treatment to celebrities, given the the lack of prosecution and rush to destroy evidence of a possible crime.
And it’s doubly hard to believe that a water bottle with a secret compartment containing matter that looked and smelled like pot, didn’t actually contain pot.
What else could have been in there–oregano and pachouli? You don’t really need a secret compartment for those substances.

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LAST year’s Troy Polomalu recalled interception and THIS year’s BOGUS offensive interference AND roughing the passer calls DON’T have you thinking THE FIX IS IN…wtf???
Michael Vick did not even MAKE the SHOW…yet the NFL is in colusion with the bookies to make the DOLTS super bowl [lower case INTENDED] champs and Amerikkka is SILENT…wtf???
Guess Chicago is HAPPY that Indy been coronated?

EminemsRevenge on January 25, 2007 at 6:08 pm

Simple enough to rectify…
There might not be enough here for a criminal prosecution, but Vick as no right of play in the NFL if he violates the league’s substance abuse policy (Gee, Miami’s STILL waiting to get Ricky Williams back).
So, NFL Commish, I think you have enough to demand that Vick drop a sample and let the results speak for itself: If he passes, OK; if not, dole out the appropriate penalty.
‘Nuff said.

4EVERCUSTOMS on January 26, 2007 at 5:30 am

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