November 16, 2010, - 6:42 pm

Religion of Buying Off Drag Racing: Al-Jazeera’s Team Wins U.S. Hot Rod

By Debbie Schlussel

Not long ago, I told you about intolerant Gulf state Muslim sheikhs buying up Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Now, they are trying to dominate drag racing on our shores . . . and having some success at it.  It’s all part of the Gulf states’ bid to become tourism and entertainment champs, since the oil supplies of several of the Gulf states are fast depleting and they need a new source of revenue to support thousands of royal family members. Plus, they want us to think they are just like us, so they are trying to dominate down-home American pastimes to make themselves look less like the extremists that they are. The latest target is good, old-fashioned American drag-racing.

Qatari Prince Sheikh Khalid: Extremist Al-Jazeera-ist Spent Millions to Win U.S. Hot Rod

22-year-old snot-nosed Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani, Prince of Qatar (the Al-Thani family is the ruling royal family of Qatar), spent $10 million in 2009 alone for his Al-Anabi Drag Racing team, which, Sunday, clinched the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) Top Fuel division championship, via driver Larry Dixon in Pomona, California. The Prince’s family finances Al-Jazeera, the Terrorist News Network, which helped Al-Qaeda kill our soldiers. It’s sad, but not surprising, to see how easily drivers and racing biggies like engineer Alan Johnson and Dixon will sell themselves out to these people.

But the driver isn’t named Mohammed Al-Dixon. It’s Larry Dixon. These Muslim Sheikhs may be funding the team, but its American skills, not their oil blood money that makes championship drivers. Dixon has won before without the young anti-Israel Sheikh’s money and backing, but, again, it’s disgusting how easily these racing people can be bought off by Jew-hating bigots who won’t allow Israeli Jews into their country. More:

After falling just two points painfully shy of the NHRA Full Throttle Top Fuel championship last year to decade-long rival Tony Schumacher, Larry Dixon and the Al-Anabi team finished the job on their second try, concluding a dominating 2010 season by locking up the championship Sunday at the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals. . . .

“I’ve never had so much excitement for a first-round win in my life,” said Dixon. “What an awesome job by the team all year. It was one round today, but it was all the great rounds that we’ve had in previous races, the second rounds, the semifinals, a lot of wins, and they’ve all added up to this point. Credit to Alan Johnson, Sheik Khalid, Jason McCulloch, and the entire Al-Anabi crew. Everybody pitches in to make this happen, and this is it, this is what we do it for.”

The championship is the third for Dixon, who won back-to-back titles in 2002 and 2003 while driving for Don Prudhomme, and the ninth in the class for team manager Johnson, who tuned Schumacher to five straight titles (2004-08) before leaving Don Schumacher Racing for the 2009 season to lead the new Al-Anabi operation owned by His Highness Sheik Khalid Al Thani of Qatar. Johnson also tuned Gary Scelzi to three Top Fuel crowns (1997-98, 2000) and won four world championships in Top Alcohol Dragster with his late brother, Blaine. It’s the seventh championship for crew chief McCulloch, who was the assistant crew chief under Johnson with Schumacher and was on Cruz Pedregon’s Funny Car championship team in 1992, but his first title as crew chief.

Anyone with poisonous oil money can buy a team. But no known Muslim–let alone a bigoted Gulf State sheikh–has won one of these races as a driver. Don’t hold your breath for that to happen. They may have the very common cha-ching, but they just ain’t got the skills. . . unless you count HATE TV a/k/a Al-Jazeera.

And hate isn’t a skill.

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I’d bet you dollars to donuts Debbie, that the same sports reporters who think this is cool are the same sport reporters who were outraged over Rush Limbaugh buying an NFL team.

Let’s see: Muslim millionaires, good, American millionaires bad.

And that’s the way they’ll have it.

NormanF on November 16, 2010 at 6:51 pm

Debbie –

For someone from the Detroit area, I am surprised you are not aware of what has happened with the Unlimited Hydroplane circuit. These are the boats that race each year in Detroit for the Gold Cup. The Gold Cup is the OLDEST trophy for any motorsport in the world. Anyways, last year, Sheik Hassan of Qatar decided to sponsor a race there. This year, the race is happening this weekend and the boat they have sponsored is in 2nd place in the standings…

arby on November 16, 2010 at 7:23 pm

NormanF, I remember that brew-ha-ha a year ago when the verminist left wingers squeeled from the top of their lungs about Rush Limbaugh wanting to buy the St. Louis Rams, and all day long, the pathetic leftist smeared, snickered, demean Mr. Limbaugh, taking sounds from f**king Media Matters and taking Rush’s words out of context, I remembered what the f**king left wingers did to Rush a year ago.

Now, you don’t hear the very same left wingers complaining and bellyaching about a muslim millionaire wanting to buy Drag Racing and you didn’t hear any leftist bellyaching about a muslim sheikh bought the UFC (I don’t watch UFC, I watch TNA wrestling only). These same fellow-travelling left wingers are nothing but butt-naked “hypocrites”!

“A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on November 16, 2010 at 8:43 pm

I can’t argue against anything Debbie said. I’ll just point out that auto racing is one sport that Arabs have historically done well.

I would also point out that in drag racing, the drivers’ skills are only a small part of the total effort. After roaring down a 1/4 mile (I think it’s less now) at speeds in excess of 300 mph, the car is taken back to the garage. There, the engine and transmission are completely torn down and re-built. It makes drag racing one of the more insane forms of racing.

If we don’t like watching OPEC buy up the United States of America and inflict taxation without representation, I suggest we stop putting gasoline in our cars. The strategic path to winning the war against Islamic terror (and the War Against Israel) is the elimination of petroleum as the prime mover of our transportation system. It’s really just that simple!

Michigan has a lot of E85 pumps. If you’re planning on buying a new car this year, insist that it be flex fuel. Write your congressmen to support the Open Fuels Standard Act which requires cars sold in America to be flex fuel for any combination of ethanol, methanol and gasoline.

Buy a flex fuel car. Fill it with American-made E85 (85% ethanol) fuel. Everyone needs to pitch in on this.

As long as we the people remain complacent about using gasoline in our motor vehicles, I have every reason to expect more articles like this from Debbie. YOU can help change this for the better.


TINSC (aka There is NO Santa Claus)

There is NO Santa Claus on November 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm

Just FYI, the car you show at the top of the article is Sheikh Khalid’s Pro Extreme entry that he drives in the AMERICAN Drag Racing League, a smaller, rival sanctioning body to the NHRA. He’s actually a very competent driver and won an ADRL race this past May in Richmond, VA.

Anyway, he’s recently paid for seveal US-based ADRL teams to fly their cars and tools over to Qatar for the nine-race ARABIAN Drag Racing League season.

Eon Rodeo on November 17, 2010 at 3:31 am

Woman, are you serious? Al-Jazeera is a news organization though out the middle east. I did two tours in Iraq and I can tell you, that station is more unbiased than any news source I suspect you subscribe to. You have got to be kidding me trying link them. Al Jazeera has aired things from both Coalition (ISF, and the interim Iraqi Government have been on the show as well) and Al-Quaeda. They do not condone or approve of one side or another, nor have they ever funded terrorist attacks. AJ does not censor news or graphic content (neither do most European News Stations) like we do in the US, and because they show the war’s dead, both American and Insurgent/combatant, American politicians have decried AJ as some terrorist machine. It isn’t. You’re an idiot. Do your homework before slandering foreign royalty.

Shaun Moderate on November 17, 2010 at 4:07 am

    Do you think that calling someone an idiot embellishes your argument?

    Duck on November 17, 2010 at 1:09 pm

He’s a snot nosed sheik because…. he’s not your religion? What did he do that’s wrong?

Mike on November 17, 2010 at 11:44 am


    He’s a “snot nosed sheik because of association”. It’s not his fault that he was born into extreme wealth, narcissism, xenophobia, Islamic imperialism, and a country with a manifest policy of anti-Semitism. Who knows! Maybe at his young age, America will rub off on him a little and he’ll be a little less bad than his parents.

    From everything I hear, Sheik Khalid put a lot of his personal effort into drag racing. He seems to have a real passion for the sport. It’s not a rags-to-riches, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps story, and perhaps that says something about motorsports these days.

    It helps to be born to gazillionaires when competing in motorsports. Paul Menard had a good season this year in NASCAR Sprint Cup racing but everyone knows he wouldn’t be where he is if his parents didn’t own the Menards chain of home-improvement/hardware stores.

    The problem with Sheik Khalid is that it’s reasonable to speculate that he’ll use his new found sports fame to promote Sharia, jihad and all that good stuff that comes with being an affluent kid from Qatar. I think that’s what Debbie was trying to say. While Debbie has to stand on what she wrote, I have no problem saying that I share some concern about the overall problem involved with OPEC beneficiaries buying up American popular entertainment media. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sports team, Newscorp or prime real estate near Ground Zero for building a Mosque.

    We are subject to taxation without representation from an evil king from far off shores. That taxation body is known as OPEC and the King of Saudi Arabia runs it. Americans will start “Tea Parties” but never once complain about this modern day taxation without representation tyranny.

    Debbie talks of “poisonous oil money”, but I think the time has come, especially with the advent of the “Tea Party” that OPEC and Saudi Arabia be confronted as a modern day version of “taxation without representation”. This is a historical theme that every American school kid learns somewhere between Kindergarten and graduating High School. It’s an eternally resonant theme in America and I think it’s high time we start using it to describe Saudi-dominated OPEC. I wish Debbie would use this theme.

    Taxation without representation is tyranny. Saudi-dominated OPEC is a modern-day version of taxation without representation.

    There’s a bigger picture out there. I think Debbie is trying to address it. She does it HER way. I’m merely a guest on her blog, but I hope I addressed your comment.


    TINSC (aka There is NO Santa Claus)

    There is NO Santa Claus on November 17, 2010 at 8:54 pm

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