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Former INS Agent Neville Cramer Responds About ICE

By Debbie Schlussel
In November, I wrote about “Meltdown: The Phoenix Branch of ICE is Exhibit A of this Country’s Failed Border Policies,” by Ray Stern in the Phoenix New Times.
Many Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents sent me the link. But several others sent me e-mails disputing the article, some of which I posted. I recommended the article because I think it extensively illustrates the mess that is ICE, especially under Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess.” I also noted some disagreements I had with the article, including a disagreement I had with the quotes from my friend, former INS official Neville Cramer, author of “Fixing the INSanity.”
Neville wrote to say that he was misquoted and asked that I reprint his e-mail, which I post below, if a little late:


Former INS Official Neville Cramer

—“Neville Cramer” wrote:
From: “Neville Cramer”
To: dschlussel@yahoo.com
Subject: Comments about FBI taking over Immigration Enforcement
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 23:52:55 -0700
Dear Debbie,
I read your November 20, 2006, piece about the Phoenix ICE Meltdown. I wish you had contacted me about the article. I NEVER said the FBI should take over Immigration enforcement! I completely cooperated with reporter Stern, and found him to be quite thorough. However, immediately after the article came out I contacted him because he completely misunderstood what I told him.
My comments about the FBI vs. ICE came while responding to a question about terrorism. I am fully aware that the FBI has its problems, but they pale in comparison to those of ICE. And, yes, I do believe the FBI should take the lead in terrorism cases.
I appreciate your mention of my book. Since you did mention it, I should point out that in Chapter 3, Page 54, I clearly state that one of the solutions to our growing immigration nightmare is the establishment of a massive DHS ICE Compliance Division to help better enforce Employer Sanctions and investigate immigration violations in the interior of the United States. Why would I write one thing in the book and then completely contradict myself with the reporter?
I hope in some future writing or on the air you will clarify my comments. As stated above, I believe the FBI should have primary responsibility for terrorism-related cases (JTTF), and should be given the necessary resources to carry out this mission – including resources that are now going to the dysfunctional ICE. On the other hand, I have never advocated that the FBI take on America’s immigration enforcement responsibilities.
I hope ICE will get its act together and find a well-qualified law enforcement official to lead them (as soon as Ms. Myers departs!)
One more interesting point about Stern’s article – while Mr. Stern
quoted me a few times, he did not use a quote about the FBI! That’s because I never advocated that we turn immigration enforcement over to the Bureau, and I never told him the FBI has administrative immigration enforcement authority, because they do not. He completely misunderstood what I told him!
I am a big fan of yours and certainly appreciate the fact you are
giving me an opportunity to set the record straight. I know there are many present and former ICE/INS Agents who follow you religiously. After what you said, they probably think I went nuts after I retired! I would appreciate it if you would post my email.
Keep up the great work!
Neville W. Cramer
INS Special Agent-in-Charge (retired)

**** UPDATE, 01/27/07: For the record, as I’ve stated many times, I disagree–I don’t believe the FBI should take the lead on terrorism cases. It was much better before when Customs and Secret Service Agents had the freedom to pursue and adequately handle terrorism cases. They were much better at it.

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What a joke this guy is calling for a massive builup of more INS hacks. The only way to stop the leak is with a military force on the border.INS/ICE is and always was incompetant. They dont need more “agents” with take home cars curtesy of taxpayers. they dont need credit cards for lunch when they go a couple of hours over their usual work day. Take away those perks and get them to pay for their drive like everyone else,and dont say its because your “on call” I’ll laugh my ass off for that.On call yourself over to the nearest diner kitchen and deport someone.Militarize the border and get these jerks to deport some of the lawbreakers that are already here.

slayer72 on January 27, 2007 at 3:39 pm

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