January 29, 2007, - 12:14 pm

Liberal Juan Williams Agrees With Schlussel on Obama Muslim Background

By Debbie Schlussel
So, now, will all the far-left websites condemning me on my December post about Barack Hussein’s Muslim background, condemn liberal National Public Radio and FOX News commentator Juan Williams? First, the Hillary camp agrees with me, and now Juan Williams, who said:

He comes from a father who was a Muslim. I mean, I think that given we’re at war with Muslim extremists, that presents a problem.

Amen, Juan.


More from the Washington Examiner’s Bill Sammon, who repeats a lot of what I’ve said on this site, but gives a little fresh info, too (I’ve skipped the stuff I already wrote about). I was right on the money about Obama’s sympathies and loyalties. To whom will he be more sympathetic and loyal–his Muslim family members or you? If you picked you, your ego needs a deflation (and your brain, an inflation):

Obama – whose father, stepfather, brother and grandfather were Muslims – explained his own first name, Barack, in “Dreams”: “It means ‘Blessed.’ In Arabic. [DS: Plagiarized from the Hebrew, “Baruch.”] My grandfather was a Muslim.”
In his second memoir, “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama added: “Although my father had been raised a Muslim, by the time he met my mother he was a confirmed atheist.”
Still, when his father, a black Kenyan named Barack Obama Sr., died in 1982, “the family wanted a Muslim burial,” Obama quoted his brother, Roy, as saying in “Dreams.”
The statement put out by Obama’s office last week referred to his father simply as “an atheist,” without mentioning his Muslim upbringing. . . .
Obama’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, for whom the senator was given his middle name, Hussein, was fiercely devoted to Islam, according to an account in “Dreams.” The grandfather, who died in 1979, was described by his widow when Obama visited Kenya in the late 1980s.
“What your grandfather respected was strength. Discipline,’ Obama quoted his grandmother as telling him. “This is also why he rejected the Christian religion, I think.
“For a brief time, he converted, and even changed his name to Johnson. But he could not understand such ideas as mercy towards your enemies, or that this man Jesus could wash away a man’s sins.
“To your grandfather, this was foolish sentiment, something to comfort women,” she added. “And so he converted to Islam – he thought its practices conformed more closely to his beliefs.”
When Obama was 2 years old, his parents divorced and his father moved away from the family’s home in Hawaii. Four years later, his mother married an Indonesian man, Lolo Soetoro, who moved his new wife and stepson to Jakarta.
“During the five years that we would live with my stepfather in Indonesia, I was sent first to a neighborhood Catholic school and then to a predominately Muslim school,” [DS: the one Obama is now claiming is a “public” school] Obama wrote in “Audacity.” “In our household, the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf.’
Obama’s stepfather was a practicing Muslim.
“Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths,” Obama recalled. . . .
“It was to Lolo that I turned to for guidance and instruction,” Obama recalled. “He introduced me as his son.”
Although Obama wrote of “puzzling out the meaning of the muezzin’s call to evening prayer,” he was not raised as a Muslim, according to the senator’s office. Nor was he raised as a Christian by his mother, a white American named Ann Dunham who was deeply skeptical of religion.
“Her memories of the Christians who populated her youth were not fond ones,” Obama wrote. . . .
Later in life, however, he was drawn to the writings of an influential American Muslim who served as the spokesman for the militant Nation of Islam.
“Malcolm X’s autobiography seemed to offer something different,” Obama wrote. “His repeated acts of self-creation spoke to me; the blunt poetry of his words, his unadorned insistence on respect, promised a new and uncompromising order, martial in its discipline, forged through sheer force of will.”
He added: “Malcolm’s discovery toward the end of his life, that some whites might live beside him as brothers in Islam, seemed to offer some hope of eventual reconciliation.”
While working as a community organizer for a group of churches in Chicago, Obama was repeatedly asked to join Christian congregations, but begged off.
“I remained a reluctant skeptic, doubtful of my own motives, wary of expedient conversion, having too many quarrels with God to accept a salvation too easily won,” he wrote. . . .
Obama’s family connections to Islam would endure, however. For example, his brother Roy opted for Islam over Christianity, as Obama recounted when describing his 1992 wedding.
“The person who made me proudest of all,” Obama wrote, “was Roy. Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam, and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol.”
Meanwhile, Obama remained sharply critical of what he called ‘the religious absolutism of the Christian right.” . . .
Obama calls the Iraq war “a botched and ill-advised U.S. military incursion into a Muslim country.” He is also protective of civil rights for Muslims in the U.S.
“In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans ‚Ķ have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging,” he laments. “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

But the ugliest direction of all is the blind fluctuation to a Barack Hussein Obama Presidential candidacy.

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16 Responses

Something else you might want to look into, Debbie. If what I’ve read is true, Obamalamadingdong’s Mooslim background is nothing compared to his affiliation to some black “Christian” outfit in Chicago. They are radical leftists, and from all indications, the black equivalent of the KKK.

Skippy on January 29, 2007 at 1:40 pm

There was a link posted last week to the church Obama attends in Chicago. I read the Jan church bulletin on the site and it seems to me that it is a mosque in disquise.

TheOmegaMan on January 29, 2007 at 1:43 pm

Juan thinks things through sometimes.
He broke ranks over the Clarence Thomas hearings: “Here is indiscriminate, mean-spirited mudslinging supported by the so-called champions of fairness: liberal politicians, unions, civil rights groups and women’s organizations…. They have been mindlessly led into mob action against one man by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.”
His recent book is about black victimhood:
His son, Tony Williams, is an inside the Beltway Republican:

Jeremiah on January 29, 2007 at 2:07 pm

I agree with Jeremiah. Juan does not blindly follow liberal agendas.

TheOmegaMan on January 29, 2007 at 2:15 pm

Juan Williams is a lapdog for Fox News. But if he is a liberal, than I suggest conservatives learn something from his objectivity: stop following this stupid logic that because Sen. Obama’s family background includes Islam, he’s going to support terrorism against the USA!!!

Norman Blitzer on January 29, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Well Norman I recommend you do something President Bush refuses to do and read some books on Islam by Spencer, Bostom, Ye’or, and Bawer for starters. This guy Obama participated in wu’du every day for how long? The classes on that glorious book of imperialistic hate crap with a few badly told Judeo/Christian stories thrown, the trainwreck scriptures, did he remember any of those verses he memorized? Can he recite 9:5, how about 9:29?
So he just kinda drifted away from Islam, is that right? When did he stop doing wu’du? When did he do his last prayers, prostrate on a mat, worshiping Mo and the moongod.
Yeah, I think there is a lot more about Obama I want to know about and his brush with islam.

John Sobieski on January 29, 2007 at 6:21 pm

“It means ‘Blessed.’ In Arabic. [DS: Plagiarized from the Hebrew, “Baruch.”]”
I don’t think it’s called plagiarism when one language gets a word from another language. Consider the fact that English is probably the most “plagiarizing” language ever, with a solid 99% of its words coming from other languages.

Dan on January 29, 2007 at 7:52 pm

Well..seems like you all are afraid.. afraid of your own shadows. Every day Decent Muslims give there lives fighting agaist hipocrite so called Muslims.. Every day they fight side by side US forces all around the world.. in Afghanistan, Iraq, in the Philippines, in Yemen, Saudi, Somalia, They are called traitors by extremist and “mooslims, towel heads” and other slurs by idiots like your selves. If you don’t have Muslim allies you can’t win. It is a very juvenile mentality to try and lump an entire religion into a category. it is more juvenile to think you can win a war with out allies. Time is closing in on bigots.. you are losing the fight.. the USA will become a very diverse country soon and the majority will no longer be racist idiots. Tic toc.. the future is here.

future on January 29, 2007 at 8:29 pm

“I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
Do your homework on this guy. He’s a muslim masquerading as a Christian trying to fool the American public!
His church sounds like a Christian version of The Nation of Islam! What more do we need to not let this guy near the Presidency? PS Thanks Debbie for all your great work in exposing this threat to America!

Shawn on January 29, 2007 at 10:46 pm

I think that Senator Obama is now a committed Christian. Like President Bush, he went through a long period of doubt in his life in which he was nonreligious, but now he has opened his heart to Christ. He recently appeared at Rick Warren’s Saddleback church with Sam Brownback, who are both committed evangelicals. I don’t think Pastor Warren or Senator Brownback would have invited him if they had doubts about his faith.
In Obama’s book, he said that he attended both of those schools (the Catholic one and the Muslim one — which probably was a public school, since he was in a Muslim country) because his family was too poor to afford to send him to the American international school. I would hate to criticize Obama for this just because his family had a hard time making ends meet.
Debbie, I think there are plenty of Obama’s positions that you can bring to light, instead of what seems to be a charge against a man who was unfortunate enough not to know his father. What about his Senate votes — or even these things about the United Church of Christ? And it’s certainly worth looking into his Muslim roots — God knows we should never take politicians at their word — since even the Communist News Network went to visit the Indonesian school and find out the truth. It must be hurtful for a man who met his father once in his life, and has spent many years trying to live as a good Christian, to hear these politically motivated charges against him. They are precisely the kind of politics that made the 90s so horrible for the American people to live through. Even if I don’t vote for him because of his liberal values or his inexperience, I really like Obama’s message of trying to bring people together to solve our common problems. He seems to be trying to commit his Christian values — which I believe are sincere — to create a new kind of politics in which the two sides don’t viciously attack one another and instead try to live in brotherhood.

alocke21 on January 30, 2007 at 8:01 am

What amazes me is that we are even worried about this man’s religion. Why are we completely overlooking the fact that he is an incompetent boob?
English is 99% foreign words? You mean like Coca-cola? Pepsi? Xerox? Kleenex? Yea, we just “ripped them off”.

Burt on January 30, 2007 at 10:21 am

I have been writing on Obama for a few months now Debbie and I am so glad that you are finally being vindicated. Obama is the worst sort of hypocrite-sneaky, cunning, and just the sort of person that would trade our American values in for more terror related appeasement.
He was not and is not for the war in Iraq-nonetheless he offers no solutions to solving the current problem there. He has no stand on our southern border issue.
Like you said in a previous post, [paraphrasing] once a muslim always a muslim – according to the Arab streets. I know – I have been there and they do not forget anything that would help to promote their dictums of Islamic evil. Obama is no exception.

Layla on January 30, 2007 at 6:59 pm

Get a clue, alocke21,Obama is NOT a “committed” Christian. Reading the home page of his church’s website reminds me of Malcolm X and his ilk. Black power seems to be the guiding principle in this “church”, not Jesus Christ. The United Church of Christ denomination supports abortion. How does Obama rationalize his affiliation with his church in light of that support, just for starters?
As far as Rick Warren inviting Obama to Saddleback, all I can say is “it figures”.

stand for truth on January 31, 2007 at 2:27 am

well..The Germans started off the same way you idiots are behaving..sowing seed of intolerance.. the we VS. them mentality..ethnic slurs..the result 6.000.000 innocent European Jews dead!..sad..sad that a so called Jew is now sowing the same seeds of prejudice, every time I see photo’s and movies from the holocaust it pains me..pains me to see how those lovely people were de humanized..lumped together by a propaganda machine as inferior. Now the President of Iran is denying any of this happened he is dead wrong and should be ashamed of himself, and you Idiots should be ashamed of your selves as well for pre judging a person for their ethnicity.. something they have no control over. Wake up stop hating..the future is here.

future on January 31, 2007 at 7:47 am

Obama’s not the Manchurian candidate, that’s just paranoia. Look to Keith Ellison if you want to start worrying about Islamic politicians. Keith will use the country’s ‘nobody should feel bad about themselves’ theory of governance to gradually take us down the Eurabian path.
The problem with Obama is he has nothing to say. He has no serious response to 9/11, to illegal immigration, to anything. We should be audaciuosly hopeful, and sensitive to the feelings of other, and negotiate with Iran.
I think he’s the Democratic nominee – the train is going all the way into the station.

Ground State on February 1, 2007 at 7:33 am

    I wrote to Keith Ellison several times asking him to speak out against the Female Genital Mutilation that is being practiced by the Somali Muslims here in MN. No reply.

    BBF on September 11, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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