February 5, 2007, - 9:03 am

Schlussel Superbowl Ad Redux

By Debbie Schlussel
In my opinion, last night’s Superbowl was among the worst for creative, good ads. Most were gross or stupid or both.
Two guys eating a Snickers bar who end up kissing. No thanks. Naked, scrawny guys washing a car with women inside. Yuck. Men slapping each other in the face. Not funny. A guy throwing a rock at another guy, knocking him out for a Bud Light? Was he trying out for rock- and molotov-cocktail throwing Palestinian boy terrorists brigades in Ramallah . . . as brought to you by Anheiser-Busch?
Ironically, two of my five picks for best ads were created by amateurs–both for snackchips. So here’re my picks for:


Ricardo Montalban & Oprah: People We Liked, Didn’t Like in Superbowl Ads

(Oprah Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

Most Annoying Ad: HOprah Watch Extraordinaire–Oprah and David Letterman on an ad for his Late Show. Only 10 seconds long, but each second was painfully annoying. Do we really have to see Oprah even on the Superbowl? Can’t she leave us alone for one day, one Big Game? Those two declaring that they’re in love with each other was just dumb. Now, if it were Oprah and Gayle, then it would be more believable and interesting.
Dumbest Move: Emerald Nuts ad with Robert Goulet–Memo to Emerald, most younger consumers don’t know or care who Robert Goulet is. Those that do are in dentures and can’t eat your product. Something to keep in mind for next year.
Most Questionable Value: McDonald’s for Ronald McDonald House (during “Kickoff Show”)–No question that Ronald McDonald House does great things accommodating families of seriously ill kids. But wouldn’t it have been better to donate the gazillions it cost for the ad to the cause? Perhaps the ad was donated.
Best Ads:
* Budweiser: Stray dog gets dirty and looks like Dalmatian. Gets to live out his dream of riding next to beauty queens on float fronted by Clydesdales.
* Doritos: Check-out girl. We’ve all had nosy or annoying check-out cashiers commenting on our purchase choices. This one reminded me of that in a humorous way. This is one of the ones that was created by an amateur who won a contest, NOT an overpaid Madison Avenue advertising exec.
* Doritos: Car-crash couple. Another one created by an amateur who won a contest. Fire Madison Avenue and hire these Doritos contest winners.
* Taco Bell: Lions and Ricardo Montalban rehearse rolling “R”s and tout best qualities of the fast food chain. Would have been better if when Montalban finally did the voiceovers, he mentioned something about “fine Corinthian leather.”
* Bud Light: Hitchhiker with ax, hitchhiker with chain saw. Echoes of horror thriller, “The Hitcher” (now in theaters).

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7 Responses

I agree with all the above. The only addition I would make is I’d add to your “best” selection the Blockbuster one with the mouse.
The Sierra Mist ads were annoying, but for some reason I thought the beard comb-over was funny. Nothing else about that one was funny, just the beard comb-over.

Stealthkix on February 5, 2007 at 9:53 am

Agree for the most part:
Lame ad after lame ad.
Snickers was horrible and weird, the opposite of making me want a Snickers bar.
Budweiser ad started off with the dog looking hungrily at food in a store window. So I’m thinking the dog is starving and is going to get something to eat. Nope, gets dirty and gets in the budweiser parade instead. I still felt sorry for the dog.
All that money and just a few good ads, really sad. Who was approving these deals? The worst, after Snickers, was KFC not doing anything but showing a bucket of chicken and then crowing about it.
Beard combover was funny.
Coke decided to celebrate black history month instead of selling their product.
Dorito’s is the winner.

dll2000 on February 5, 2007 at 10:44 am

Notice that when Dave puts his arm around Oprah, he doesn’t even come close to touching her. Smart Dave. He most likely cold not wait for the game to resume so he could see how real people handle adversity.

Happiness Pursuer on February 5, 2007 at 1:35 pm

i HAD to fictionalize “Jew Girl” to avoid potential lawsuits because it is MORE real than anythang her torn & Freyed hero could ever imagine because THAT was based on fact…and YOU could probably do an Oprah-esque show that would blow her away in the Nielsens IF you could repeat your Stern/Sirius performance…

EminemsRevenge on February 5, 2007 at 1:42 pm

Vinny those who obsess about race are the racists. People like yourself, you just dont get it.
I wasnt freaked out by two guys kissing anymore than I would be freaked out by watching surgery on t.v. Its just not appealing thats all, it certainly doesnt make me want to eat candy. 98% of the population doesnt find it appealing to watch two guys kiss, and the other 2% probably didnt find it appealling to watch two dirty fat guys kiss.
Love the smug attitude though. How’s that Bush=Hitler sign coming? Or do you prefer the swatiska on the Israeli flag? Always love to hear from the enlighted.

dll2000 on February 5, 2007 at 3:04 pm

George Bush personally directed Madison Avenue to make terrible commercials so his oil buddies can get richer.
(my pet raccoon is channeling John Edwards Blog-Editor Amanda Marcotte)

Johnny Yuma on February 5, 2007 at 5:44 pm

Won’t ever eat another Snickers.
Lame commercials and anti-climatic game.
I agree with your “who is Robert Goulet?” observation; however, isn’t Ricardo Montalban equally as anachronistic? That “fine corinthian leather” phrase is at least 20 years old.
The field at Dolphins Stadium really drains well.
Prince was the embodiment of the much sought after multicultural ideal: Bi-racial, bi-sexual, and androgynous. Hooray!

Southernops on February 6, 2007 at 10:08 pm

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