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By Debbie Schlussel recently reached its five-and-a-half year mark.  And we continue to experience growth pains.  You may have noticed that my site went down several times in the last few weeks due to hacking and increased traffic and usage. Each time the outage for was for a few hours. Unfortunately, we lost thousands of visitors when that happened, despite the fact that we were on top of it and took care of the problem as quickly as possible. That’s distressing because I continue to want to make my site available to you 24/7 around the world, even as we approach Thanksgiving. And I’d like to apologize for any inconveniences and frustrations it may have caused you.


I’d also like to prevent these problems from happening in the future. To do so requires continued upgrading of our site’s hosting and security needs. Beyond the costs of site maintenance, upgrades, and security, I’m also incurring other expenses, as I continue to take on a wide variety of legal projects in my work to protect America from our enemies. You already know about one of those projects, and I’ll be announcing more groundbreaking projects very soon. And my unique movie reviews–which you can’t find anywhere else–will be up, shortly.  (I even stayed awake through a Midnight movie screening, last night, so I could bring you a complete set of reviews, today.) The reviews save you time and money by illuminating the very few gems amidst the usual cinematic rubble.  On Monday, you read about my fight against Paramount Pictures to continue to bring you those reviews.

Whether it’s about Islamic intolerance and encroachment on America and the rest of the West (and Barack Obama and elected officials from both sides of the aisle willingly going along, or, worse, eagerly pandering to it), Israel’s part in that fight and its struggle to survive, or our side in the culture war as we try to preserve our country and Western society from within, you’ll be reading more new and original items, including exclusive breaking stories, scoops, and my original movie reviews which tell you what’s really in the movies so you save your money and time and protect your kids. Some upcoming projects I’ll be sharing with you include another new exclusive on Iranian immigration defrauders who, sadly, have been granted and are about to be granted U.S. citizenship over the protests of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. And I have many such other items on deck in the coming days, weeks, and months–again, stuff you won’t read or see anywhere else.

You can also show your support by joining other advertisers in placing ads on my site or sponsoring my work, to help cover such costs. We have many affordable and innovative options enabling you to reach reach my many loyal readers, most of whom are top-notch intellectuals and independent thinkers. My site is growing more and more each day, as I continue to bring you breaking stories and original content that you can’t find anywhere else (except when others rip it off, unfortunately–but you always see it here first, often months or weeks earlier). Perhaps you or people you know might be interested in placing ads or sponsoring my work to help cover these costs. We have many affordable and innovative options enabling advertisers to reach thousands of loyal readers, most of whom are top-notch intellectual conservatives and independent, critical thinkers.  Please write if you are interested in such opportunities.

The best option to show your support is directly through PayPal. Any amount is appreciated. Donating even just $5-20/month can really add up to significant support in the ongoing operation and expansion of You can either use the yellow Paypal buttons on the upper left hand side of the site, or you can prevent the PayPal fees by going to PayPal and sending it directly to:

On a related note, we continue to pursue major overhaul of my website design, and are still looking for WordPress experts who can aid in this. Please drop me a line if you fit the bill and are interested. As always, I welcome your donations to keep this site and its continuing growth and expansion going.

Thank you for your patience during the downtime and for your continued support of my work–our work! And Happy Thanksgiving.  More new posts coming up soon, including the movie reviews.

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