September 2, 2005, - 3:06 pm

Why is FBI Investigating Northwest Flight Crew?

By Debbie Schlussel
The FBI is investigating a group of Northwest Airlines flight attendants, but neither side (the FeeBs (FBI)or the nearly-bankrupt airline) is talking, and the flight attendants’ union is in the dark about the nature of the investigation.
One report claims the FBI is investigating the steward/esses for allegedly tampering with a smoke detector on a Japan flight. This merits an FBI investigation?! That would figure. Because if it had anything to do with terrorism, the FBI .
As for Northwest, it seems the airline–and not its flight crews–is the party that should be investigated. For example, why is the wife of alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist, , still working for the airline at Metro Detroit airport? Her husband is in federal prison for carrying $12 million dollars in phony bank cashier’s checks traced to Al-Qaeda operations. His capture was the excellent work of Detroit Customs agents before they became part of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and under the insidious control of ICE Special Agent in Charge .
Don’t expect the FBI to look into Mrs. Shishani or other suspicious dealings with radical Muslims and “former” terrorists by Northwest Airlines. That would be “profiling,” and we’d rather have 3,000 die on planes than do that.
Stay tuned.

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