October 15, 2007, - 3:00 pm

In the Heart of Michiganistan: FBI Dhimmi Chief @ Latest IslamoPander-fest

By Deborah “Debbie” Schlussel
Tomorrow, we in Michigan–the Heart of Islamic America–will hear that giant pandering sound. You know, the sound of top federal agents sucking up to extremist Muslims.
As I’ve previously noted, Immigration Chieftess Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess” will grace multiple immigration fraud perpetrator Imad Hamad, federal check kiter and misdemeanant Mary Rose Oakar, and other pan-Islamist friends at the Hezbollah Social Club. She will aid in honoring judges who make it harder for her agents to do their jobs.
But, now, FBI Michigan Special Agent in Charge and Self-Appointed Supermodel Andrew “Andy” Arena a/k/a “Abu Arena” is jealous that Myers is beating him at that game. So, he, too, is doing his part on behalf of the jihad.


FBI and ICE Bigwigs Andrew Arena & Julie Myers

Have a Double Date with Islamists

(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

Reader Walter sends me this little gem from the Lansing State Journal:

Andrew G. Arena, chief of FBI operations in Michigan, will speak with a class of Michigan State University students on Tuesday about civil rights and protection of U.S. citizens.
Arena will be addressing Assistant Professor Fayyaz Hussain’s Social Inequality class at 10:20 a.m., located in the Plant and Soil Sciences Building.
Before receiving his current post, Arena was chief of the International Terrorism Operations Section in Washington, D.C.

Readers of this site will note that I reported on Arena’s previous comments to the Christian Science Monitor, when he was a top FBI New York official. At that time, he described his job as trying to sway public opinion away from a negative opinion of Islam.
Gee, and we thought his job was investigating lawbreakers, not serving on their PR staff.
Foolish Buttkissers of Islamists. Islamist Criminal Enablers.

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I live in the district on the West Side of Cleveland which has been pretty much gerrymandered for any Dem to win. It is one of two possibilities of Dem seats that will thankfully be eliminated when Ohio loses another electoral seat. Just to give you an idea of what a moonbat district it is, Dennis Kucinich now occupies the seat. I can’t believe Oakar even has a job after her malfeasance in the house bank scandal. She overdrew her account 200 plus times.
As to Granholm, I am truly sorry for you. Even if you do have a viable oppossition for the next gubenetorial election, the Islamists have reached a critical enough mass in the Metro Detroit area that calling them on their agenda will be political suicide.

JasonBourne81 on October 15, 2007 at 4:26 pm

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