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HOprah Knew of Seinfeld Rip-Off; Life Doesn’t Imitate Art for Seinfeld on Wife’s Plagiarism

By Debbie Schlussel
On Friday, I wrote about various major MSM reports that Jessica Seinfeld *ahem* “imitated” another author in writing her best-seller “Deceptively Delicious.” In those reports, the reps of Missy Chase Lapine–the author Of “The Sneaky Chef” who was *ahem* “imitated” by Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld–were reluctant to use the word “plagiarism” even though they clearly described that exact thing. Now, though, the accusations against Jessica Sklar Nederlander (1st Hubby until right after her Honeymoon she met Jerry) Seinfeld (2nd Hubby) have picked up steam, with Monday’s USA Today coming closest to using the P-word. No-one will actually use it with her, ‘cuz they’re all afraid of being banned by her hubby for future interviews.
Fatter Oprah Pandering To Phony Author Jessica Sklar Nederlander Seinfeld . . .


Versus Thinner Oprah Telling Off Phony Author James Frey . . .

Most noteworthy, the paper notes that Oprah knew the book was a rip-off but promoted it anyway, just like she did with James Frey (and then pretended to be mad on a subsequent phony sanctimony show against Frey):

“I’m surprised that on the Oprah show this was being touted as an entirely new technique pioneered by Ms. Seinfeld,” Lapine said Saturday. . . .
Moreover, she adds, “I’m concerned and troubled that Oprah credited and applauded someone else for a technique that was out there six months earlier.”
Winfrey was not available for comment. [DS: Gee, whatta surprise.]
Lapine says she and her publicists pitched the Oprah show five times without success. [DS: Maybe that’s ‘cuz Lapine didn’t give Oprah a starring role in “Bee Movie” and she didn’t send Oprah $20,000 in free Christian Louboutin Shoes, either.]

And all of this reminded me of one of the great episodes of “Seinfeld” involving . . . plagiarism. This is one case where Jerry Seinfeld’s life doesn’t imitate art. In real life, he’s defending wifey against the charges. But on the “Seinfeld” episode, “The Letter” (Season Three, Episode 21), he wasn’t so hesitant to call a spade, er . . . “imitation” spade, a “spade,” when his significant other ripped others off. Here’s part of the episode description:

On their way to meet Jerry’s new girlfriend, Nina [DS: Played by Catherine Keener], George complains that he is uncomfortable with Nina being an artist. Though Jerry insists he has nothing to worry about, when they arrive at the studio where she is working on a portrait of Kramer, George is intimidated into buying one of Nina’s paintings. Though Jerry has to decline her invitation, George and Kramer eagerly. . . . As a pair of art patrons debate the inner meaning of her portrait of Kramer, Nina argues with Jerry about their relationship and he suggests they stop seeing each other.
After receiving a letter in which Nina asserts that she intends on fighting to save their relationship, Jerry discovers it was taken from an old movie and he accuses his girlfriend of plagiarism. . . . Finally, Jerry tells Nina that he knows about the source of her letter.


Life Versus Art:

Jerry Seinfeld Called Out Plagiarist Nina (Catherine Keener) on TV . . .

But Defends Real-Life Plagiarist Jessica

Hey, Jerry Seinfeld, it looks like it’s time for your life to imitate your art of the same name.
But don’t worry, Jessica won’t get the treatment that “Nina” got. The sitcom Jerry Seinfeld dumped a new girlfriend almost per episode without cost, whereas the real-life Jerry Seinfeld is contractually stuck to this apparent plagiarist, with whom he has three kids.
And as I always say, the most effective form of free speech is pillow talk. That governs, absolutely, what he can and cannot say away from the pillow.
Plus, he’s got a new movie release to promote, and his wife’s apparent rip-off is taking away from his excellent new flick, his first major project in years. Great girl.
**** UPDATE, 10/24/07:
SEINFELD in Real Life on Jessica’s Plagiarism (from the New York Times):

Mr. Seinfeld, who joined his wife on the phone, said, “Let’s be realistic – my wife isn’t in this for the money or the publicity.” He added, “I really don’t think we have another Watergate here.”

SEINFELD in Sitcom on Nina’s Plagiarism (courtesy of the script posted on “Seinology“):

ELAINE: It’s Chapter 2, it’s Neil Simon.
JERRY: (on to something) Wait a second… wait a second!! (he watches the TV for another minute) The letter, that’s the letter!
ELAINE: What letter?
JERRY: This is the letter she wrote to me, she stole it right from the movie!
(Jerry get up to go find the letter. A second later, he returns, and starts reading in unison with movie on TV.)
JERRY: “…’cause you don’t even make the slightest effort to offer happiness still know that I love you!!”
GEORGE: This is incredible!
JERRY: I always thought there was something funny about this letter! She copied it right out of Chapter 2! She a thief, a bunko-artist!
GEORGE: Maybe I won’t send her that check.
ELAINE: You know, it’s not really that terrible.
JERRY: What are you talking about? She completely misrepresented herself! (mimicking the letter) I don’t offer happiness. I offer happiness! James Caan doesn’t offer happiness!

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All I have to say on the matter is Shoshanna was prettier than this girl…

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not only was she in high school, but she was only 17

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