December 17, 2010, - 2:30 pm

Hezbollah USA: In Court w/ the Muslim Divorce

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve been away–at court, sitting through a Hezbollah divorce with their Hezbollah attorney who has threatened me via e-mail.

My postings on this site for the last couple of weeks have been lighter because it’s a crazy two weeks for lawyers in Michigan.  If you didn’t have your motions heard this week, you’re mostly out of luck in most Michigan court rooms.  Most judges essentially take two weeks off, doing nothing on the taxpayer dime . . . and that’s in addition to their paid vacation.  So, I’ve been in court in the Detroit area and around the state (if you’re interested in hiring me as your lawyer in Michigan or in Federal Court, please e-mail me).


Ali Dagher & the Hezbollah Divorce

This morning, I was in “Family Court” on a custody matter, and I sat through a “Muslim divorce.”  It was so typical and so illustrative of the things I usually point out on this site.  The couple were Shi’ite Muslims from Hezbollah country in South Lebanon.  The divorcing wife gave all the kids and sole custody to the father. You know, so the Muslim hubby can raise the kids as his own special property and get rid of the unwanted property–the ex-wife–as easily as yesterday’s garbage.

And garbage she is.  Even though they said they’d be going to the mosque to get their Islamic divorce right after court, the “devout Muslim” wife was dressed like a total skank in skin tight jeans and a tacky, skin-tight “Bebe” rhinestone-encrusted sweater, with full muffin-top on display.  When she bent over the thong was prominently obtrusive out of her low-rise, muffin-top-encrusted jeans.  Yup, this is the REAL Islamic modesty, not the phoniness the Muslims preach to you every single day.  Some of these women–many of them–are total skankubines, and they dress that way in their own Saddam-style brand of gauche.  Generally, the people who wear jeans and/or t-shirts to court are the lowest of the low.   They have zero respect for the court, and this couple was just like that, both of them in jeans.  There used to be a day when you’d be thrown out of court and would lose your case if you showed up like that.  This isn’t about money.  You can buy a nice, respectful skirt or pair of pants at a resale shop for two bucks.

Then, there was the Hezbollah lawyer, Ali Dagher, from South Lebanon a/k/a Dearbornistan of the Middle East. He’s the Arab Telly Savalas, minus the talent and class, but with a lot of extra pounds packed on.  An open supporter of Hezbollah and utter anti-Semite, he’s a strong Obama supporter, and after 9/11, I was on the receiving end of insane, threatening e-mails from this scumbag, in which he–shocker!–defended indicted Hezbollah weapons smugglers and the Lebanese Arab Federal Judge, George Steeh, who pandered to them.  Dagher was born in Sierra Leone, the Hezbollah colony in Africa–no joke, as a ton of Hezbollah supporting Shi’ite Muslims launder their money in Sierra Leone where they make even more money off the sweat of the Black natives.  Dagher is one of the “Islamophobia” merchants, constantly trading on the fraudulent claim that Muslims are constant civil rights victims in America.  Uh-huh.  Sure they are.

Dagher proudly represented Muslims who ripped people off and were allegedly sending the money to HAMAS.  So, it was fun to see Mr. Dagher and his loathsome Islamo-pandering uber-dhimmi JINO (Jew In Name Only) law partner, Morris Goodman, fired in court by his Shi’ite Muslim clients in favor of yet another Jew lawyer (a woman I know who represents Islamo-fascists galore).  These people hate us, but they always hire us Evil Zionists when they have a legal matter they need help with.  Reportedly, Dagher’s wife, Renee, has worked with the FBI.  So, now you know why the FBI is so f’ed up terrorism issues.  The agency is kissing the ass that poops on America.  Renee Dagher practices immigration law.  So, you have to ask yourself:  how many open Hezbollah and HAMAS operatives and enablers has she helped gain green cards and citizenship?  Plenty, I’m sure.

Thankfully, I’m back from the cesspool.  And I’ll be posting my movie reviews very soon.  Stay tuned.

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8 Responses

Thank you for the information. I am glad that someone is putting the information out there for all to see.

Jonathan on December 17, 2010 at 2:46 pm

If only you could have taken pictures…

Lady in Northern Virginia on December 17, 2010 at 2:55 pm

It’s pretty typical to see an arab woman whoring herself when back in their own muslim beard-istan they wear Ninja-pro…

I like how you openly express information, and your attitude towards arabs and muslims as a whole.

These people stab you in the back the second you turn away (= being non muslim, say Jewish or Christian?)

And they have this Taq’iyya thing, which permits them to say false stuff and lies to save their brothers/sisters arse, from persecution. taq’iyya is the exact opposite of “there is no honor among thieves”…

Its a decadent religion, a blasphemous gap where millions fell and are still falling… Its our job to protest the religion.

Someday, it may become the most powerful gig on earth, but not in our days.

Happy Holidays folks!

Adel on December 17, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Debbie, I would like to hire you.

A1 on December 17, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Wow, this is scary. Predictable but scary.

samurai on December 17, 2010 at 8:15 pm

What this country needs are more tough as nails conservatives like Debbie and fewer weepy girlie men like the in-coming “Weeper of the House”.

kenny komodo on December 17, 2010 at 10:15 pm

Debbie, I thought I was the only one who spoke this way. you are a woman after my own heart.

Naomi Romm on December 18, 2010 at 8:52 pm

Generally, the people who wear jeans and/or t-shirts to court are the lowest of the low. They have zero respect for the court, and this couple was just like that, both of them in jeans.

I used to see people in jeans in the Brooklyn Traffic Court, all the time. They weren’t necessarily “the lowest of the low.” Some people just wear jeans everywhere, even to weddings.

Miranda Rose Smith on December 19, 2010 at 4:59 am

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