November 7, 2007, - 3:14 pm

A Sane Democrat: Sen. Claire McCaskill to the Rescue on ICE Princess Nom.

By Debbie Schlussel
This woman gets it . . . again. In spades. Yes, yet again, Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is the only Senator in the U.S. Senate who doesn’t think the naked ICE Princess wears clothing.
As I wrote back in September, McCaskill was the only Senator on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee to vote NO on the Julie Myers Immigraton and Customs Enforcement nomination. At the time, she said she voted against Myers because Myers refused to answer her questions about how many employers were prosecuted following raids of employers of illegal aliens. And while she voted against Myers, the nomination moved forward.
But, now, McCaskill has put a hold on the Julie Myers nomination due to the Blackface Halloween Party award that Myers gave, last week. Well, it’s about time. More from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (thanks to reader G for the tip):


So Sad, Too Bad: Myers Nomination Stopped Dead in its Tracks

Sen. Claire McCaskill moved Tuesday to block a confirmation vote on Julie Myers, the nominee of the administration of President George W. Bush for the top immigration enforcer.
McCaskill, D-Mo., said she was acting because of questions raised about Myers’ role in a Halloween contest in which an agency employee wore a racially offensive costume.
Myers heads the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency as a recess appointee of Bush and is awaiting Senate confirmation.
She was a judge at last week’s contest in which the employee was recognized for having the “most original” costume: a prisoner with a black-and-white striped outfit, dreadlocks, and bronze makeup on his face, according to Kelly Nantel, an agency spokeswoman.
McCaskill said she was putting a “hold” on the nomination until she gets answers to several questions, including why a photograph of Myers with the costumed employee was destroyed.
“The minute she saw the costume, she should have asked him to leave, not posed for a picture with him,” said McCaskill, who sent a letter to Myers Tuesday asking for a full explanation of the incident.
. . .
McCaskill was a sharp critic of Myers well before the Halloween incident. She says the administration is not aggressive enough in prosecuting employers who hire illegal workers, a charge Myers disputes.
McCaskill said the Halloween incident confirmed her belief that Myers should not run the immigration agency.
“This is about judgment and how you handle your responsibility as the leader of a very large organization,” she said.
In the letter, McCaskill said the agency must show “zero tolerance for racial insensitivity” and said “this sorry episode does exactly the opposite.”

Myers won committee approval in September with McCaskill the lone no vote.

Right on!!!!!!! Brava, Brava, Brava. This Senator gets it.
Exit Question: Why don’t the other 99 get it?


Liberal Dem Claire McCaskill:

Only Senator Who “Gets It” on The ICE Princess Nomination

(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde)

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10 Responses

I didnt think I would comment further on this ridiculous matter, but the continuing information flowing about the now infamous Halloween party and the incredible comments from some people on ICE’s “growing pains” has just infuriated me to post again.
Apparently the aforementioned ICE Halloween party did not involve ICE OI, but another component of ICE. Notwithstanding, the Halloween debacle and ‘oh well’, ‘ho hum’, ‘things are great down in my office’ attitude is, in my humble opinion, indicative of the symptomatic problems which infect this agency.
Several posters have hit the nail right on the head while others appear to have their heads buried deep in the sand. Failing to recognize what’s wrong with this agency is just as bad as ignoring it’s problems.
One poster correctly pointed out that you would not find heads of other agencies at such a function in a judging position. I agree with that post. I think that the heads of other agencies might try to maintain a sense of dignity and discipline, maintaining a safe distance from such a function (as harmless as its intention might have been).
There is absolutely NO REASON for these sophomoric events in an office of the United States Government. We are the United State Department of Homeland Security. Let’s try and act like it!!!
As for the one particular poster who states that all is well in his office and that we are just experiencing growing pains, I must ask; it’s been almost five years since ICE’s inception. HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO ENDURE THESE GROWING PAINS??
I will admit that the enviornment and attitude in my office might not be indicative of every office in ICE. However, I do NOT believe that the ‘positive’ attitude in your office is indicative of the overall ICE public perception.
In my office, agents from BOTH legacy agencies work together to make good cases and agents from BOTH legacy agencies are disturbed, upset and mortified by the most recent occurence.
In order to give those “happy campers” an idea of what is going on around our little part of the world, here’s a snapshot: agents with about five years on are being promoted to supervisors while agents while agents with 10 or 15+ years are being passed over (does experience mean anything anymore??); agents with 15+ years are passed over for instructor positions at FLETC; anyone remember ICE NOT being put under “Law Enforcement” on the DHS job poster; numerous employee surveys have led to NOTHING except more surveys; the ICE slamming press conference held by a local NY county police chief relative to the 2007 surge; seeing ICE agents leave in significant numbers for various reasons; the absolute failure to address the morale problem.
(I had listed a number of other items, but removed them for a several reasons)
Although I am relieved that the now infamous Halloween party did NOT involve ICE, the circumstances surrounding it are very troubling.
First, the Assistant Secretary “lauds” the costume as “most original”, then is forced to change her stance when someone complains. To compound the problem, the photos are discarded. The problem as I see it are inconsistent statements and does the destruction of the photos after they are viewed probably having a negative impact constitute destruction of evidence?
And in what appears to be typical ICE fashion, the lowest guy is “tossed under the bus”.
Picture this; ‘Congratulations Mr. Employee, your costume is the most original’. Several days later;’Mr. Employee, remember all those lauds we gave you a day or two ago…. forget them, pack up your stuff and go home’.
ICE continues to be run by 30 something up and coming rising superstars. No one is paying heed to the advice of experienced veterans. That is clearly evident by the number of veterans who have bailed. There is no greater loss than experience and wisdom.
The tragic result is embarassing headlines about absolutely ridiculous incidents!!!
Please Senator McCaskill, you asked direct questions which deserve direct answers. Please continue to ask more questions…… and please wait for the answers!!!

ICEDover on November 7, 2007 at 7:48 pm

Man, the more I think about it…This was a WAY rookie move on the AS’s part…At first sight she should have run out the area screaming, leaving a cartoonish outline of her body on the wall…to think she posed for a picture with this asshat…wowzers…Hello????…JUDGMENT!!!!

CapitalistPig on November 8, 2007 at 12:07 am

The “exit question” is dead on point: What in hell is going on with our esteemed senators? Are they afraid of ruffling the General’s feathers by removing his unqualified daughter from her bureaucratically created rec-room? My senators have not responded to my inquiries concerning dame Myers. I am not surprised.

Southernops on November 8, 2007 at 8:12 am

This agency and federal law enforcement in general has fallen to systemic corruption. Not the kind where drug traffickers are paying agents for protection, looking the other way, or facilitating loads. There was a time when people got into law enforcement to put bad guys in jail and have fun doing it. Guys I came up with would have done this job for nothing. We all worked tons of hours when it was necessary, and we never worried about about overtime. It’s much different now. To hell with protecting this nation or the rank-and-file joining together to demand, and then follow, true leadership. It’s now all about, “I want mine!” “F you! I got mine!” It’a all about getting the grade. Getting a new G-ride. Working one’s self into a cush job where you can order other dopes around to do the shit you were too lazy to to do. Just look at how FLEOA embraced Julie Myers. She promised to pat them on the heads, listen to their meaningless whining, and pass out as many cookies as she can. She knows the drill. Our true patriots have left or are leaving, and the culture that created those people is becoming extinct. Things are only going to get worse instead of better. Much worse. I don’t know what to tell my children anymore, as they will be the ones left to deal with it.

AynaydaPizaqvick on November 8, 2007 at 8:31 am

Its funny that the republican party has drawn the line again “she’s one of us” no matter what is revealed they will cover for the incompetant. I as a registered Republican will vote democratic untill all the current losers are removed from office.

slayer72 on November 8, 2007 at 9:04 am

I would love, LOVE to get a federal law-enforcement job but, its all part of the “Good ‘ole boy” network when it comes to hiring and promotion process. Julie “My uncle was US Air Force Chief of Staff” Myers is a perfect example of this. I see this kind of cronyism everyday because I work a “desk-job” for the USAF and have been passed up for promotions several times due to the “GOB network”. I think that the qualifications and education requirements for Federal law enforcement jobs are set too high in my opinion. Ive seen it in the US Army and USAF firsthand. There’s always someone lazy and unqualified who sits in a position that you would LOVE to have but yet you’re “not qualified” according to their hiring process.

RadicalRightWinger on November 8, 2007 at 9:26 am

Say what “they” will, the entire ICE mismanagement is an example of total failure of the system. Manipulation of statistics, phony, halfhearted worksite investigations and croneyism at it’s best. When upper management stands for the misguided directions from Ms Meyer’s to Ms Forman it is a glaring example of a ship without a rudder! And for this I apologize to the American people. The Agents on the street are trying their best to do the right thing but with the lack of sound leadership it is sometimes futile.

ICEMAN on November 8, 2007 at 11:04 am

Excellent post, AynaydaPizaqvick. I have already received a dozen phone calls today echoing your “spot on” description of the current state of affairs at ICE/OI. On the other hand, I have never received a single phone call from an agent supporting Kyle Barnette’s delusional view of ICE. EVS actually believes he is earning his paycheck by mucking off on the Internet upon completion of his 100 mile one way GOV commute from Biloxi to New Orleans. Obviously he does not believe in arresting dangerous gang members as his AOR showed ZERO arrests on the ICE web page. Kyle loves to talk operations on DS except when it comes to Operation Community Shield. I am told that many agents in the EVS AOR & HQ read DS hoping to have a good laugh at Kyle’s expense. Apparently it helps some get through the ICE day. It seems Kyle does have at least one redeeming quality! Can you say “The Comedy Store”?

NDN on November 8, 2007 at 1:11 pm

I think it is the hope of most of the agents posting on this site that someday, someone with some power will see that ICE is dysfunctional and cannot succed under the current alignment. Neither the Customs nor Immigration functions are served well under this current alignment. Hopefully this costume affair will shine some light on the darkness that surrounds this agency and the new democrat administration will do something to fix things. I’ve never voted for a democrat but that will probably change this time around.

longshanks on November 8, 2007 at 9:57 pm

Aw hell no, longshanks! Don’t vote Democrat. It’s Bush, Chertoff, and their advisors who are responsible for giving us Julie Myers. Look at it this way. Julie Myers and ICE are such rich issues for the Democrats to beat the hell out of Bush if they had wanted to. But you’ve hardly heard a peep out of them. That’s because in their minds, she’s doing much more than they would expect anyone to do to fight illegal immigration. This business of giving illegals, driver’s licenses should be scaring the hell out of everybody. The Democrat Party is bleeding voters because of the job Rush and Debbie and all of the other conservative talkers are doing in educating voters. Giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses is a new source of voters for them. That they are willing to risk the security of this country and, hence, the security of those you love and care about the most, just to regain power, should keep you from ever voting for another Democrat again, no matter how terrible the job one ours might do.

AynaydaPizaqvick on November 9, 2007 at 6:35 am

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