November 12, 2007, - 10:40 am

The White Guilt Vote: A Key Obama Constituency Is White Racists

By Debbie Schlussel
Barack Hussein Obama claims he’s against racism, that he’s breaking racial barriers. But, actually, there’s a key element of his support that’s actually very racist. No, I’m not talking about the Black support Obama is getting. Yes, most of that is racist and solely based on like skin color.
I’m talking about the White Guilt Vote. Most of us already know that there is a significant group of Whites who are supporting Obama, solely because he’s Black, solely because it helps them alleviate their unfounded media-, education-, and Hollywood-generated sense of White Guilt. Saturday’s Wall Street Journal had an extensive front-page article, “Whites’ Great Hope?” about these White Guilt Voters (my term, not the Journal’s). Here are a few excerpts:


Barack Hussein Obama: Not Denouncing Racism . . . When It’s On His Side

Isaiah Oliver, a 24-year-old white social worker, grew up in this overwhelmingly white city and attended the predominantly white University of Richmond in Virginia. Ask him why he supports Barack Obama and he says it’s because of the candidate’s race.
“Because he’s black it makes me want to believe that he will change things,” says Mr. Oliver, leaving an Obama campaign rally here. “It feels like you are part of something that’s starting to change American politics. It’s the cool factor. He’s a rock star.”

So, only Black people will change things? Only Black people make this White guy fell like he’s part of something? Only Black people are cool? Only they are rock stars? Um, that’s racism, dude.

As he campaigns across the country, Sen. Obama, the son of a black father and a white mother, is both revealing and tapping into a changed racial landscape, especially among younger whites. After decades of often bitter polarization and racial tension on issues ranging from the spread of civil rights to affirmative action, many whites say they are drawn to Sen. Obama precisely because they think his mixed-race background reflects America’s increasingly diverse population and projects a more optimistic vision of the country’s racial future.
Sen. Obama’s candidacy, whether it succeeds or not, appears to mark a turning point in race and politics in America: It is prompting significant numbers of white Americans to consider voting for him not despite his racial background, but because of it. . . .
Sen. Obama and a new generation of black candidates are running campaigns that make whites feel good about themselves. These younger black politicians, including Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr., are, like Sen. Obama, seen by many whites as proof of the country’s racial progress — and their own.
Sen. Obama “doesn’t steer away from race but makes sure that everything he does is influenced by his bi-racial identity,” says Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, who knew Mr. Obama as a law student and is advising the campaign. . . .
The secret to Martin Luther King was that he flattered white Americans that you are better than you think you are,” says Shelby Steele, a black research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. “The very essence of Obama’s appealis the idea that he represents racial idealism — the idea that race is something that America can transcend. That’s a very appealing idea. A lot of Americans would truly love to find a black candidate they could comfortably vote for for President of the United States.”

Um, if you’re looking specifically for a Black candidate to vote for it’s no different than if you’re looking specifically for a White candidate to vote for. Racism is racism. You should be looking for the best candidate, period.
Sorry, but these White Guilt Voters–voting for Obama solely because of his skin color–are as bad as racists who will vote against him solely because of his skin color.
There is no difference. They are both racists. And, frankly, one group is no better than the other, either.

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23 Responses

Your so 100% dead on debbie. No one…reguardless of race…who be voting for anyone based on race. I’m not voting for obama becuase he’s mixed, but becuase I don’t like where he stands politically.
And that’s all that really matters…voting for a person that you feel repersents your views, NOT BASED ON F***ING SKIN COLOR DAMMIT!!
These whites voting for obama based on race, well congrats to them for showing their racism. Vote for someone based on their views, not on race. If you do the latter..then your a racist and in my opinion, should not exist at all.

Squirrel3D on November 12, 2007 at 12:30 pm

That 24 year old punk quoted at the Obama rally is a product of our American educational system. It was taken over by far-leftist guilt peddlers 50 years ago, and we stand here and do nothing about it; it’s an outrage! This is where our tax dollars go. And then you’ve got Hollywood buffoons like Speilberg dropping major funds on the Obama campaign because it just feeeels soooo gooood!

spiffo on November 12, 2007 at 1:39 pm

Almost all the blacks are supremacist, get over it. They will all support other blacks over other races everywhere, everytime. Everybody supports their race except stupid Whites who think they’re going to get a pat on the head for being good.
Can’t you people hear black supremacist radio? Don’t you see it on black television, at the black “State of the Union” every year? You think 99% of blacks don’t agree with it? They will support or excuse some nut like Louis Farrakhan just because he’s about black power. They will always be racist.

steve ventry on November 12, 2007 at 2:08 pm

And unforently, I’m that 1% of blacks who don’t agree with it, steve. Every race has racists. Anyone who don’t believe that needs help.

Squirrel3D on November 12, 2007 at 2:26 pm

No, you see, the Obaminators are not racists. Or rather, they’re only semi-racists. But they can’t admit it. Impossible. How can they, or even the guy himself, be honest and bold enough to flout the pc Police and violate pc English? I.e, in today’s pc police state, how can they possibly acknowledge reality and state the simple fact: Here is an educated mulatto who is the Democrats’ Great Half-White Hope?
Can’t be done. And you know it.
[Now at CONSERVATISM: AN ELEGY? The first stanzas.]

gringoman on November 12, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Debbie (and all you Kool Aid-ers), don’t be stupid. I’m not even sure to begin where to begin to dissect your foolishness from. Firstly, you claim that most of Barack’s black supporters are racists. Apart from the fact that that’s factually erroneous, it’s nonsensical. I would begin to explain the whole ideology of racism but here isn’t even the time for it. I am a black man who supports Barack Obama, i guess that means i’m racist, huh? Please. You (and those who think like you) sound like idiots implying things like that.
Secondly, i have a question for you conservative bigots; what the fuck is “White Guilt”? I hate to break this down for you, but that phrase is a bullshit notion propagated by conservative racists as a straw argument intended to step aside from real issues of racism and discrimination. But wait, you conservatives are the masters of racism so you’d play it up any given chance.
Actually, i DO agree with you that there are certain whites who solely are voting for Obama because he’s black and they shouldn’t do that, but to put them in the same line as those who won’t vote for him because of his skin is as intellectually dishonest as it can get. I agree that the best candidate should win, but white people time and time again use that as an excuse for racism. Don’t even come at me with all that “victim” bullshit – it’s tired as hell.
I’m not sure Isaiah Oliver said that only Black people can change things, are rock stars or are cool (although it is true, we are cool, have changed things and can “rock”) but to put words into his mouth to score ideological Brownie points (pun definitely intended) reeks of deception and cowardice.
The point i’m getting at here is that comparing so called “white guilters” to racists and segregationists – many of which are aligned with the Republican Party and conservative “moment” – is nonsense and a flimsy excuse for debate.
What’s even more startling is the swift movement of your devoted readers to resort to racist language that reeks of the low intelligence and hick attitudes they possess.

Emperor on November 12, 2007 at 4:42 pm

I always dread when Debbie post something involving race, because it gives one of your readers in particular another excuse to go on one of his vitriolic and paranoid rants about what Black people are and aren’t (using the same tired “Black supremacist” theme that racist Websites and literature use to fan their reader’s racial hatreds). I sure wish Black folks were as united (99%???) as this particular reader’s supremacist fantasies and Websites lead him to think we are. Maybe then we wouldn’t be losing a whole generation or two of Black kids (especially boys) as we are now.
Black support for Obama is by no mean unanimous. Among Black Democrats, I think Hilary Clinton has about 55% support compared to Obama’s 39%. Informally, Obama is a major source of debate among the Black folks I interact with every day. Some don’t think he has enough experience, others think he’s the second coming. It looks like Hilary will still get the majority of their votes, although a couple of them are for Edwards. Romney even has the support of one of my friends; he used to work for Romney when Romney was over the Olympics, and said he’s a fantastic manager.
It’s interesting how people refer to Obama as mulatto (people still use that word?) or mixed. The fact is, any Black person in the United States who can trace their ancestry back to slavery is “mixed” with something. That’s why we have 48 different shades of skin tone. Geneticist say that the last pure African strains among Black folks in America disappeared in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s. So for those in the Black community who say Obama isn’t “Black” enough; Hell, he’s probably more genetically “Black” than you are….his father was an African.
I like Sen. Obama. He’s Columbia undergrad, Harvard Law and married a highly educated Black woman. He didn’t marry “White” or marry someone below his educational level in some pathetic attempt to advance himself or his self-esteem as so many other “okey-dokey” Negroes do. Those actions, and the fact that his social circle is composed of other high-achieving Black folks, means he’s my kind of the people. Whether I will vote for him still remains to be seen……I’m really leaning toward Romney if he can get the nomination. Because of my business background, I too admire great managers. But whether Obama wins or not, I hope he stays in the forefront of national attention for Black kids to emulate rather than some of these ghetto-ass “entertainers” that the media giants are putting in the forefront now. Given that Black failure and dysfunction are always highlighted, is it racist to celebrate Black success?
Debbie’s position on this puts the electorate in a weird position. You can be called racist if you vote for Obama (whether you’re White or Black) or you can be called racist if you don’t vote for Obama. So you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. People, just vote for whomever you prefer, for whatever reason….democracy will survive.

JibberJabber on November 12, 2007 at 5:41 pm

If Obama was blacker, he WOULD be the 2nd coming for black voters.

steve ventry on November 12, 2007 at 6:45 pm

I hear ya, JibJab. I’m dealing with the same dillemma: Obama or Romney, Romney or Obama… It’s so, well, CLOSE!

spiffo on November 12, 2007 at 7:05 pm

People who vote for Obama because he is black is the same mentality that refuse to use the “n” word even though it is in the Dictionary and used daily in conversations by blacks.
Duane ìDogî Chapman was just fired for, horrors, uttering the word nigger in a private telephone conversation with his son.
The thought police and the white guilt crowd must be proud for the revenge on destroying this mans career.
I want to know why somebody can tape a private phone conversation and then sell it to the MSM with impunity.
BTW-I am voting for Duncan Hunter and not because he is white but because he will follow the Constitution this country was founded on.

ScottyDog on November 12, 2007 at 8:13 pm

Mr. Oliver states (gushingly): “Because he’s black it makes me want to believe that he will change things . . .” Hate to tell you, guy, but he’s HALF-black and HALF-white (if that really makes any difference to you, and your words indicate that it certainly does).
So, Mr. Oliver will vote for Ubama based solely upon his skin color — utterly racist. I will not vote for Ubama (assuming he could actually wrest the nomination away from Shrillary) based solely on the fact that he is an empty suit, totally devoid of either ideas or intelligence, mouthing platitudes and cliches (and the same ones!), over and over and over again.
Assuming all else stays the same, and Ubama were 100% white (or 100% black, in the alternative), I still wouldn’t vote for him solely because he is a complete non-entity. Why worry about his race (or races)?

theendisnear on November 12, 2007 at 11:10 pm

As much as I dislike Duane “Dog” Chapman’s use of the n-word, it was his own punk-ass son that taped the conversation and sold it. Now that was a lowdown thing to do to his father, especially over some girlfriend of his. What’s said in private should remain that…private. I only ask that people attempt to treat each other with some degree of cordiality in public and in the workplace. But what you say at home? That’s your business.
I am NOT among those who are clamoring for “Dog’s” head. And get this…I’m Black, most of my close friends are Black, and I have yet to hear this whole “Dog” situation brought up in any conversation. The whole thing is a media-driven controvery…most Black folks couldn’t care less. I don’t like what he said, but let’s get real. “Dog” is a tough man in a tough business who runs in some rough circles. I’m sure “African American” in not the word of choice used to refer to Black folks in those circles, whether the speaker is Black or White. Dog did not use the n-word in public or in any job-related manner. He regrettably used it in a private emotionally-charged conversation with his own low-down son. Who among us would want our private conversations broadcast to the public, especailly when we’re pissed off?

JibberJabber on November 13, 2007 at 1:10 am

it really should not surprise you white conservatives are using outdated racist terms now, does it?

Emperor on November 13, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Well at least you have not fallen prey to the brain washing that is going on today in America. There are some pretty notable race merchants that were demanding Duane Dog Chapman be fired just like they did when Don Imus made a joke calling some woman a nappy heady “hos” in a joke.
When I was in law enforcement, I heard blacks call each other “Nigga” or “Hey Nigga” all the time in daily their conversations. This term was used by both criminals and my fellow black officers.
What bothers me is that the elite have determined that any white that uses that slang in a conversation is immediately labeled a racist and is Politically Incorrect. They are to be destroyed by any means necessary including losing their jobs. Of course, the fact that Chris Rock uses the word nigger hundreds of times during his HBO comedy show makes him a cool guy.
As far as Duane Chapman’s son selling the tape to the enquirer. I still do not understand how it can be legal for them to broadcast a private phone conversation without obtaining written permission from Mr. Chapman. I listened to the unedited tape and did not find that Chapman was using the word nigger in a racist way but was trying to explain to his naive son that his girl friend was trying to get Chapman on tape using the slang word dealing with others during his workday. Ironically, his son fulfilled the fear it would be used against him when he sold the tape to the National Enquirer.
We are fast approaching a culture in which thought and speech are enforced by the state using surreptitiously obtained recordings. Kind of, like what Huxley described in his novel 1984.Today we are being indoctrinated into falling for the concept of Hate Crimes and making certain words off limits or Politically Incorrect. This is nothing more than censorship manipulation of our own thoughts.
What alarms me is my fellow whites have a new disease called White Guilt, just as Debbie said in her article. Shelby Steele has written an excellent book on the subject; White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era and Randall Kennedy has written an excellent book on the use of the word Nigger; The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word.
Both authors are black Americans BTW if their race makes any difference at all to you.

ScottyDog on November 13, 2007 at 1:56 pm

“Both authors are black Americans BTW if their race makes any difference at all to you”
Yeah, buck-toothed, shoe-shining, rump shaking, white racism tolerating, bootlicking Uncle Tom Negroes who have made it a personal achievement to qualify and justify white racism. So it comes as no surprise that those are the kind of blacks that you like. People who make you and those like you feel good about your racism – after all, “even black people” are saying it.
“Today we are being indoctrinated into falling for the concept of Hate Crimes and making certain words off limits or Politically Incorrect. This is nothing more than censorship manipulation of our own thoughts” …..
Seriously, dude, i always say this to other white males like yourself who like to go on this bullshit about a so-called anti-white (male) agenda – If you think white people have it so bad, how about switch with me (even if its for only a day). I’d be a white guy and you be a black guy. And then afterwards, we can trade experiences and see who is really being “indoctrinated”.
Listen, the only part where we agree is about the N-word. I agree that no one should use it but please, you (and other white people) who insist that the usage of the word by (black) rappers and comedians is on the same moral parallel as white racists sound so fucking corny and stupid. You mean to tell me that Chris Rock means it in the same context as your ancestors did when they were lynching black people? Use your fucking brain, man. C’mon.

Emperor on November 13, 2007 at 3:35 pm

You are a racist period.
My ancestors did not lynch anyone you racist asshole. I am sick and tired of jerks like you that use the color of their skin as an excuse to brow beat others into submission.
Explain to me how Chris Rock is morally superior to anyone else using his little “Hey Nigga” routine? Wow he is so cool and because he is black he feels entitled to use a racial slur over and over again not to mention the use of 4 letter words. He just demonstrates he is an idiot. IMHO
Affirmative action has resulted in discrimination against whites in the employment process and has given minorities the advantage when applying for jobs. I know, I have dealt with this since I graduated from college.
You want to trade with me. Yeah I just bet you are able to score at least 20 points higher on any employment exam just to remain competitive with minorities that cannot cut it.

ScottyDog on November 13, 2007 at 4:51 pm

“You are a racist period”
Hmmm, i’m not sure i’m a period deserving of any qualifying and descriptive term but thanks anyway for resorting to the classic white racist retort – call others the racist when being called out for the racist you are.
“I am sick and tired of jerks like you that use the color of their skin as an excuse to brow beat others into submission.”
Then beat me up then, you stupid muthafucka. I’m not “browbeating” you into anything – i’m (accurately) pointing out the fact that racism – perpetuated by the likes of you – still exists in America and you know it whether or not you’re willing to admit it. But that’s not even my problems.
“Explain to me how Chris Rock is morally superior to anyone else using his little “Hey Nigga” routine? Wow he is so cool and because he is black he feels entitled to use a racial slur over and over again not to mention the use of 4 letter words. He just demonstrates he is an idiot.”
Umm, please point out where i said Chris Rock was morally superior to any racist? You know what’s worse than a racist? A racist who cannot make up his mind. And you, fool, are the shining star.
“Affirmative action has resulted in discrimination against whites in the employment process and has given minorities the advantage when applying for jobs. I know, I have dealt with this since I graduated from college”
Umm, yeah like the fact that white families have 11 times the net worth of black families? Or the fact that blacks earn 75 cents (and Latinos 68 cents) for every dollar whites make. Or the fact that white males with criminal records are more likely to be employed than black males with college degrees and without criminal records? Need i also bring up the fact that blacks with “black-sounding” names are less likely to be hired than blacks with “white-sounding names”.
Also, let’s also remember that white men hold over 95% of all senior management jobs. And shall we forget the fact that blacks and whites doing the same job receive disparate treatment in terms of pay raises, promotions and benefits. Oh, and to round up, it is statistically irrefutable that blacks are more likely to be unemployed than whites of the same socioeconomic and educational background/
Dude, you’re so right, white truly are being discriminated in the workforce. Seriously, man, let’s trade places then if you’re truly convinced you got it bad.
But what the heck? You’d turn around now and start to chant “victimhood” and mention Oprah, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan and countless other rich blacks as proof of an egalitarian America. Or worse, you’d call ME a racist for pointing out the fact that racism still exists. Never mind that the statistics speak for themselves.
Oh, and please (because i know you’d reach for it), don’t even attempt to bring up any crime, drug or wedlock statistics or any bullshit like that. God, i’d be willing to clown your ass if you try it but i don’t have the time. That tired ass line is getting corny.

Emperor on November 13, 2007 at 5:17 pm

Emperor, not only are you speaking like a blatant racist, but you have an anger problem. Go away.
Jibber-jabber, thanks for an intelligent and thought-provoking post on Barak Obama. I found myself agreeing with every one of your points. I don’t think he’s ready to be president, but I actually hope he will stick around and let’s see what he becomes over the next few years.

AmericanJewess on November 14, 2007 at 5:15 am

Emperor spewed the following:
“Umm, yeah like the fact that white families have 11 times the net worth of black families? Or the fact that blacks earn 75 cents (and Latinos 68 cents) for every dollar whites make. Or the fact that white males with criminal records are more likely to be employed than black males with college degrees and without criminal records? Need i also bring up the fact that blacks with “black-sounding” names are less likely to be hired than blacks with “white-sounding names”.
Spoken like a true racist.
In case you have not figured it out we live in a
Constitutional Republic. I know from reading your remarks that is a hard concept for you to grasp but income redistribution is not what this country was founded on. You are excusing socialist polices that do not level the playing field but create dependence on the nanny state.
As far as the rest of your racist remarks, you have demonstrated to everyone what kind of person you are so I will leave it at that.
The fact you called two of the finest minds in academia Uncle Toms says it all I am sorry to say.

ScottyDog on November 14, 2007 at 11:07 am

Emperor claims that modern day America is still very racist, but all the evidence points to the contrary. There is not a single elite institution in the country that is not twisting itself into knots in favor of African-Americans. Every minimally selective college is desperately seeking to enroll more black students. Boosting black enrollment requires drastically lowering a collegeís admissions criteria to overcome the intractable 200-point SAT gap between black and white high school students, but every college institutes such double standards for the sake of ìdiversity.î Any black student who graduates from high school with decent grades and respectable SATs will leapfrog over thousands of more qualified white and Asian students right into the Ivy League. Blacks are also the hottest commodity for exclusive private schools that serve as training grounds for the Ivies. Andover, Exeter, Choate, and every other fancy prep and day school practice the same double standards in their eagerness to admit African-American students. After college, law schools, business schools, medical schools, engineering schools, and others accept black students whose test scores would disqualify them if they were white or Asian.
The preferences continue into the professions. Wall Street law firms annually flagellate themselves over their lack of proportional representation of black associates and partners, even though the number of blacks who graduate from law school with grades and bar-exam scores comparable with the firmsí white hires is negligible. The lack of comparably qualified black candidates does not stop the law partnerships from hiring black associates, though. Corporations have saddled themselves with massive ìdiversityî bureaucracies whose only function is to justify hiring and promoting less qualified African-Americans and Hispanics. Newspapers, TV stations, and advertisers put enormous pressure on themselves to have blacks on their staffs and to show black faces to the world.
In short, the opportunities for blacks to roar ahead in the economy if they stay out of trouble, study, and apply themselves are legion, but the numbers taking advantage of these opportunities are not. Californiaís state superintendent of public instruction broke a longstanding taboo this August by pointing out that middle-class black students in the state score worse on math and English than poor white and Asian studentsóa disparity that applies across the country. The usual poverty excuse for black underachievement does not hold up.
You’re in denial of these truths. In fact, what you’re trying to do, is to make sure that attention stays far away from the actual problems holding blacks back. Astronomical rates of black criminality are not the only topic that the Jena rallies have obscured. No one wallowing in Jena promotion has had the courage to speak about an even more important crisis, the breakdown of marriage. The nearly 70 percent national illegitimacy rate for blacksóa number that can approach 90 percent in inner citiesóis a cataclysm. Its consequences go far beyond the harm to individual black childrenóespecially boysówho grow up without fathers. The real poison of the marriage crisis is the message it sends to young men about personal responsibility. The first duty in civil society is toward oneís own children; everything else is built around it. But when boys are raised without any expectations that they will have to support their children and marry the mother of those children, they fail to learn the most basic lesson about responsibility. They also are freed from the civilizing force of the marriage requirement, which pressures young men to become attractive mates. With enough support, individuals can overcome the moral perils of the illegitimacy culture, but given the prevalence of black crime and disaffiliation from the working world, itís clear that not enough young men are finding ways to do so.
You’re a member of the race industry. And your goal is to reinforce the notion that this episode exemplifies blacksí situation in America.

Jovent on November 14, 2007 at 1:11 pm

You are absolutely correct. In California, a black individual has no excuse not to have an excellent job, male or female.
The fact is that a black graduate from College with just a “C” average will get the job over any White or Asian applicant.In local and state government, they even give the minority applicant 20-30pts on the entrance exam. They are not even required to have a college education in thousands of civil service jobs.
I have seen this first hand in my old career in law enforcement where under qualified minority applicants were hired over non minority applicants with far superior resumes.
The fact of the matter is that people like Emperor like to whine and cry poor me but if they just put the minimal effort in getting a job they would be sent to the front of the line. Instead, they engage in racist attacks on the “white folk” that are keeping them down and justify using racial slurs because they feel they are oppressed.
Just read his comments about my ancestors lynching black people. Nothing could be further from the truth but in his little world this is his reality.
Who would any employer want somebody like this working for them?

ScottyDog on November 14, 2007 at 2:23 pm

Emperor, a couple of top-class posts there, good work.

No Pasaran! on November 18, 2007 at 2:46 pm

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