December 6, 2007, - 2:25 pm

Live From the Immigration “Black Ass” Tour: Priorities, Priorities

By Debbie Schlussel
Over the summer, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director of Investigations, Marcy Forman-Friedman went on a world tour, the purpose of which was to talk about me and this site and try to convince agents not to believe what they read here. Oh, and also to try to set up Politburo-style block captains who will rat on my sources within the agency.
I asked ICE agents to send me summaries of what was said, and many did. It was all pretty much the same: I don’t know why Debbie Schlussel doesn’t like me; I don’t know why she calls me “Peppermint Patty”; blah, blah blah.
Why was I the topic of a tax-funded world tour of ICE? Am I the biggest problem facing immigration enforcement? With 20 million illegals in our midst, you’d think there would be a better use for Forman’s and the agents’ time and your tax money . . . like, say, actually investigating document-fraud and immigrant-smuggling rings. But you would be wrong.


Black Ass World Tour Inspired by Black Sabbath World Tour

(ICE Backstage Pass by David Lunde)

Well, just before Thanksgiving, I learned that the Peppermint Patty anti-Schlussel World Tour, which I like to call “The Black Ass Tour”, continues. Here’s what an agent in Miami told me:

Marcy Forman must adore you. When she came to Miami last week, during her town hall meeting she mentioned you several times. She also stated out of nowhere, that she is not a racist. She also backed up Julie Myers, and stated she is not a racist also. Perhaps a guilty conscience.

Hmmm . . . a top ICE official–whom, a court found, called an agent “Black Ass”–is vouching for the non-racism of THE top ICE official, who gave an award to an employee wearing a Blackface costume. Is this the “takes one to know one” show? And they’re wasting your tax dollars meant for investigating and apprehending illegal aliens on a world tour while doing so.
So, what happened to those 20 million illegal aliens? And why aren’t they the agenda, instead of me?
Just curious.
Believe me, even my ego does not believe I am that important. I am not. They–Marcy Forman and her boss, Spoiled McSpoiled-evich, Julie L. Myers–just want other things to focus on, instead of the real hard work of actually doing their jobs.
But while ICE is bragging that it doubled the number of aliens arrested to more than 30,400 illegal aliens nationwide in the 12 months leading to Oct. 2007 (and kudos to the hard-working agents who caught these fugitives), that is a drop in the bucket compared to the 20 million still in our midst.
So long as ICE leaders waste time and money on such erroneous priorities as a witch-hunt and lecture series focusing on me and this site, a drop in the bucket is all we will ever achieve in immigration enforcement. And that’s apparently the point.
In a way, I’m like Israel–the name Arab and Muslim countries use to incite their people against the focus of their leaders’ incompetence. Except that in the case of ICE agents–who are vastly brighter–it doesn’t work.

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I find it very funny how they have a guy who comes on here to out agents who post, as well as kiss up to ICE top brass. This guy, from what he and you have said, is head of ICE in NO for the entire Miss Delta region. I saw plenty of illegals down in NO as of March 2006, the last time I was there, assisting with the Katrina rebuilding, etc. This guy must have single handedly rounded them all up and deported them – chortle.
I find it hysterical that 1) you expose these people; and 2) you rattle their cages enough and make them desparate enough to travel around talking about your site, trying to find out agents who contribute/view it, and have others engage in proxy threats against those who post here.
Well, I guess it really isn’t hard to find snitches and sycophants in the fed govt bureaucracy to do your dirty work.

JasonBourne81 on December 6, 2007 at 3:35 pm

What’s this? Hot off the ICE-rumor mill. Julie Myers set to resign. She will send out an e-mail to ICE employees about her decision to spend more time with the family and extend well-wishes for the holiday season. Look for “uplifting” Special news for our bastard step-children in FPS who have been demoralized through pay cuts and downsizing initiatives as management gives themselves multi-thousand dollar cash bonuses.
Too bad the ICE-rumor mill is not always trustworthy. It would make a nice holiday gift!

ice-bold on December 6, 2007 at 4:51 pm

I’m the guy you referred to, but I need to set the record straight, as there are a couple of mistakes in your post.
While I have outed one agent that deserved it, it’s not what I do. I don’t “kiss up to top ICE brass” but rather defend the ones that I choose to defend, because I know more about what’s actually going on within ICE then does D.S. or some of her “loyal” ICE Agent readers.
And lastly I’m not the “head of ICE in NO for the entire Miss Delta region”. I’m the Deputy SAC, or number two in New Orleans, responsible for five states.
If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known there were still plenty of illegals in my AOR. I appreciate that. There aren’t enough ICE Agents in the country to “round them all up and deport them” to use your words, nor the political will to do so.
We are, like the other 25 SAC Offices, doing our best to carry out the mission we’ve been handed. Is it perfect? No Are we doing the best we can, with the hand we’ve been dealt? No question.
Because Director Forman mentions D.S. in her town hall meetings (because she knows there are some agents that read this blog) does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination that it is the reason Director Forman is conducting these meetings.
Director Forman realizes that the troops need to get unfiltered truth, which counters all the rumors, and who better to get it from then the Director of Investigations? And anyone that thinks the work of ICE stops during these town hall meetings isn’t in the information loop. Work goes on, round the clock, regardless of where the Director happens to be.
We’ll all get lots of laughs out of this D.S. quote “Oh, and also to try to set up Politburo-style block captains who will rat on my sources within the agency.”
Nobody cares Debbie.
EVS (AKA Kyle)

EverVigilantSheepdog on December 6, 2007 at 6:18 pm

“Nobody cares Debbie.”
-EVS (AKA Kyle)
Obviously Kyle cares. I am happy to see that the rumor of his demise are greatly exaggerated. Keep the EVS posts coming! Nobody “REPRESENTS” ICE senior management better than the EverVindictiveSheepdog. DSAC Kyle Barnette’s comments on the DS blog never fail to stimulate a steady stream of “unfiltered truths” from ICE street agents.

NDN on December 6, 2007 at 10:05 pm

Getting out to the field was the right thing to do and certainly not a boondoggle. DC bureaucrats care about four things: their commute, the price of their home, answering “knee-jerk” reactions from the Hill, and whose sleeping with their wives while they are at work. The rest of the country comes fifth. So, that being said, the Director should be commended for making the effort to reach out to her subordinates.
Here is my Holiday riddle: “What kind of suit does Santa wear to the office Christmas party? Answer: A lawsuit.
Happy Holidays, bah humbug to the rest.

code7 on December 7, 2007 at 9:37 am

Good news, once the Continuing Resolution is over and a budget passed, managers will be leaving in droves to CBPIA. Bad news, people like Ever Living Lapdog advance up the ranks by default. More of the same rhetoric. (Shrugging) Meh, Oh, well – Merry Christmas!!

q2thecore on December 8, 2007 at 12:59 am

EVA is proof that the Peter Principle is in effect at ICE.
All you have to do is read his posts here at this blog to understand the pecking order at ICE.
The American people are still waiting for employers like Tyson to be prosecuted for hiring and utilizing Coyotes to staff their chicken slaughter house operations.
Meanwhile, there will be another show raid where the management will not be held accountable for blatant disregard of our Immigration Laws.

ScottyDog on December 8, 2007 at 4:12 pm

“Believe me, even my ego does not believe I am that important.”
I’d tend to disagree with that statement Ms. Schlussel.
It certainly does seem to be all about ego. And I fail to understand why you deem it necessary to continually use derisive nicknames when referring to Myers or Forman.
I happen to have been fortunate to have retired prior to the formation of ICE, and I’m sure that had I stayed I would probably have been as unhappy as most of those former Customs folks who have had to deal with the new agency and its priorities.
It seems to me that the use of derisive nicknames and other mischaracterizations (such as the claim that the purpose of Marcy Forman’s travel was about your website and blog) diminish any effect that honest discussion about the shortcomings of the agency could have in this forum.
There is plenty to criticize about ICE. And honest criticism from people who truly care should always be considered constructive. But when reviewing criticism, the reader should always be cognizant of the fact that not all criticism is honest or deserved.
Some folks just have axes to grind, they are disgruntled and pissed off for whatever reason, and they probably would have the same kind of attitude no matter what agency they were employed by.
My advise to those who are motivated not by the need to change things for the better, but just because they are just plain whiners – is to do something about it. If you are not happy with your $100k plus a year job with ICE – then move on, find yourself somewhere where you’ll be happy and productive.
Nigel Brooks(Customs OI Class of 2001)

exfed on December 10, 2007 at 12:18 pm

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