September 12, 2005, - 11:13 am

Me on Comcast Network Tonight re-Homeland Security

I will be on the Comcast Network’s “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle,” tonight, 9-10pm Eastern Time. Comcast Network, CN-8, is seen in over 8 million homes throughout the U.S., wherever Comcast is the cable provider (except Detroit).
We will be discussing whether or not we–particularly the Department of Homeland Security–are prepared for another terrorist attack. My view? To use the words of , “not really.”
Homeland Security officials and take note. I’m sure your names will come up. . . .

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I’ll tell you about Homeland Security, it’s what eevery Christian and Jew (twice) worry about. This is what the Bible called a police state and what the Jews suffered during WW2…the same thing my father’s cousin died from…lead poisoning from the Nazis, beecause he was with the 442nd RCT. It’s a scary day when crap like 9/11, the bombing in Spain, Israel, England and any freedom-loving country who are not just the victims of terrorists, but from people within the individual countries “POSSIBLY” allowing the events to happen. It happened in Germany at the Reichstag, and Jews were imprisoned, tortured and/or killed because of that. Bush and Cheney may not know but guess what, I betcha they know who is in charge. Just read how our rights are violated:
The planning was in the works a long time ago and it’s coming to fruition. Why is it that illegals and Muslims have more rights than say the Jews and Christians? Why were the Jews kicked out of their homes? Because the New World Order allows it to happen and good Americans like you and me are truly the victims of this neo-facist society. Kick their asses Debbie!

KOAJaps on September 12, 2005 at 11:54 am

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