January 20, 2008, - 8:42 pm

No “Seinfeld” for You!: Green Bay Has Waaay Too Much Time on Its Hands

By Debbie Schlussel
As I write this, the Green Bay Packers are at home in Lambeau Field a/k/a Tundra Terrace playing the New York Giants for the right to play DebbieSchlussel.com 2007 Woman of the Year Tom Brady and his New England Patriots (coached by Bill Belicheater) in the Superbowl.
But, as someone who has spent considerable time in Packerland (I went to both Law and Business Schools at the University of Wisconsin and lived and worked in both Madison and Stevens Point, Wisconsin), I must say nothing surprises me in terms of the degree to which Packer fans a/k/a Cheeseheads get carried away. They simply need a life. When I lived and worked in Steven’s Point, for example, I knew the best time to go to the gym on Sundays was during a Packer’s game–no traffic and zero people working out = me getting to the gym quickly and getting my pick of workout machines.

Green Bay Plays “Soup Nazi” with Giants QB

Now, we’ve come to learn that a Green Bay TV station decided to pre-empt its syndicated “Seinfeld” re-runs because it heard that Giants Quarterback Eli Manning loves to watch them. It’s ironic that the Green Bay fans are acting like “Seinfeld’s” Soup Nazi: No soup, er . . . “Seinfeld” for you! And it’s just a little silly. (The station now claims it was in jest. Riiight.)
So is Green Bay’s decision to make a special street sign and rename “New York Avenue” for the day, too.
And Jerry Seinfeld isn’t taking it sitting down:

News of WLUK-TV’s decision apparently reached Jerry Seinfeld himself.
“I’m going to send Eli a complete collection of ‘Seinfeld’ DVDs and a partial collection of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ for inspiration,” the comedian told the New York Post on Thursday.
“You think I’m going to take that sitting down?”

I know the extreme freeze and tundra-like, snow-covered conditions can make people a little crazy and limit their options. But come on. These Green Bay people need a life.
The whole thing reminds me of the silly “Freedom Fries” v. “French Fries” debate, which I’m sure was of so much consequence to your life as it was to mine.
I don’t really care who wins, but after spending several years in Wisconsin, I’ve grown very tired of the undue hero-worship of Brett Favre (and the way he and his criminal-filled family can’t even pronounce their surname correctly).
So, who will win? Predictions?

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9 Responses

No predictions on a winner here- but a good counter-offensive would be to throw bottles of Brett Favres favorite Vicodin onto the field!

MarySJ on January 20, 2008 at 9:23 pm

A friend of mine lives in Green Bay. She has four kids and nine grandkids–way ahead of the rest of us. Gotta keep warm somehow in GB!

PJ on January 20, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Just a quick note. I read you all the time Debbie, I live in Michigan too. New York STUNNED Green Bay in overtime.

tonynoboloney on January 20, 2008 at 11:50 pm

My Cowboys lost to the Giants!
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barrypopik on January 21, 2008 at 2:38 am

To the Packers fans, the Pack is their life. The whole state is stuck on them like melted cheese–my mother grew up in NW Wisconsin “dairyland” on a farm. Those people live and breathe the Packers–and I must agree, it is a bit pathetic.
I think the psychology of it is that they are well rewarded for their loyalty in the many championship results they have had through the years. To them it is like, “see we are Wisconsin and this is how we win–we create it out of of this frozen situation–we glory in it and we love it–Go Pack!”
Well the Giants loved it a little more last night. Playing on that icy field surrounded by frozen cheeze heads jammed in wall to wall–you would have to be a mental case to sit there for 4 hours in zero degrees. They have lots of them!
I’d love to see the Packers fans try to expend the same kind of energy on the Lions for the crummy results they always produce for us in Detroit. If we (Lions “fans”) did that, we would have died long ago. No, we have to develop coping strategies like Charlie Brown. We need to expect a rock in our Lions results bag each year–because that is what we will get!

BB on January 21, 2008 at 8:30 am

Predictions? Okay, I predict that the Giants will defeat the Packers.

CornCoLeo on January 21, 2008 at 10:29 am

It should be another blowout superbowl. There will be no cold, windy weather to contend with in Arizona. Brady and Moss will have a good time. Patriots 40, Giants 10.

GFB on January 21, 2008 at 12:14 pm

Don’t see the big deal…the show Seinfeld absolutely sucked and should’ve made No. 1 on TV Guide’s “50 Most Overrated Shows of all time”.
CorncoLeo, don’t be so certain of a Patriots blowout. Back around 1990, the Giants were supposed to get slaughtered by the Buffalo Bills but ended up winning 20-19. I think the Giants have a decent chance…the last month and a half, the Patriots have been looking more and more mortal. Remember, they beat the Chargers by 11…the same chargers team that was without Tomlinson for most of the game and without a truly decent quarterback.

richardzowie on January 21, 2008 at 5:15 pm

We moved back to the family 80 acre homestead in Waupaca County (250 sq. miles, 20,000 or so odd people), the first county east of Portage County where Stevens point is, in 1992 from California to raise our 2 boys in a resprectable safe community. We moved back out west to Nevada in 2004 not only ’cause the boys grew up, but WE HAD ENOUGH! Provincial, backward, in bred – all apply. Fighting the weather was easier than dealing with the ‘natives’. I had an old woman tell me once I couldn’t wear a Raider cap because it was ‘against the law’. If you ween’t born & bred locally, married there, and never left, you weren’t s**t! There were people there that never ever left the county, plenty that never left the state. AS far as the god ‘Brett Farve’ (that’s the original family spelling before 2 brothers got in a feud & Saint Bretts’ side changed the letters around) is concerned, he’s a share cropper from the Mississippi delta with a good arm. In 1992 he was drafted by Atlanta from the Univ. of Southern Miss. because he had a terrific arm. He was a stone alcoholic! Homegrim (my Spelling) the Hackers coach, needed a backup and picked him up on waivers from Atlanta in ’93. He took little St. Brett into his home – literally – moved him in for 2 years to dry him out. The rest they say is history, until St. Brett became a dope fiend for ‘vicodans’- the good ones. That happened after Homegrim left. That took 2 to cure & go away. Brett is true centi-millionaire. Up to Katrina he still drove his 1978 pickup truck. Two days after Katrina he goes on ‘national’ TV on Fox, no less, and says ‘If I had a good pickup I’d drive down & hep my 92 yr old granny with water & suplies’. His family lives in the town of Bay St. Louis, ground zero on the coast of Miss. for Katrina. THEY NEVER LEFT! This guy is so dumb & CHEAP he couldn’t send them even bus fare to GET THE HELL OUT! He said is poor brother ‘had to drive around all day for 5 gal. of diesel for a generator’. Peyton Manning’s family drove to Memphis 2 days before the storm from New Orleans. Peyton & Eli leased, at their own expense, 2 – 727 freight planes & filled them with water & food for New Orleans. After St. Brett got off the TV, the locals in Green Bay (where he walks on water) at their own expense, leased truck loads of water & food to go to Bay St. louis for his family. A local Ford dealer gave Brett a brand new Ford pickup for himself (probably for the advertising). To top it off, in 2005 the Hackers drafted a QB, & in a preseason game a field reporter person asked him how the new guy was & if St. Brett was helping him out, giving him advice & such. Bretts’ answer on national TV was ‘it’s not in my contract to help new QBs’. The reporter thought he was kidding. Brett said he wasn’t. If you look at him on TV he’s never shaven, never in clean good clothes before or after the games. He looks like a bum and he SHOULD be driving a ’78 Ford pickup. Most people don’t know this stuff, not that it matters much. It’s just tiring hearing what a great guy St. Brett is.

countywolf on January 21, 2008 at 9:42 pm

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