September 20, 2005, - 12:05 pm

Mid-East Darwin Award Winner of the Day

Well, no-one accused our Jihadist friends of always being smart.
A Lebanese security guard in Kuwait’s “information” (I call it propaganda; they call it “information”) office–part of Kuwaiti Embassy operations in Beirut–died while playing with a hand grenade.
It’s kind of the literal enactment of the “You play with matches, you get burned” saying. The grenade exploded, and two other Lebanese employees of the Kuwaiti government were injured.
What was a hand grenade doing in the Kuwaiti “information” offices in Lebanon? Kuwaiti officials claim they kept the grenade in the office as a “souvenir” from Lebanon’s civil war. Right.
As one of my favorite sources of news regarding Lebanon, Ya Libnan, suggests, maybe the explosion had something to do with a Kuwaiti newspaper report on how Syrian intelligence chief (and Syrian President Assad’s Brother-in-Law) is trying to work a deal with French President Chirac to avoid any questioning of (and blame upon) Syrian officials in the assassination of Lebanon’s Rafiq Hariri.

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