January 28, 2008, - 1:57 pm

Religion of “Peace”: “The Wacky World of Muslim Dating”

By Debbie Schlussel
Oh, too be young, Muslim, and dating. Or maybe not to be any of those.
At least not if you are Cherine Allaithy. She’s yet another example that busts the myth, which Muslims in America would have us believe: that they are “just like us”–modern, Western, and as American as you or me.
Ms. Allaithy, at face value, seems to be all of those things. She’s a professional woman, who works on Wall Street as a stockbroker. And she doesn’t wear the hijab, the Muslim woman’s headscarf. And like all “moderate” Muslim Americans, she sought to become one of the four wives of an Al-Qaeda member’s relative. Only, it didn’t work out. So now–and in this, she is VERY American–she’s suing the Muslim imam who didn’t let her be 1/4th of a junior Bin Laden harem, because she now claims he’s messed up her life and put her in danger. She expected different? Hello . . . ?


Blind (Sheikh) Date: Sex, Lies & Muslim Online Dating

Now, there are a million different stories in this one story because it appears both this woman and her dating partner are lying about what happened. She dated the guy for a month, knew what he was about, and then, who knows what actually happened? She knew he was linked to Al-Qaeda, yet dated him and sought to become one of his four wives. Her only hang-up: wearing the headscarf.
Interestingly, Mut’ah or Muta’a marriages, or temporary marriages for the purpose of sex, are generally a Shi’ite practice, but this man, a Sunni, proposed it. I’ve written about them previously on this site.
I love this story because it shows us the kind of nuttiness from her and him that we have alowed into this country, and how we still–despite tons of these stories and worse–refuse to do a damned thing about it. Oh, and by the way, the biggest insult they can think of is “Jew”. Not news (to me):

A Wall Street stockbroker fears for her life after she rebuffed a Brooklyn imam she met on a Muslim dating Web site.
In an explosive $50 million lawsuit that blows the lid off the wacky world of Muslim dating in New York, Cherine Allaithy alleges the religious leader promised he would make her one of four future wives and boasted of a cousin in al Qaeda. When she dumped him, he trashed her reputation in the Arab press.
The imam, Tarek Youssoff Hassan Saleh, 42, says Allaithy is a loose, mentally unstable woman. He has filed criminal charges against her in Brooklyn for allegedly destroying two computers at the Oulel-Albab mosque in Bay Ridge. He also claims she threatened to frame him for rape.
Allaithy, 32, says she met the imam, who goes by the name Sheikh Saleh, online at the Muslim Matrimonial Network site in May 2007. They courted for a month.
In June, she claims in court documents, Saleh proposed marriage, telling her she would have to start wearing a veil and be subservient to him.
When Allaithy rejected the sheik’s proposal, she alleges, he suggested they have a temporary marriage, or mu’ta, so they could have sex without committing a sin.
Allaithy again declined. In the meantime, she started dating Bessem Elhajj, an engineer also living in Bay Ridge.
Saleh said Allaithy two-timed him with Elhajj. She came to Saleh in August, the imam told The Post, distraught that Elhajj had broken up with her.
Saleh insists he is single and not actively seeking four wives. Allegations contained in the court documents say he used Arab-language newspapers to accuse Elhajj of being a womanizer bent on luring Muslim women into temporary marriages.
Allaithy attempted to reconcile with Elhajj and in August went to the mosque, where Saleh lives, to beg him to stop the newspaper stories. He told her she would be exposed next in the press, according to court papers.
In order to prevent her name from being smeared, she said, she ran into his bedroom, grabbed two laptops, and threw them in the sink.
Saleh responded by beating her up, she claims in court papers.
In another article referenced in the complaint, Saleh alleged she came to the mosque to threaten to have him charged with rape.
According to Allaithy’s court claims, the sheik sent her an e-mail describing her as “a trashy and lustful woman, a weeping and cursed Jewish woman.”
Dr. Yasser Shalaby, editor in chief of Al Zalzala, an Arabic-language paper, said he also ran an article to protect Saleh. “I felt it was very dangerous for someone to come to the mosque and try to get the leader in trouble,” he said.
Allaithy, a former broker with Gun Allen Financial, filed a defamation suit against the imam, his mosque and several Arab newspapers in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Jan. 14.
“This is a dishonor to my entire family, every member. My parents disowned me. Basically, he’s ruined my life,” she told The Post. “I have to clean my name.”
Worst of all, she fears she is now a target for an “honor killing” by al Qaeda, according to court papers. Saleh admitted to The Post that a distant relative is a member of the terrorist organization, but said he has had no communication with him.
Elhajj, the man in the middle, said he has washed his hands of both of them.
“He’s crazy,” he said of the imam. “He says he’s a holy man, but it’s just a cover to go after women.”
And of Allaithy: “She’s a child, she’s stupid. She went to him to come after me, but it backfired. He went after her instead.”

Islamic He Said/She Said is far worse (and much more entertaining) than the Infidel version. After reading this, would you hire this woman for your Wall Street firm? Well, if you didn’t, she’d sue you, too (I think CAIR has a few Summons and Complaint forms handy). The woman wants to become one of four wives of an Al-Qaeda relative, then she’s shocked–shocked!–with what transpires.
This is the “Religion of Peace.” “The Wacky World of Muslim Dating.” A great title for a comedy.
Exit question: Which of these two litigating Muslims is lying more? Do they have any concept of truth and honesty?
The answers are quite obvious. This is how they deal with each other. Anyone expect better when they deal with us, Infidels?

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16 Responses

*Do they have any concept of truth and honesty?*
Muslims have absolutely none. They have no concept of absolute right and wrong. To them, lying is perfectly acceptable to further jihad and to rip off infidels.
To Jews and Christians, we have absolutes: Thou shall not bear false witness. This is why we are prosperous and they can only steal from us.

Gabe on January 28, 2008 at 3:35 pm

ummm… how can you sue someone in US court for failure to take an illegal action (polygamy)?

dm60462 on January 28, 2008 at 4:12 pm

The Ten Commandments vs Mohammad’s laws of war/thievery?
Seriously, what a dumb bitch this whore turned out to be. Just goes to show you the intellect of the common Muslim trash. Sorry, I didn’t mean to demean the trash.

warpmine on January 28, 2008 at 4:25 pm

A “mu’ta” huh? Yep, another mooslime loophole for guilt free hedoniosm. These 7th century hypocrites aren’t just lying to us, they’re lying to each other, and themselves.

spiffo on January 28, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Guys, dear, – didn’t I ask you once before – who bound you to tell the truth anyone? – You complain, that muslims don’t bear any concept as to lying or telling the truth? – OK, – do the same to them, at least, to make it even.
In general – why all non-muslims, whoever they are, do not confront muslims with their d-a (muslim concept of lying to any non-muslim with all muslims other than given individuum also included in the rest of the world to whom it is permissible to be constantly untruthful) – why not, at least, respond to them with the same? – But to continue telling them the truth – despite their obvious untruthfulness – only to complain afterwards that they don’t want to correct their misbehavior – nothing could be more stupid and pitiful. Don’t you have a brain of normal 5 year old? – This is the time, when normally developing child starts to figure out simple lies. To lie means – to develop, to grow, to mature. I am lying – therefore I am living!

MarcAurelio on January 28, 2008 at 11:57 pm

So it says that she was feeling this guy out, and when it turned out he was sleazy, she dumped him. How exactly is that abnormal now?
Sure are a lot of simple minds in here.

Discourse on January 29, 2008 at 3:56 am

Technically, if it’s not intrafamilial, it’s not a dishonor killing. This woman feels the threat to her is from Al-Qaeda, not a family member. So while she may be at risk for murder, she is over-egging it a bit by calling it something it’s not.
Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
“Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

ERS on January 29, 2008 at 2:16 pm

The New York Post article was not entirely accurate about what happened. To see the actual complaint, go to http://www.burneylawfirm.com/allaithy_complaint.pdf

nburney on January 29, 2008 at 4:28 pm

Is “Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri” the same guy?

He looks like the “… Hassan Saleh” character seen here.

Both are allegedly the Imam of that mosque. How many Imams does a Mosque have, anyway?

just a thought on January 27, 2015 at 4:40 pm

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