February 4, 2008, - 2:15 pm

“Semi-Pro” Not Even Semi-Tolerable

By Debbie Schlussel
I sorta, kinda like Will Farrell and always hope to like his comedies. But, usually, I’m sadly let down.
Just got back from screening his much hyped, “Semi-Pro,” which comes out late this month. And, while I won’t post my complete review until closer to its release, let’s just say, this one was no exception. It’s SOOOOO bad, it’s awful. There are moments of lucid detectable humor. But mostly, it’s just bad. It’s crap. In one word: OY.
Please G-d, give me back that 1.5 hours I just wasted. More evidence that anything can be greenlit in Hollywood, so long as it has the right name on the marquis–in this case, Will Farrell.


White men can jump. But, in this case, they–along with quite a few Black men (and women)–can jump at the chance to make more silver screen trash.
“Slapshot,” it ain’t.

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DS, thanks for the heads-up. I alway check your movie reviews before I take the leap.
Even though I’m a Nascar fan, I absolutely hated “Talladega Nights”. I couldn’t get past Ricky Bobby’s bratty disrespectful kids. One of the reasons I like the Harry Potter character is because he’s humble, polite, and respectful to others.
“Anchor Man” was pretty good. “Blades of Glory” was WF’s best, but like all of his movies, they contain themes that are disgusting and over-the-top which usually ruin it for me.

Rick on February 5, 2008 at 10:27 am

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