February 4, 2008, - 2:31 pm

Who Stole the Detroit Pistons’ Explosives . . . And Why?

By Debbie Schlussel
Ever since 9/11, there have been many reports of stolen trucks carrying explosives, hazardous chemicals, and others–like Schwan’s Ice Cream trucks, which have more room in and around their engines to pack explosives. The Schwan’s trucks were the subject of an FBI bulletin sent to the Michigan State Police and other law enforcement authorities.
None of these missing trucks have ever been found. And the FBI and DHS haven’t made it a priority to find them or take precautions.
Now, a trailer carrying Detroit Pistons fireworks and explosives “that easily could blow off body parts” is missing. Yet, it’s only the subject of a local police investigation focusing on stolen property.


Where is Famous But Incompetent? Too busy, breaking pita with Detroit-area Muslims at La Shish, Hezbollah’s fave eats. I mean, no biggie that these explosives could blow people up and that they were stolen in the heart of Islamic America, right?:

Someone in metro Detroit is hauling a stolen trailer carrying about $70,000 worth of explosives meant to pump up the crowd before Pistons games.
Employees of Band-Ayd Systems International Inc., which provides for five years has provided the flames and flash that kick off home games, discovered the trailer was missing about 8 a.m. Sunday.
Loaded inside were dragons – the devices that shoot flames skyward during the starting line-up’s introductions – and concussive explosions that easily could blow off body parts.
“My fear is they stole it for scrap,” said Nino De Benedetti, Band-Ayd’s president. “And when open it and find it’s this monstrous thing, they‚Äôll just start cutting into it.”
That, he said, could be deadly.

That’s not my fear. I would not be surprised if it was stolen for the explosives inside. And that should be federal law enforcement’s concern. Sadly, it appears it is not.

Warren police are investigating the theft, which occurred near Dequindre and 14 Mile in an industrial parking lot. Warren Police Detective Sgt. Dan Beck said people with information should call the detective’s bureau at 586-574-4776.

This past summer, Warren opened its first mosque, the Islamic Organization of North America, a Sunni operation hosted by extremists from Lebanon and Pakistan. Hello . . .?

The missing trailer is a 2001 Haulmark brand that’s towed behind a vehicle. It’s 20 feet long and silver on the sides and back. The nose is blue with a diamond checkered plate.
The trailer’s license plate is A294612. [DS: That’s probably been discarded and replaced with a stolen plate, hours ago.] De Benedetti is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the equipment.

Best of luck.

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Do they allow trucks in that tunnel that runs from Detroit to Windsor?

John Cunningham on February 5, 2008 at 12:30 pm

The Department of Homeland Security is the biggest misnomer in U.S. history. Perhaps the Democrats should rename the colossal white elephant, the Department of Hurricanes and Immigration after they take over in 2009. BTW, DHS does not respond to either very well. In fact DHS does nothing well, except continually tell us how well they are doing. DHS has absolutely nothing to do with the mission of protecting the Homeland. The legacy agencies who formed the Department gave away all investigative and terrorism duties (except immigration) after DHS was created almost five years ago. But the DHS budget keeps getting bigger and bigger as they do less and less.

ParaLyzer on February 5, 2008 at 9:55 pm

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