March 16, 2011, - 3:15 pm

Israeli Baby Decapitated by Palestinian “Partners for Peace”

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve posted several items, including very graphic photos, of the Palestinian Muslim stabbing murder of the Fogel Family of Itamar, Israel, while they were sleeping on the Jewish Sabbath.  But what I didn’t note is an important detail of the Muslims’ bloody murder of these innocent Jewish civilians.  That detail is that the three-month-old baby girl, Hadas Fogel, was decapitated.


3-Month-Old Hadas Fogel: Decapitated by Muslims

Why haven’t you seen that detail–that Palestinian Muslims, Israel’s “partners for peace” severed the head of a living, breathing three-month-old baby–anywhere in the mainstream media? I guess Jewish life is cheap and disposable. And we can’t have innocent, harmless Jewish babies and the details of their brutal murders get in the way of our pandering and political correctness toward this violent, disgusting religion, Islam.

But the detail is noted, though only in passing, even in the few Israeli media sources mentioning it, like the Jerusalem Post:

“[A] little child’s head was decapitated,” said David Ha’ivri, executive director of the Shomron Liason Office.

(Shomron is Hebrew for Samaria, which is the area of Israel/the so-called “West Bank” in which Itamar, the Fogel family’s town and the site of the massacre, is located.)

Remember the justified outrage–though it wasn’t nearly universal or strong enough–when Muslims beheaded Nicholas Berg and other Americans and Westerners in Iraq and Saudi Arabia? And here is an innocent baby. And the media refuses to let Westerners be so outraged against Muslims again. You know–we must protect the “religion of peace,” at all cost and not let people find out that it’s really the religion of pieces. We must protect the West from the truth about Islam at all cost.

Reader Joel:

Remarkable how cheap Jewish life has become. Nothing to see here, move along. So much for the Jew-controlled media. Actually, it’s Jews who are the biggest self-hating offenders. Ssssh, they might see us.


That Was Then . . .


This Is Now . . .


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77 Responses

when I was a young man I suppose I was very naive and trusting but a lifetime of experience later I have come to see the devil for what it is and how it operates in deceptive and evil ways.
Yes the Fogel tragedy was horrible but it was a single case of a madman and certainly not a regular occurence but as with any crime commited against jews the outcry and publicity far outweighs the much more muted media responses when this evil race attacks and murders hundreds of poor Palestinian children.
I have come to learn just how the jews work, they have the outspoken murderers then they have an opposite backlash of jews who appear to criticise and condemn the zionist murderers but dont let this fool you. The ones that condemn are all part of their aim of world control and they merely try and pacify the non jewish anger by inserting token jews who condemn so as to make it appear that they “are not all bad”.
But….they are satans spawn on Earth and trusr these serpents at your peril.
Kennedy was the last real president of the USA and all since him have been just slaves of the jewish lobbyists, they have a tight grip on American politics and will suck the lifeblood from this once great country then discard the dried out remnants.
Kennedy tried to warn us and the monsters killed him.
The jews are the antithesis of all that is good and dont be fooled by their phoney holiness because these ashkenazi rats have no historical or biblical connection to the holy land, they are khazars who adopted judaism in the 7th century. Even the mongols regarded these people as despicable and countless pogroms since have proved how they cannot live amongst decent hardworking people without assuming their parasitic mantle.
IYes I may sound anti semitic and yes I have a personal experience at the hands of some of these people that may cloud my vision and influence my view but it is far from just being a personal experience and although in my youth i could never understand anti semitism or the reasons why great men like the Emperor Hadrian despised these people so much but now in my elderly years i can see the whole plan far more clearly than I have ever seen anything in my life and it is horrible.
The jews are looking for someone else to blame now that their alleged nazi persecutors are all dying off and they can see their cash cow disappearing fast so they have now resorted to second generation claims where they are trying to hustle money by suing countries where alleged nazi war criminals were allowed to live out their days.
Poor john Demanjuk was accused of being ‘ivan the terrible’ and they plucked many false witnesses from the nest of vipers to make this claim the witnesses are no doubt of the same ilk as the scheming devious rats who wrote all the fake holocaust memoirs books that have been proven to be proposterous fakes.
Eventually they got the poor old guy demanjuk on some spurious trumped up charge that he was a guard at some other camp but it most certainly wasnt a death camp because the gas chamber hoax has been fully exposed for the lie it was
It might not be suitable for me to go into precise detail of why i was drawn into examining all this and why it is such a personal big issue for me but I will say that I lost a child due to the actions of some jews and for that reason and given my age i doubt if this loathing will ever leave me.

kevin on October 1, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Ashkenazi Jews are not the descendants of Khazars. Check the DNA testing that’s been done over the last decade that disproves that ridiculous postulation. You probably don’t even know that the Khazars were Turkic. They probably looked very much like Uzbeks (another group of people whom you have probably never seen). Anyone with good vision would know that in many instances it is impossible to distinguish a Polish Jew from an Iraqi Jew, but very easy to distinguish them from Uzbeks. Jews are all one people, one ethnic group.
    If you had bothered in your long life to read the Old Testament, you may have concluded rightly that the Jews have at least as much (if not more) claim to the strip of the Levant that is the Land of Israel. Arabic speaking people who call themselves Palestinians may be of similar origin, but not those with surnames such as Almasry (which means “Egyptian”) and others whose families were guest workers during the British Mandate. Many of those people who are Jordanian, Syrian, and Egyptian have made claims that are not very believable or legitimate. They only fool people who cannot speak Arabic and who, like you, get all their information from television and newspapers.
    You’ve given yourself away as an Irishman with your post-mortem dry humping of Kennedy, who was a total failure as presdient of the US.
    My heart breaks for the murdered children. There is a difference between people killed accidentally in warfare (which in this case is ALWAYS started by Palestinians) and the pathological murder and dismemberment of a baby. Even if you have learned nothing else in your years, you should know that.
    If you had really lost a child you would not be so cold about the murder of the one in the photographs.
    Just for the record, I’m Native American. The Irish have no legitimate claim to America, so all your spewing of pity over Palestinians is hypocritical. Speaking for my genetic group, we don’t want people like you on our continent. Are you sure it was Jews who killed your kid? It may have been Khazars in drag, or another drunken Irishman who blamed it on Jews like all you idiotic trash do anyway.
    Do us a favor and have your corpse shipped back to Ireland after the cyrrhosis gets you, so that it doesn’t stink up our sacred ground.

    derek on January 2, 2012 at 7:17 pm

I was not raised with ANY religion…but enough is enough. Let Israel reclaim its ancient lands. The alternative, with these people claiming all of the Middle East in their tribal and primitive culture, is a far greater evil.

Rafa on June 5, 2012 at 11:11 pm

How DARE ANY of you!?!?! You each take this post and immediately go into your own race, cultural, religion, country hating tirades?

A child was murdered. A childs’ family was murdered. Brutally. And this is what you do?!

There is NOT a God that promotes murder. Protecting one’s self and family – but not murder. The death of this child and family was murder. Sugar coat it all you wish- go so far as to blame America… do as you will for you will anyway. reason and truth are beyond your ability anyway.

I do not work in or for a fortune 500 company. I do not drive a fancy car. I do not walk around money spewing from my pockets as you assume (ass) all Americans do.

I do not hate. I have noticed that MOST people do that. Hate. Unhappy with their lot in life they immediately blame everyone else for their own laziness. And when they resort to murder they also incite that it was gods will. Pathetic.

I am not Jewish… I am of no religion at all. I do believe in god but not of ANY god that speaks of murder, death, control, or any harm done to another in order to MAKE them follow. That in itself is what I would expect a follower of evil to say and do… Little Hadas lost her LIFE! Brutally! Horribly! Never had the chance to know any god…. THAT is the problem. And ANYONE who thinks in anyway that that is okay? That her life lost or any others lives lost in the name of a god… is okay…has no place on this Earth or in Heaven or what ever form of the promised land you believe in… None.

I also, suppose that I should visit the cemetery and inform my grandfather that his personally going to Germany and him personally freeing the Jewish men and women and children that he found never happened as I have been informed that Americans don’t give a rats ass about anyone….especially those who are Jewish…. I hang my head in sorrow and shame for a world that has gone completely mad. And I cry for Hadas and children like her of all races,cultures, religions and countries….

Ginger on September 24, 2012 at 2:31 am

So, Debbie, then what the heck do you say about

FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND Muslims dead from Zionist Madeleine Albright and the sanctions in Iraq.

Both sides are full of evil

John Hammond on September 24, 2012 at 8:25 pm

How about this. Murder is murder even if you do it for a GOD. To say your GOD is better and kill for it is completely ignorant. To have war over whos imaginary friend is better is not a good idea, considering there is no proof for any GOD anyway. Believe in yourself and the human race and stop worshiping things that have no proof to be there and this world can turn around. If we hold only bronze age ideas, we will stay in the bronze age.

Nathan on September 27, 2012 at 8:49 am

I believe that when you judge a culture or religion based off of what you see on the news, or in an article you really arn’t getting the truth at all. True- these careless murders are horrible, but you can’t fight for something if you don’t know the whole truth. When you blame one religion for something, and wish them dead, you arn’t any better than that group itself. People need to open their eyes to the big picture, and not just the Israel-Palestine conflict. Muslims and Arabs alike are both respectable religions and cultures. It’s the people that abuse their beleifs to “better” themselfs that should take the blame for this conflict. If you are and American, and you blame one whole religion for an act- you are shallow and inconciderate. There are hundreds of Muslims and Arabs around the globe that are citizens just like you and me, and shouldn’t be judged because of their religion. I, an American, treat any person, without regarding race/ethnic group/religion, like a human being with character. Each induvidual human deserves to be treated like you would treat yourself regardless of their religion. Sure- there are those in Israel that without question should be punished for their actions. But if you walk out on the street today, and treat a Muslim or Arab like you would treat a criminal just because they share the same religion, know that you are setting the now sullied example of Americans. It’s exactly the same and treating someone with brown hair poorly only because a criminal with brown hair was in the newspaper. Sounds ridiculous right? Because it is. Open your eyes, Earth.

Allysa on February 24, 2015 at 11:45 pm

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