February 19, 2008, - 1:52 pm

Yet Another “Religion of Peace” “Just Fireworks” Pipe Bomb Suspect?

By Debbie Schlussel
What is it with the “Religion of Peace”? For such a “peaceful” “religion,” they sure have a lot of American adherents caught with pipe bombs, er . . . “just fireworks,” in their cars.
We already know about the Muslim pipe bomb suspects from South Florida, caught on an obscure South Carolina highway. Now there’s Sasan Ghazal, apparently an Iranian-American, of North Carolina. It’s possible that he is of the Ba’hai Faith or Zoroastrian (like Freddie Mercury), but also very likely that he is Muslim. Especially because he was carrying a pipe bomb. And there really aren’t too many Ba’hai terrorists out there.
More on Mr. Ghazal (thanks to reader Duane for the tip):

An east Charlotte man could face federal charges after his weekend arrest for possessing what appeared to be a pipe bomb, authorities said Wednesday.
Matthews police stopped Sasan Ghazal, 21, on suspicion of drunken driving Saturday, and found an explosive device that was later dismantled by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg bomb squad, police said.
“That was a very dangerous situation,” said Sgt. David Harrington, a Matthews police spokesman. “When people start making homemade devices and they are not trained to handle the elements … they could kill not only themselves but anybody else.”
Investigators have declined to say what they believe Ghazal was doing with the device, which will be sent to an Atlanta lab for analysis by the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. They also declined to describe the size or potential destructive force of the device, or exactly where it was found. . . .
Ghazal was charged under state law with possession of a weapon of mass destruction, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A woman riding with him was not charged. . . .
Ghazal is in the Mecklenburg County Jail on a $101,500 bond. A U.S. Attorney will decide if federal charges are warranted. Federal charges typically carry stiffer penalties than state charges; no probation or parole is allowed with a federal conviction, ATF spokesman Earl Woodham said.
Ghazal, of Bristol Ford Place in Charlotte, pleaded guilty in 2006 of carrying a concealed gun and felony possession of drugs, court records show.

Video on Ghazal here.

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